August 17, 2020

Mind the metaphysics and the matrix

By: Tony Knight

We are standing at a critical juncture in our entire human history, right now, at this very moment! Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you even believe this comment?

3D time is up

For all those that can feel and see it, you know what I mean. For those that can believe it, you will come to know what I mean. For those that cannot see, feel or believe it, you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about, however I hope that just one of you might act on this article and start questioning and searching for what IS going down and up, at this time.

Time as we know it, that illusionary 9 to 5 wake up, work, go home, always rushing by the clock…THAT time is almost up, I call it 3D Matrix time. A new time, or epoch is emerging, what I call 5D time, which is heralding a new paradigm, or template for the way that we live, work, play and act in the world.

A new time, or epoch is emerging, what I call 5D time...

Everything is changing

This new reality that is coming appears like the masses are the last to know. The masses, or the silent majority, are largely good people who through no fault of their own are oblivious to what’s coming, because we have been born into a world where the status quo was already set, the paradigm is already in place, so people were none the wiser.

You could say the die was cast. Now that die, is dissolving, the underlying blueprint of life, which we have always trusted and relied on as “normal”, is changing, and fast. Therefore, EVERYTHING will change.

Some of us were given a heads up on these changes many years ago, and so there are souls ready to spring into action when the ‘tidal wave’ hits. Not a literal tidal wave, (although we can’t rule that out as an event) however what I mean is a tidal wave of change and upheaval. We are seeing the initial impacts of that now. This will pass, as quickly as people see what’s happening.

Metaphysics is not of the physical..Everything is energy

OK, the preamble is over, what has metaphysics got to do with the matrix and how is that going to help us get over this ‘hump’ period of the next few months? In short, everything! Firstly we define metaphysics, as above the physical, or ‘not of the physical’.

I like this term, because it is actually describing the science of energy, which is what spiritual also means. For everything in the material, physical realm, is in fact created by energy, is sustained by energy and will dissolve because of energy.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and everything is connected, by energy. This is the context, or big picture we need to keep in mind, when we are talking about the matrix, which is the term I use to describe the man made system we live with.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and everything is connected, by energy.

The shadows of illusion are dissolving

The matrix is created by lowly men, and is driven and maintained by artificial intelligence, which in turn is overseen by various people, employed by the self imposed ‘elites’. These people are the ones that have been running the world, through their corporations, private banks, special interest groups, The Vatican, military and organisations like the UN, WHO, CFR, Trilateral commission and many more.

I know many people will cry conspiracy, go right ahead, however for those that know, we know there is no conspiracy, it’s truth! Or, if you want we can be literal and say yes, two or more people have gathered together to implement ideas in secret that do not benefit society as a whole.

This is why the matrix has been so good for them, because these shadowy figures get to remain as “shadows of illusion”, however not for much longer! Secrecy of how the world is run, is their best protection.

Matrix is designed to “harvest” our energy

The matrix is a term for “the system”, which is in fact a literal matrix of interconnected, artificial energy, based upon electricity, our labour, debt and harmful ‘power over’. Remember the base of the planet, and humanity, is energy, so the matrix builders can use that energy and create a secondary, artificially driven labyrinth of interconnections, using electricity to power our phones, bank accounts, homes, IRD, all digital transactions and everything we need and want in life, is recorded and driven by power.

Even your name is used as property, you are essentially seen as a ‘product’, we subscribe to a corpse-aration for everything, and unbeknownst to you, even our country is a corporation, or a dead entity, sucking the life out of us, who are presumed ‘dead’, because of the fact we are ‘asleep’.

We are presumed ‘dead’ because we are not standing up and claiming our soul rights and true power, as a conscious living being. Of course none of this is ever told to us, however some of us have been able to figure this out. All people are literally being ‘harvested’ primarily for their energy, intelligence and money.

We are presumed ‘dead’ because we are not standing up and claiming our soul rights and true power, as a conscious living being.

Our current ‘paper’ currency is not money, it’s debt

This dead vs living scenario, is why metaphysics is absolutely essential in understanding yourself and the matrix . Metaphysics, brings true conscious awareness, which brings you in alignment with unity consciousness. Metaphysics is the study of us as a soul energy being, who is patently ‘alive’ and once we are consciously aware of ourselves and our true power, we can collapse the matrix.

