Whenever we delve into the ancient texts and knowledge teachings, you will come across what is known as the holy trinity. This trinity of creation or manifestation, figures in every culture and is much more than some religious dogma, or what it seems on the surface, it is in fact an energetic science.

Manifestation is a type of alchemical science

The trinity is a scientific truth that is based on the power and significance of the number three. It is said that all things appear as manifest on the physical 3D plane when energy appears as “three”. In other words the number one relates to the 1st dimension, number two to the second dimension of creation and once the evolution of energy reaches three, matter in our physical world appears, as if by alchemical magic.

‘Three’ in ancient days was originally counted as number one. There are many references and applications to this trinity, which when understood can assist anyone to better understand how to create and maintain your true desires and intentions. The trinity is related on many levels, from the micro to the macro, there are three sides to a triangle and three is related to the creation of the universe and humanity. For example, matter is created by a process of three main steps, which is a fractal of our entire existence, spirit, mind and body.

the number one relates to the 1st dimension, number two to the second dimension of creation and once the evolution of energy reaches three, matter in our physical world appears, as if by alchemical magic.

Trinities are everywhere in nature and life

Spirit, mind and body, could also be applied in many other scenarios, such as creator, creating, creation, or; creating, maintaining and destruction, or; seed, nurture, fruit, or; beginning, middle and end (of a particular natural cycle, stage of life or any project) This never ending cycling of threes can be used as a model in which to begin the process of creating and maintaining anything, from a project, business, relationship, meeting, or a life.

We can use certain values attributable to each trinity set, for example in a relationship you may agree the three key values are communication, responsibility and love, or in a business it may be truth, conscious co creation and freedom (some of my personal examples). In our body, three keys for balance are the base chakra (ground, foundation), heart chakra (love, centre of emotional balance) and third eye (intentions, open mind). There are countless applications, only limited by our mind and beliefs.

Intention attention and action

What I wanted to focus on for this article, is one of the key foundational models for the trinity and that is what I call intention, attention and action, or seed, nurture and fruit. This is foundational, because this trinity model depicts how nature itself works. It is the fundamental structure which underlies how creation works, in manifesting from the spirit world (seed/intention), through the mental/ emotional aspect of right attention, into the physical world (fruit/action). Intentions as described by Dr Wayne Dyer, are a “field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life”.

What are intentions?

Setting intentions is using your imagination to tap into the universal field of intelligent energy, which will be happy to oblige, if your intentions are clear and focused, and once it appears, we can maintain the resulting creation through proper attention and actions. It is a clear 3 step process, which if followed correctly can never fail, as this is a science, not wishful thinking. “Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality. Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting. If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, it will germinate in the physical world” Wayne Dyer.

Setting intentions is using your imagination to tap into the universal field of intelligent energy, which will be happy to oblige, if your intentions are clear and focused.

What is proper attention?

The next stage of the manifestation process is attention. Intention is sowing the seed with our electric thoughts, attention is like the watering of the seed, our sustained concentration on the tasks and outcome. Attention is greatly enhanced by adding our magnetic emotions and feelings into the process. Attention could also be likened to the fanning of the spark, it is the ongoing sustaining and maintaining of the original intention over a period of time, it is the nurturing process of the seed until it germinates into a plant. There is a saying where attention goes, energy flows and this is correct, however it is made far more potent when we are conscious of our original intention, otherwise there is no direction.

Using attention correctly in exposing truth in the world

On the topic of attention, I will make one point which I think is important when it comes to exposing the truth in the world. Many people think that to delve into and expose the ‘dark side of truth’, or so called conspiracy theories, is misdirected attention, but I disagree. With a clear intention to shine light on the truth, and through attention into researching that, this can release us from further mental/emotional blockages, because once we know the difference between theory and fact, and we see the light of truth, we gain energy through knowledge and understanding. The trick is to not get stuck down the ‘rabbit hole’, and to balance outward truth seeking, with an inward exploration into ourselves, and using left brain logic with right brain feeling and intuition.

