How to consciously create lasting freedom within and without by cracking the code in nature and Life!

What is EarthStar Freedom?

Earthstar Freedom is a blog that has come about due to a need in the world to (re) educate people on the absolute necessity of nature, what is our true nature, and how the various inherent natural laws (Lores), impact on our life, for our health, wealth, overall freedoms. In fact the natural lores and teachings explain how life itself came about, and we humans, as a part of nature, sprang OUT OF NATURE, we were born from and into nature.

The word ‘Nature’, ‘Natural’ has been grossly overused and misrepresented to the point that for many people in the world, it has lost its meaning.
 Nature literally means “essential qualities”, “innate” or in ancient times, “birth, or born”. Nature is also made up of its 5 prime elements, Earth, water, air, fire and ether in order from gross to subtle. We are made of these fundamental elements and are essential building blocks to our nature. They can be used in a myriad of ways to assist us in removing blockages in our life, and are also “doorways” we can access for infinite energy and intuition to guide us.

Therefore not only do we HAVE a certain nature, we ARE nature, we are emanations of consciousness of nature, with the ability to reflect upon on our lives, past, present and future and utilise our full potential as conscious beings to actualise and harmonise our lives in accord with reality and truth.
Nature also speaks of cycles, a simple analogy is the cycles of the seasons, and this applies to all people, we have seasons in our businesses, relationships and our lives. Another analogy is the growth cycle, from seed – sprout – plant – fruit, and we can use this model as a metaphor for seeding ideas and growing them into projects and businesses. For example, we can show you how to use the Native American medicine wheel as a model to recognise your true direction in life. Much of what we present are ancient teachings, which have largely been lost in the mists of time, but they are there to rediscover when you know where to look….the cycles of time are re-turning!
“How to apply nature and the natural lores of Life - for holistic wellbeing, wealth, freedom and wholeness on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. We create simple models from natural science and show you how to apply and integrate them into a consciously actualised lifestyle…by releasing blocks & pain, create your ideal life and world, be your own healer, live meaningfully, and mindfully, on purpose”

I'm Tony Knight

In this world of constant change, most people want peace of mind, certainty in health, wealth and connection to something greater in life. By knowing nature, natural principles and the immutable universal laws, we can help people discover their true empowerment and purpose by implementing and applying the EarthStar™ templates into our lives, thus awakening freedom in one and all.

Tony Knight is Silver Award Winner of the Golden Door Awards 2020

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September 14, 2020
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September 4, 2020
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