iTeraCare Wand

iTeraCare Terahertz Frequency Wands

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

Albert Einstein, quantum physicist

iTeraCare is based on energy healing and frequency. It reharmonises energy flow in the body.


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How it works

iTeraCare uses 4 main methods to encourage healing:

  • Heat - infrared technology delivers heat deep into the tissues and bones. It thus relaxes the tissues, allowing natural functions to resume.
  • Optical quartz crystal which draws out impurities from the body. It amplifies the energy and heat generated by the device and strengthens the auric field. It mimics 1/40 of sunlight.
  • Quantum energy. Quantum is based on the principle of resonance and balance. Quantum generates scalar energy (healing energy) to balance the system and penetrates to the subatomic level.
  • Terahertz frequency resonates with our cells thus activating healthy and dormant cells while eliminating mutating and free radical cells in the process. This allows all our cells to function optimally. It is often referred to as “the wave of life.” Japanese scientists refer to it as the “light of life.”

It has passed all the safety tests – zero radiation, no electro-magnetic radiation, and has human clinical reports. It is 100% safe, user friendly and can be used on anyone including new-born babies (for colic etc) and older people.

“If there’s a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated”

Hippocrates, father of western medicine


  • Actively finds and protects the good cells. Having healthy cells increases energy;
  • Actively finds and eliminates the bad, mutated free radical cells & tumour cells;
  • Induces and strengthens the DNA organic molecules;
  • Clears meridian and lymph points, varicose veins, high blood pressure and is great for skin beautification (makes the skin firmer and clears skin disease);
  • Activates dormant stem cells in the bone marrow which will ultimately create new organs, tissues and muscles;
  • Improves microcirculation (in tiny nerves and arteries) – found in our brains and body that medicine and nutrition cannot reach;It regulates the glands,endocrine glands and balances the hormones;
  • It removes body humidity – fats and water retention;
  • Protections against inflammation (the mother of all diseases).
  • May help relieve pain - muscles after workouts – shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, headaches etc.
  • It regulates the body temperature and improves the immune system by activating weak and inactive cells;
  • When terahertz waves penetrate the body tissues they pass through healthy cells at a constant temperature. iTeraCare terahertz passage generates millions of vibrations per second that can energize healthy cells down to the bone marrow. This heightened vibratory activity creates the internal heat which helps the body to self-heal and eliminates unhealthy cells because they can't survive that light. It reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity.

Healthy blood cells promote smooth Chi and blood circulation thus effectively transporting oxygen and nutrients to all body cells. Healthy Chi Meridian channels enhance organ recuperation thus releasing body pain.

The device is similar to a hairdryer. There are 3 heat settings - you simply blow on acupuncture and Meridian points and also on any areas of discomfort or pain. Before commencing treatment, you activate water by blowing it with the device. Drinking this water helps to eliminate toxins and flush the system. This has shown to change the blood structure so the cells are separated,strong and moving fast. The energized water becomes charged which can kill free radicals. It has higher oxygen and restores vitality of water. The water molecules are tiny and easily absorbed into your cells.


Not recommended for pregnant women; when menstruating; if you have open wounds (haemorrhage etc), acute diseases or a person who has been recently operated on. Don’t blow directly on heart if there is congenital heart disease. Don’t blow on areas where there might be titanium, ceramic, pacemaker, silicon or other implants (teeth etc).


There are currently three models available for purchase: the iTeraCare Classic, iTeraCare Premium, and the iTeraCare Pro. Also available are the IONShield EMF protectors, 7Wonders Water Bottles and iTeraBio "Foot Massage Devices".


New Zealand -

  • Silver: $400 USD   (ie x1 Classic/IONShield/7Wonders)
  • Gold: $1200 USD  (ie x1 Premium or x3 Classics/IONShields/7Wonders)
  • Diamond: $4000 USD  (ie x1 Pro or x 10 Classics/IONShields/7Wonders)
  • Diamond: $4400 USD  (x1 iTeraBio)

Australia -

  • Silver: $420 USD   (ie x1 Classic/IONShield/7Wonders)
  • Gold: $1260 USD  (ie x1 Premium or x3 Classics/IONShields/7Wonders)
  • Diamond: $4200 USD  (ie x1 Pro or x 10 Classics/IONShields/7Wonders)
  • Diamond: $4500 USD  (x1 iTeraBio)

For other countries and for shipping costs, please inquire.


Whether you want to purchase as a consumer or as a practitioner, or get involved in the iTeraCare business model, click the button below, watch the video, and we will contact you shortly.

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