About us

Tony Knight – EarthStar Co-Creator and freedom agent.

Tony was born in Auckland New Zealand in 1961 and grew up in beautiful natural surroundings, where he got to experience a natural lifestyle, and appreciate nature in all its many forms.

At 22 years Tony went travelling and was away for 11 years, where he got to visit many ancient and sacred places, in Australia, India, Egypt, Turkey, UK, Thailand, America, and many places in Asia and Europe.

In 1994 he returned to settle back in New Zealand, and within 3 months started a metaphysical retail and book store in North Auckland. From this base, he went on to create various spiritual festivals, workshops, spiritual tours to India and developed a range of well known holistic health and food brands, including Lotus essential oils, The Healthy Salt Company, Spice n Easy NZ and EarthStar Wholefoods sales consultancy. This helped him to integrate his spiritual knowledge with an entrepreneurial flair specialising in holistic health and wellness.

In 2011 Tony and his partner moved into a small lifestyle property, where he began to grow their own food, maintain over 50 fruit trees, and began integrating permaculture principles into the property. It is in the connection with the land, seasons and nature that Tony experienced some profound healings in mind, body and spirit. This led to him developing his current teaching models and templates for EarthStarFreedom, his latest venture in writing, speaking and mentoring people on the natural sciences, truth, conscious co creation and freedom on all levels.

In this world of constant change, most people want peace of mind, certainty in health, wealth and connection to something greater in life. By knowing nature, natural principles and the immutable universal laws, we can help people discover their true empowerment and purpose by implementing and applying the EarthStarTM templates into our lives, thus awakening freedom in one and all.

Tony is a contributing author to the Golden Door book series and is also a shortlisted contestant in the Golden Door international awards for truth of the written and spoken word.

Tony Knight is Silver Award Winner of the Golden Door Awards 2020

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