Right action means with the least effort

The final stage of our manifestation process is taking action. With right intention, this leads to right attention, which naturally gravitates into right action with the least amount of effort. Your intended vision cannot be manifested into the physical, without sustained action that is aligned with your intention and attention. All three are intertwined with each other. Action can be seen as taking the action necessary and it’s also the receiving of the fruits that are borne of the intention, attention and actions.

Intention, attention and actions are all intertwined with each other
Action is related to planning, as well as actively networking with people, and it’s the harvest. The seed of the next intention and cycle is always in the actions, each stage of intention, and attention contain there own actions, and each action contains inherent intentions and attention. Wheels within wheels, and it’s a matter of using your mind and feelings, to attain integration and implementation, all along the chain from seed intent to active harvest, or giving and receiving energy. It’s a technology and science and can be quite challenging to explain, the best way to know is to do and practice.

The basic crux of manifesting anything, is to implement the blueprint that is utilised by nature in the effortless cycles of creation. As conscious natural beings, we can easily harness the energy of nature through observation and knowledge, in order to then recreate the same process in our own lives. Nature is never working under strain or duress, we only experience stress and difficulties when we are not aligned within ourselves and our values, desires, thoughts, feelings and external actions and life.

Nature is never working under strain or duress, we only experience stress and difficulties when we are not aligned within ourselves and our values, desires, thoughts, feelings and external actions and life.

New Zealand Public Party – Media / Enews & Social Media Release

For immediate release

Kia ora good people.

Are you tired of governments tampering with and passing bills that infringe on our freedoms without your consent?

Perhaps you’re not buying the orchestrated breakdown of our economy (particularly focused at small-medium businesses) via the Covid-19 “plandemic”?

Maybe you feel like the old New Zealand we love and cherish is disappearing right in front of you and you have no control and wonder, what does the future hold for your whanau?

Looking for a solution? Looking for hope? Look no further…

Billy Te Kahika

Formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and communist style tyranny being enforced upon the people of Aotearoa by the current coalition government, The New Zealand Public Party goes beyond any traditional party we’ve ever encountered.

Billy began his journey into what is “really” going on about two decades ago; he began utilising his skills as a trained researcher, studied geopolitics intensively, and uncovered corruption on a massive scale. Find out more: https://www.nzpublicparty.org.nz/videos. After much reflection, Billy couldn’t sit by and watch any longer and began posting his findings on social media. People started to notice, he gained traction from concerned Kiwi’s feeling much the same way. This quickly became a movement and The New Zealand Public Party was formed.

A true Freedom and Democracy movement means: It’s time to take back New Zealand for the People.

That’s exactly what we will achieve together, without divide, without distraction. 

“People understand that I am not a politician, I am an ordinary Kiwi who cares about our future and could not sit quiet or idle watching the destruction of our beautiful country. I am very honoured to be put here by all of you at the front of your movement, our movement.”

Billy Te Kahika

This message is more significant than the traditional view of a political party; we’re in a completely different playing field and must act now to save our beautiful country and her people. We have engaged in talks with all minor parties and are open to working together towards a common goal.

There is no time for fragmented votes across many smaller parties, we need to come together to help New Zealand.

We have also established an advisory board to include all political interests.
It’s time for change. It’s time for unity.

What we stand for (an overview)

(For more depth please see https://www.nzpublicparty.org.nz/what-we-stand-for):

It’s time for change. It’s time to reclaim our freedom and democracy.

There is no doubt that there is a lot going on in the world, however for many people they did not notice, or were refusing to notice the growing craziness in the world. Now that Covid-19 has struck, many people are waking up and are now taking notice that something’s not right.

When it comes to the world system, many people simply ignored trying to understand it. It’s too big, too scary, too meaningless to know! I think many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

...many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

Everything moves in cycles

The world and humanity has always moved in cycles, we’ve had empires and civilisations rise and fall throughout Millenia, just as we see everything in the world go through various cycles. This happens because nature itself is constantly rising and falling, humans ‘arise,' in the morning and ‘fall’ at nighttime and we all have constant bio-rhythms or energy rising and falling within us.

