About us

Kia ora, I am Tony Knight.

I am a 5th generation New Zealander born on the North Shore in Auckland. I grew up beside the sea on the Hauraki Gulf, and our house was surrounded in NZ native bush, so I got to appreciate the benefits of a beautiful peaceful natural environment from birth, which has assisted me greatly in my later life as those impressions are still with me today.

We grew organic gardens, chopped wood, lived in and on the sea in summer, collected bugs, ran around in the rain, ate fruit from many trees, roamed the Bush, climbed trees, fished, mowed huge lawns, and generally had a very freeing lifestyle. Basically I had a childhood that allowed me to experience nature first hand.

In 1983, at the age of 22 I left NZ and travelled to Australia, and then later, from a base in London, I visited a lot of Europe, America, Egypt, Turkey, India, Thailand, Malaysia and all of Great Britain. This opened my eyes to the world, and I had a profound series of awakenings and certain metaphysical experiences I couldn’t explain by conventional means. These experiences propelled me to search and research deeper into myself and the meaning of life, and I revisited India many times since my first visit in 1989, 14 visits all told.

I ended up coming back to NZ in 1994 and immediately set up a metaphysical bookstore and crystal shop in Silverdale called Jewel in the Lotus, which back in those days was seen as both wacky, weird and enchanting, depending on your view point! From there, I became a hub and met many people from all walks of life and I delved deeply into the many books on my shelves!

I ran many New age festivals, as they were called, and healing workshops, and generally had many good times and learning experiences, while also learning how to build a sustainable business, while intending to positively impact people and the world. I was learning while earning, although there was not much earning in the early days!

I experienced many hard times, mainly in the realities of balancing business and the material life, while following my heart, doing what I loved and being on a spiritual path, the learnings were profound and very challenging!

I ran tours to ashrams (spiritual abodes) in India and then “graduated” to taking groups into the Himalayan mountains where I had some of the most intense and exhilarating experiences of my life. I say graduated in the consciousness sense, the more I grew within, the journeys literally took me to higher altitudes, up to 18,000 feet.

The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lessons were sometimes harsh, especially when managing a diverse group, however the rewards were incredible! I have many many cherished memories and grew greatly within my Self, thus experiencing first hand how expanded awareness leads to an expanded life.

After creating Lotus India Journeys, interestingly that is when I began to have some genuine business success, and I developed a number of brands into household names today. Lotus Essential Oils is still going after over 20years, I brought the Himalayan pink Salt to NZ stores, and later I was instrumental in the business development of Spice n Easy.

At the present time I run a small sales consulting business called EarthStar Sales, catering for organics, wholefoods, herbs n spices, and quality natural health products. The latest addition which I am very excited about is a product called C60, carbon 60, also known as “Bucky Balls or Fullerenes” after the well known 20th century American philosopher, Buckminster Fuller.

Currently I live with my partner on a lifestyle property just outside Auckland, where I am passionate about organic gardening and tending to our 50 odd fruit trees, numerous berries, 3 sheep and a few acres of pasture and landscaped grounds. It is from here, working outside in our pristine environment that the ideas for EarthStarFreedom, Natural Intelligence, FreeAgent42, Eco-preneurship and the teaching model I am developing here.

Through simply observing & physically interacting with nature and the elements, I saw how nature presents a holistic way of learning, gave energy and provided literal and metaphoric models, which we can utilise by downloading them into our being and apply them in practical ways into our lives. There are exercises, visualisations, experiential knowledge we are developing to create optimum wellbeing and wellness in health, wealth and ultimately to live a live of truth, freedom and a fully actualised conscious awareness.

Nature is our best healer, once you understand how nature works, however even if you don’t, just by being in nature is enough to raise your energy, without having to “do” anything. Life is a series of “doing” and “non doing”, or just being, and this requires some work.

This is an ongoing project, I am putting this out there, to help teach myself, we learn by teaching, however I also wish to share the knowledge I am learning with others, such that we can build a community of like minds.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting and connecting with you!

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