How so? Because the matrix requires for its very existence that we consent to its use, which is enslavement. This is what ‘legal tender’ means. Another words you must accept our paper money as payment, which is a note of debt (slow death). ‘Fiat’ money is also debt. For every $1 printed, a dollar of debt is recorded to us, which is why we really pay tax, in multiple ways! Inflation, interest, rates, GST, even life insurance are ALL taxes!

For every $1 printed, a dollar of debt is recorded to us, which is why we really pay tax, in multiple ways!

Tax is not moral or lawful

We are slaves because we are allowing someone else to tell us what we should do, where we should go, how we should live our life, and although we work hard, we are ‘rewarded’ with paying tax, to a corporation, while they tell us it’s going to pay for community services.

Yes, a small amount does go there, but most of it goes to the banks, the government and the invisible head honchos, and they use debt as an instrument to justify keeping us on this mouse wheel. Look at the current situation and ask yourself, does this seem right to you? How long are you going to keep throwing your good energy into the black hole, where someone is eager to accept it?

We are consenting by default to a defunct system

So if the matrix system needs our consent, (automatically given through lack of awareness and energy), then when our energy and awareness rises, because we ARE rising now, then it must collapse! It must collapse because when enough people bring the secrets out of the darkness, into the light, then it’s no longer sustainable to maintain.

An awakening population is death to a system that is not serving the people. Or put another way, a system that is not based on true egalitarian principles and equanimity, is never going to last. Even man made systems can be designed based on natural principles, rather than artificial logarithms.

Nature and natural laws are codes

To back this up I can give many examples; You can make music that is discordant, or resonant. You can build harmonious houses based natural materials, and sacred geometry (angles and degrees) or disharmonious synthetic materials and shapes. Same with financial, political, legal or any other system, they can be ‘built’ to be harmonious and beneficial, based on common, natural and universal laws.

The law of compensation, the law of (balanced) polarity, the law of abundance, the greatest effect for the least effort, these are all based on inherent natural principles, which can be used for benefit, or negate a society at large. These laws and many more are inherent in life, because they produced us and our nature, which in itself is simply divine in nature.

All of nature’s laws are actually codes (the inverse is AI & binary systems) related to numbers, geometry, alphabet, tones, vibration, frequency and even astrology and Astro theology. Each one of these are sciences, or basic truths, which once you have embodied, and systemised, THEN we can have paradise on Earth, no problem!

Magnetism is the ultimate form of power and empowerment

Metaphysics needs the physical body as an instrument, just as electricity needs a wire. However as I said, we no longer need electricity, fossil fuel energy or our ‘hard labour’ to create the world, because a new, ‘metaphysical power’ is available to drive the planet, and it’s called magnetism and quantum energy.

Magnetism is the ultimate form of power, because it never runs out, it is always in and around us, it moves in waves in the air, and therefore it can be harnessed and used for ‘free’ and not only that, it can create a significant uplift in your energy. More energy, means more consciousness, which means an enlightened, lighter population and therefore the current Matrix system cannot exist or survive.

Another law says that wherever there is a higher energy, lower energy structures or beings cannot remain, they are either dissolved or they are integrated into the higher frequency. Also the fact that we have to pay exorbitant amounts just to power and heat our homes is a crime in itself, and another drain on our resources. Even worse, think of Africa, many have NO power at all! How can we live with that?

Another law says that wherever there is a higher energy, lower energy structures or beings cannot remain, they are either dissolved or they are integrated into the higher frequency.

The great awakening is upon us

This is what the Great awakening happening on earth is all about, raising the planetary energy on the Earth to such a degree, that all darkness and low subservience is eliminated. Two contrasting energies cannot survive together, and the higher resonance will always remain strong. This happens one on one with people, imagine when this happens as a collective?

So my invitation to you, is either become part of the en-light-end collective and thrive, or remain in the darkness and continue to struggle just to survive? Are you going to catch the new wave on Earth, or drown in your own refusal to open your mind and hearts? Your choice!

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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  1. Hi Tony
    Thank you again. Love your emails and posts and the way you put things.
    Definitely want to be part of on the enlightened collective. Am on the same page. Thanks for the positivity, really does help in these times. Grateful 😊

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