So if the day, month, seasons, climate and us humans are in constant change and cycling around, of course our world system is going to be doing the same. We created the system, and we will destroy it, in order that a new system may be built that is a greater expression of harmony and balance for all, as clearly it is not in balance with the people of this planet.

The system controllers want order for themselves

History always goes with the victors, and our history is simply a story from those currently in power in order to suit their agenda, and there is an agenda whether people agree with that or not. Nothing in the world is random, everything has been created and designed consciously in order that the system controllers can have what they deem as ‘order’.

Order maybe good for some, but when that ‘order’ means that millions of people are starving, without their own home, proper sanitation, insufficient funds or resources to live on and the planet is being systematically destroyed by the same conglomerates who tell us WE people must do something, you know there is something very wrong in the world.

Ancient education systems

There has always been a reluctance to look at the world, however it is understandable because we have never been educated in understanding how the world works. In our education system we are not taught how to manage our finances, science is still the old outdated Newton and Darwin theories, history is distorted and grossly manipulated, mathematics has lost a lot of its sacredness and our language has lost its true original meanings, or etymology of words.

In the ancient mystery schools of Babylonia, Egypt and Greece, students were taught the trivium and quadrivium known as the 7 liberal arts. The trivium consisted of fully understanding the three parts of grammar, logical reasoning and rhetoric, which is a system of understanding true knowledge and turning that into wisdom. The Quadrivium is a four part body of knowledge, consisting of mathematics, geometry, music and the astrological sciences, which when known will lead to great power within us.

We’ve lost our connection

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are. Because we have lost this indelible connection between ourself and the natural world, we have also lost connection between ourselves and the man made world.

We are basically either brought up in a fundamentalist style religion, an agnostic/new age type environment, or as an atheist believing in scientific dogmas and erroneous teachings about materialism, reductionism and chemistry etc, all paths which simply lead to a separated, divided, bound up world.

Add to this the layers of a financial system that only benefits the 1% because they own everything including the right to print their own money, and the legal/political system which is effectively there just to protect the bankers, corporations, politicians and the system itself, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are.

The greatest danger to mankind is ourselves

The greatest danger to mankind at this present time, is mankind himself, not anything in nature. The greatest thing preventing mankind from resolving the growing list of issues, is our beliefs and ignorance. And particularly we are ignorant of the ‘matrix system’ and we have many beliefs, which is our conditioning through media, movies, video games and our faulty education system previously mentioned.

From cradle to grave, we are brought up in a system where we don’t know any other way and we die after having worked hard all our lives, paid our taxes because we were told they all go to the roads and public utilities etc, yet we find out that this is mot the case at all. We are like slaves to a system, literally. We are taught not to question or stick our neck out, and our neighbours and friends will soon remind us of this if we do!

Fear keeps us separated and divided

The other thing that has been a major block to our awareness and knowledge, is the preoccupation to keep people in fear, there is always a bogey man coming to get us, there is always something that we are taught to worry about (CoVid-19!), yet we are never told to face the fear, what/who is perpetuating it, or how to deal with it.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population. The new age, or religious movement further reinforces this, either it is Satan, disembodied spirits or our sins that will get us if we fall out of line. We are always seeking, never finding, because we just go round and round in circles, known as the Hegelian dialectic.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population.

We are also taught that to be spiritual, we must ignore money, our body is secondary and just basically a machine, the world system should never be looked into because that is another sin! Remember the separateness taught via our schooling? The system is separate to us, we are separate to nature, we are separate to each other (social distancing), everything is random and everyone is just out of luck and time!

We ARE all spiritual, of spirit

Nothing could be further from the truth! We are all connected to everything, everything at its core is energy, and that includes us people. True spirituality is learning this and much more on how to be a human, how to realise our energy frequency, how to dispel fear by facing our fears, not running away!

To become spiritual is a misnomer, we ALL just ARE spiritual by virtue that we are of spirit and we all have a soul that animates our body. Spirituality teaches about causes not effects, and our connection to nature and all living things. Spirituality is about furthering life itself and knowing that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new cycle.

