The Quantum Freedom Circle – QFC

The New Economic Evolution of the World.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

I’m excited to announce I’m open for business as a consultant in a New global economic model that is going to change the world in all the prime areas life, including holistic health, spirituality, business, finances, commUNITY, environment, ecological building, 22nd century transportation and even politics!

Some of you may have heard of GESARA, the Global Economic Stabilisation and Restoration Act, that is being implemented. Well you could say that NEEW is its own version, without the need to ask for permission, because it is already all legal and meets all current regulations. You could say it is a system, WITHIN the larger world system, but not OF the current deficient centralised system!

I am working within this radically new, innovative system and worldwide community, who are passionate about creating mid to long term wealth, health and grassroots community based sustainability! I call this the Quantum Freedom Circle, or the Quantum Financial Circle, QFC for short. It is a way to create generational wealth, by becoming a co-owner in a completely unique Co-Operative, with a portfolio of various business cash flow assets in over 20 different market segments.

As a co owner, with 1.4 million current global members, growing at quantum speed, you get to reap multiple streams of residual income, by purchasing our financial education you are “gifted” packages into our Crypto Unit program (CRU). This enables us to grow and ‘crowd fund’ the entire portfolio with much needed liquidity.

The most exciting part of this community is we are all like minded, and we get the opportunity to become fully FREE, we can reclaim our sovereignty, we can be IN the world, but not OF the world, and we can create our own reality and internal governance.. When you understand the blockchain and it’s power to regain our complete privacy, to be our own bank, to create a multitude of contracts without the need for lawyers, transact fully anonymously, send and receive money instantly with barely any fees, you will reap the greater significance of what this system holds.

The special features of this quantum system includes

  • Receiving multiple different streams of passive, and compounding residual income.
  • Receive specialist education on various financial ‘instruments’ and key management.
  • Participate in three crypto currencies, each catering for different purposes. Utility token (everyday use), security token STO, (full accountability) and stable coin (safe haven)
  • Receive a monthly profit share bonuses known as the ‘Profi Bonus’, as well as other commissions depending on your choices of involvement.
  • You can bring in other members to receive further commission income, however in a departure from traditional MLM, this is entirely your CHOICE! You can just get the financial training and allow the returns to come in via the Crypto Unit, and the profit bonus from the cooperative business portfolio.
  • All our 3 crypto currencies are backed by the global business portfolio, which includes our own gold mines, which contain up to 800 tons of gold in the ground. This golden asset makes up a sizeable portion of the entire portfolio. Gold and its partner, silver will always be seen as real money because of its rarity, unique properties for healing and use in industry. The precious metals are currently zooming up in value!
  • The portfolio has grown from around a value of 12 million in March 2019, which is when the crypto Unit program was released, now it has grown to around 460 Million! In less than 18 months! That’s nearly 4,000% growth! No investment can show growth like that, anywhere in the world! (And this is through the latest world pandemic!) As a Co-Op member, we get to share in this QUANTUM growth, as 10% of all education sales is passed on every month, if we vote to agree.
  • WHY can we get such astronomical growth? The reason why it is growing at such a rate, is simply because of its holistic, multi faceted, bottom up, vertically integrated portfolio combined with the wide diversity of REAL assets, making our own real economy. Also new members are flooding in, because the good NEEWS is spreading around the world like wild fire.
  • I have looked at literally hundreds of Multi level marketing schemes in my time, and the reason why this is truly different, is because of the structure of the system, which is more like a circle of energy enriching each member, than a pyramid structure.
  • In MLM, they use a binary system, which is another way of saying ‘pyramid like’, and believe it or not, our current financial system is also a pyramid like system, with central banking at the apex, where all the liquidity in the world eventually goes.…meaning that all the wealth generated from the masses ‘below’, eventually flow to the few at the top. In MLM, once you exhaust your immediate friends and family, and have endured the barbs or jibes from others, you give up, because you cannot keep it going, and commissions stall or peter out. So, with MLM, you have to keep selling, but 90% eventually run out of people to sell to. In QFC and NEEW, we are simply buying financial education and the resulting income is supporting an already established, world wide business ECO SYSTEM, that is SELF generating just like nature’s principles
  • The NEEW QFC system is creating all the functions, education, and financial products we need, so that we are completely sustainable within our own Eco systemised community. We will have our own loyalty debit card for businesses and merchants, (which you can also get commission from every transaction) you will be able to use and trade our crypto currency in any store, and you will always have the best advice so that your personal portfolio grows at quantum speed. Quantum Technology is also being developed, that we own, to speed up the process of attracting new prospects, if you wish, while you sleep!
  • In the near future our Crypto Unit will be listed on the public market, and once that happens it’s value will explode from its current .18 USD cents…also certain individual businesses within the portfolio, will eventually be listed on the stock market, which means massive potential gain on each business, because WE are the CO- OWNERS! This is our own peoples economy!
  • NEEW is headed up by a financial and business genius called Andrey Khovratov, he founded it in 2011, and he’s based in Russia. NEEW is now in most countries in the world.
  • This eco system is ultimately sustained and made sustainable by promoting humanitarian projects and a spiritually aligned ethos of giving and assisting others, which when combined with the systemic truths inbuilt into its community structure, creates real wealth for everyone, not just ‘money’….this is what will create the Quantum or exponential aspect of the NEEW QFC, because all the natural elements are present and imbued into the very core and foundation of this structure.

There are many aspects to this quantum holistic opportunity, and this is just a snapshot, however we understand that it will take some time for people to get their heads around such a great offering and to fully absorb the intricate details involved. It has taken me 6 months to get to this stage, however we have a GREAT team here in NZ & Australia who can assist with all your queries..

This opportunity is too good, NOT to be true! Forget about the past, we are entering a golden new age of real wealth, health and Quantum freedom! Why not be a part of THE circle?

For more information, please email Tony at
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