August 4, 2020

Finding balance in a polar world of change

By: Tony Knight

You are part of something that is so much greater than you can imagine right now! This current time on the planet is actually filled with tremendous opportunity, and is a time to get excited.

Ignore mainstream media

Yes, I know things don’t look so rosy, and many people are struggling. This opening statement is not in any way designed to be seen as a false promise or new age idealism, in fact I am being literal and a in fact a realist. There is virtually no area of life that has been spared from the effects of the so called pandemic, I have heard every excuse why we need to stay in fear, remain indoors, wear a mask, social distance ourselves and generally put our life in hold.

There is a huge a amount of reasons why we should ignore the mainstream media and do the exact opositite. The difficulty is when you feel isolated and alone and attempt to live your life in your terms, there is often few people around who wish to join you in your new found courage and live in defiance of the fear.

Reflect back on your life

I remember when I was a child and teenager, as many of you who were born in the 60’s and 70’s like me would also remember. Life was so free, easy and simple back then. Life was a magical experience from my perspective, however even though this was the case, there were still many ‘problems to solve’ and issues to deal with that sometimes seemed very life threatening, to our ego self.

For me there was always the fear of death, along with getting the grades in school, not being humiliated in front of the class, trying to fit in with the ‘in crowd’, avoiding being bullied, having money to do things we wanted, dealing with the general family issues, growing up and finding the courage to follow our dreams and visions, without being labelled or pigeon holed as a freak.

See how your past is creating your life now

Now, as an adult you will find that many of your same problems, are surfacing once again. The same problems of not having enough, not being enough, not fitting in with the crowd if you disagree with the ‘pandemic status quo’, worries around health are particularly apparent, economic worries and even survival will be on many peoples minds right now. And fair enough, this are all relevant issues, however with all these heightened concerns around our welfare, there is also a great opportunity to break free from all serious concerns of survival and ‘having enough’, ‘just getting by’ etc etc.

You will notice that certain issues keep repeating, the same basic worries are still there that we had as a child, teenager and young adult, as we faced off with life, growing up as we dealt with the world in many new challenges that at the time seemed very large and sometimes insurmountable.

If you think back on your life, you will see that in many ways, what we are facing now is just a continuation of what we faced back then….only this time it involves practically the entire world, and it is affecting almost all areas of our lives at once, rather than one glaring issue at a time. We are all having to face our mortality, health concerns, economic concerns, we are all having to face the fear of the unknown.

The fears of the unknown and death are related

Facing the unknown, and facing death are the greatest challenges we will likely face as a human being. When we cannot see where we are heading, this brings up a lot of fear in many people, especially the ones lacking in faith and fear of change. It is like facing death in many ways, death is an unknown experience and on the surface it appears that it is, “the end”.

Many ‘little deaths’ can be felt and experienced as we live and grow, because our ego is often driving our life, and the thing the ego fears most is its annihilation. So every time we attempt to ‘grow beyond our ego’, we often find ways to bring ourselves back down to our known, predictable life again, with all its problems and issues. It’s a classic conundrum of wanting to grow spiritually, yet our human self with our past habits always seems to find a way to wrest back control and keep us in ‘lockstep with our ego.’

Understand the Hermetic law of polarity

This seesawing of life between the predictable ‘safe’ known now, Vs our unpredictable, changeable, unknown future, is always at work. It never stops, because we are governed by certain nature laws or principles that govern our life in this planet of duality. It’s called the law of polarity, which when you think about it, is always playing out in our lives, and intermeshing with all the other Hermetic laws as well, which are the law of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, Rhythm, cause and effect and gender. For example, an aspect of polarity shows up (in order of laws above) as mentalism vs spiritualism, above and below, high/low vibration, ebb and flow, action and reaction, male and female energies.

Chance is but a term for the law not recognised

Therefore, is it any wonder we struggle with the constant pendulum swings of change, when the very planet we live on is subjected to these laws that create and ensure that “change is our only constant”. There is nothing BUT change! However, we can learn to make these changes our friend, rather than our enemy. Change, the law of polarity, must be first understood within, then mastered by practise, using our left brain of critical reasoning, in conjunction with our right brain of emotion and intuition, and with our spiritual direction and faith in the divine above, along with the foundation and solidarity of the Earth at our feet.

“Chance is but a term for the law not recognised” is another very applicable comment from the Kybalion (my handbook of Hermetic laws). Chance, or randomness of events, is one of many lies perpetuated upon humanity through our education system.

Change can be balanced with left and right brain understanding

We can get to the point where change, is simply change, and we need not be affected by it. The universe is in constant motion, emotion is energy in motion, unbalanced emotions often comes from an overactive left brain, which is mainly concerned with intellect, linear, external reasoning and details.

The left brain is critical to a well balanced life, however when it is not talking with our emotional side, when it is operating solo, we begin develop unhealthy patterns that will create dominance, control, patriarchal viewpoints, a ‘might is right’ attitude, and other linear based reasonings that will exclude the heart and other imperative aspects of sensitivity and intuition.

Good means God and evil means the opposite of life

All religions has been developed out of this polarity law and the imbalances have been perpetuated upon humanity since antiquity, this creating a schism in our psyche. The word GOD, is simply an adaption of “GOOD”, and EVIL, or the DEVIL is it’s Polar opposite. The Devil is just the personification of evil, made flesh in the form of Satan, who is simply an illusion in ultimate terms, in that Light is the only true Creative power of LIFE in the universe. Then we were told that Adam and Eve were the first true humans on Earth, and they ate of the fruit of the tree, and we “fell from grace”.

This is all an allegory, a personified story of the left and right brain, of good and evil, it is also a prediction that we would be unable to balance the polarities and ‘descend’ into lust, greed and the lower chakras. The Annunaki writers at the time were coding or hiding the real truth in this story, for us to crack and decode later, however this story, and many others, have gone on to create religions and a faulty science in the meantime, which has fooled most people, and brought us to this point right now in history!

This time now is a brand new beginning

So for those that fear the changes that are happening on Earth now, know that this is not the end, this is a signal for a brand new beginning, much much greater than you possible could imagine. It is always darkest just before dawn. We are at the beginning of a new dawn of humanity. All the laws of life and particularly polarity are bringing us to a brand new cycle, where good will be reinstated in the world, along with a balance of our left and right brains, and spirituality and materialism.

For us to do the inner work needed, for us to really change and move into balance, we need to be drawn right out on a limb and face our own death, before we physically die. We are dying to the ego and lust for power and greed, and being ‘reborn’ into the goodly, Godly realm of Light and love, with the critical thinking aspect as one small, but necessary piece of puzzle. Without the left brain, we could never understand and know truth, and this is a vital part of knowing ourselves and the world we live in.

Find your centre within, where change does not affect you

Find your centre within, and the outer changes will seem like you are watching a movie, which in many ways is a great analogy of life. Be a witness of the change, not a follower of it, and find ways to install faith into your life. Switch off the TV and go into nature, get into an exercise routine. Eat good wholesome food and drink plenty of water. Practise meditation, listen to 432 hertz (for the heart) or low 4-7 hertz for theta brain wave activation. Divorce yourself from the outer distractions and learn how to balance the polarities, by inviting your intuition and feelings into your life.

“You who hath heart, will find the hearth or heaven in life!”

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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