Spirituality and the world system are connected

What has all this got to do with the matrix and the system? Basically everything! When we study ourselves and energy, and realise we are all connected, we realise for that to be effected, we must also be connected to our material, system or world.

Living in our earthly realms consists of numerous transactions and interactions each and every single day, in order to function. We must earn a living, so we can buy food and maintain our house, for transportation, to warm ourselves with heating and trade or exchange our value for something of equal value, hence money.

We have all come to Earth as a free soul being, we all have a connection to a higher spirit or creator by virtue of that birthing experience and therefore we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

So as a matrix cycologist (Psychologist), I have taken it upon myself to learn everything I can about true spirituality and the material world system, because that is what can create a truly balanced and connected life, along with understanding our left and right sides of our brain and harmonising with that and our heart and body!

...we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

It may seem too simple for some, but asking good questions is actually a highly underrated manifestation technology that we can use to help guide, direct and create a life of freedom and purpose. Different questions create different results. Also there are three main types of questions, open ended, closed and yes/no questions. The main types of questions we are interested in, are open ended questions. There is a very important aspect to our mind, in that when we sincerely ask a question, with feeling and good intentions, our mind will automatically begin to seek out its answer.

Good questions are like seeds

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer. Poor questions lead to poor results and answers, such as lamenting questions, i.e. “Why am I so cursed in life?”. This is not a good type of question, because we are essentially saying you are cursed. A better question is “why do these things keep happening to me, and what can I do now to change this pattern?”

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer.

Types of questions

There are 6 main categories of questions; who, why, what, where, when and how. Questions are applicable to any aspect of life, in business, personal relationships, personal development, a specific project, problem solving, direction, discovering your needs and much more.

WHO - I start with a who question, because it is prime question many of us don’t bother to ask. The who question is best to start with ourselves, because we are the common denominator in our life! This question uncovers our true POWER. Everything we do, involves us! And to the degree that we are clear on who we are, who we need to best align with, and who we need to be to others, or to get things done, the better off we are. Simply starting the process by asking, “WHO AM I?”, could yield some surprising answers! Not many of us stop to ask who we are, because we are not taught this in our western culture, and because the real you is buried under many layers of cultural conditioning, this makes repeatedly asking this question such a a great first up question! Who are you, really? Hand writing the question, and the answers, is a powerful way to engage the whole body in the process, and take time to think deeply while doing it. Who is related to all prime elements, but particularly FIRE, setting values and the right brain.

WHY – Another very powerful question, particularly Why am I here on Earth? Because this question is essentially aimed at uncovering your prime PURPOSE in life. To me we also have various sub- purposes, which are important as we move through our life. There is our main purpose in our business or work arena, a purpose to connect with people, a purpose in our relationships, a purpose to our family, communications, and other key areas of life. We may have a purpose to earn a certain amount of money, so that we can buy a house or save for a holiday. If we attach everything we do with a purpose, then we will have a very purposeful life. Many people say that they don’t know what their purpose is, I think mainly because they see it only as a lofty, spiritual pursuit and therefore give up on discovering it. Life is a journey, not a destination, and our prime purpose may well change multiple times! This is because we are getting to know who we are, and we are constantly growing and knowing more who we are, therefore our goals and desires change. Why is related to ETHER.

WHAT – the what question in its higher form is all about our VISION. What do we really want in life? What do we want to create? What do we want to see in our life, in a certain time frame? What is also very much concerned with our mind and logical thinking. What do I need to do now to achieve my goals? What is going on here? What is the best course of action, it really is a directing question concerning with action, as well as ‘attaining’ something. Also it involves using your sense of sight, it’s empowered by being able to envision yourself achieving your outcome. What is related to the AIR element and intention of mind.

