The Vision

“It has been clearly stated by many, that life lived by the average individual is hypnotic - that is the majority of men and women are not living life as it was intended. Hardly one in a million feels the freedom to live what they inwardly feel they should, or could live. 

People have come under the worlds opinion of themselves, and this opinion, or set of beliefs, is what they obey, rather than the laws of their own being. In this respect, and to the degree you are living under a hypnotic spell, you live in the delusion that you are a mere human, living in a mere material world, and the only hope is to escape it when you die, and go to what is called ‘heaven’, or ‘hell’.

This is not the determination intended in ‘The Plan’ and purpose of any Life. 

Obedience to ones inner nature, the expression of Life as one instinctively feels it ought to be expressed, is the very foundation of Life the ‘Masters’* revealed, as the only true mode of living. 

The moment you become free from the core belief that you are mere human beings, subject to human laws of Life and death, and the limitations which humans have imposed — in that moment you will see you are free of all human limitations, you may ‘inherit the Earth’, and understand yourself as a ‘divine Spirit having a human experience."

The moment you realise you are divine, that you are free and possessed of the strength the divine provides, and when you KNOW this divinity is the place where ‘being’ comes most directly in contact with ‘God’ — We are then beginning to see and know that this divinity is not something that can be injected into each other from outside, we are now beginning to know this awareness is the ESSENCE OF LIFE, in each and every being, the Light & Love within you”. 

The EarthStar mission is to help people who are ready, to wake up and understand who they truly are, the world we live in, and how to attain truth and true freedom, on every level, material, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. To achieve this, we first must desire or have the ‘will’ for freedom/truth, and be willing to let go of everything you ‘think’ you know.  

We teach by understanding the true natural universal sciences, how the mind thinks & heart works, modelling nature, exploring our ancient history, revealing the Laws of nature and showing you how we can apply many various natural tools, cycles and ancient teachings to your everyday life, today! 

We are creating a Futuristic soul based, human integrated, instruction manual for reaching our full potential in Life. We envision a coming NewEarth paradigm that will be based on humanity values of truth, love, unity, wholeness and consciousness. We will also explore what consciousness IS and why it’s so critical to our lives. 

We will eventually cover every aspect of Life, and the key areas of any well functioning community and society, we aim to present a practical, inclusive, holistic alternative to our current world system, that includes the following areas:- 

* Education & ancient history 
* Science and technology
* Health, food & wellness
* Entrepreneurship finance and media 
* Environment and energy
* Governance (not Government) and social welfare 
* Spirituality and inner personal development. 
* Law, and a new world of natural ‘lores’. 

We understand how the world works well enough, and it is not designed to assist the common people, therefore our ultimate vision is to create a Whole NEW World paradigm, a community of ‘EarthStars’, with a platform providing ongoing talks, workshops, online and offline, webinars, retreats, sacred journeys and much more! 

“It is by Divine Authority of the Creator that all People are endowed with certain unalienable, natural Rights and Liberties; which no authority, man-made law, government or religion can rightfully diminish or abolish. Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own laws – for such tyranny is a denial of the Natural Laws of Creation”

Tony will be writing books and providing many easy to apply tools which anyone can use to “download” them into your life. Through 30 years of research, we are drawing on the best knowledge & sciences,  that is immutable, unrefutable and discoverable and re packaging it for this modern day and age. 

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