WHERE – This question is also another directional question and is related to our spatial qualities. Where are we going? Where is situational, and is very important when setting goals and habits, because we need to be in comfortable, familiar surroundings in order to remember habitually. Where also has a higher more abstract meaning, regarding, where are we in space, where is the planet Earth and our solar system in relation to the galaxy and universe?. When meditating we often get a feeling of where we are, is everywhere! This type of thinking can help us expand our horizons and lift us out of the mundane earthly aspects of life. Where is about the big picture and our journey along the way in life.

WHEN – This question is very important when conducting business, setting time frames, dates, appointments and timing in general. We need to know when and where we are in time. ‘Clock time’ on Earth is actually an illusion, yet we are so dependant in time, so it’s a paradox. By understanding time as cycles, this can assist us in developing a good sense of time. Time flows fast when you are absorbed and busy in what you enjoy and can appear to drag when you are bored and disliking what you are doing. And like the abstract where in space am I, we could ask when in space am I? When you like at time on the larger scale, as cycles of daylight and night, (day) moon cycles (month) equinoxes and solstices (solar cycles), then we can get a different perspective in what time really is. The trick is to use our left brain to manage our calendar and our right brain to manage our journey through the seasons of time and our journey in life. There a reason, a season and a lifetime for everything. This question strongly relates to WATER, so time flows, so does water.

HOW – This question is all important for implementing your plans and goals. The how is concerned with the details, the planning, the strategy and tactics for whatever you are intending and attending to. Once we know who we are, why we are here, what we want, where and when we are, we need the ‘how’ to ground everything, so you can take the required action, according to the plan. Nothing happens without taking action, and without a good plan and how, no positive right action can occur.
This relates to the EARTH element.

Freedom, truth and responsibility must all be TAKEN.

With the times that we are now living in, it is vital that we start questioning what’s happening, because otherwise we will be allowing others to dictate our freedoms. Responsibility is a key value, which comes from who you are being. We must take responsibility now, it cannot be given. Same with knowledge or truth, it is not given readily, we must take the action to know ourselves and our world, ask all the appropriate questions and take action, if we want to have a world worth living for ourselves and our children. This is not a time to be ignorant and idle! Freedom also must be seized, and the best way to start on the journey to true freedom, is to know who you are, why you are here, what you need to do and how.

One of the amazing attributes humans have, is what’s known as a bio feedback loop. Also described as cue, craving, response and reward in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. This is a closed loop system where intentions and thoughts get empowered by emotions, leading to our response, which create certain outcomes, which then creates a new cycle.

Nature is in constant cycles

We see this looping system being played out everywhere in nature, on the micro and macro level. For example, the water cycle, where water vapour rises from trees, goes up to form clouds and comes down as rain, or the CO2/oxygen cycle where trees take in the CO2, which helps them grow and then they expire Oxygen for us humans and animals to breath, while we then breath out the CO2 for the cycle to start all over again. Another couple of prime examples from nature include the yearly cycle of our seasons and the growth cycle, from seed, nurture, growth and harvest. This cycling of energy is everywhere, yet we often don’t notice or are aware of it.

Trees are a great metaphor

With the EarthStar freedback loop, it’s a conscious way we can harness energy and the natural law of rhythm, to create habits, new behaviours, attitudes and actions that are productive, easy and ultimately freeing. The great thing about this system is that it can assist us in becoming the person we want to be, and create the visions we hold most dear, by aligning our every day actions and routines to our larger purpose and goals.

A tree only grows by virtue of its root system, it doesn’t get to be a tree without following this cycle, just as humans don’t get to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, without attention to the tiny, grounded habitual things we do every day, such as hygiene, sleep, planning, imagining, exercise, eating habits, meditation, communication and all the other things that make a foundation for a healthy and wealthy life.

As per the attached diagram, here is an overview of the cycle.

Signal – this is the cue for us to make a change, it is the cause that helps us to change by creating healthy habits. The signal in the EarthStar model could be an intention, thought, question or nature itself. A basic physical/emotional need, such as hunger or loneliness is also a basic signal to change & seek reward. The signal comes from the context, or our environment, either at work, home or outside.

Desire - For the signal to be clearly known, we need a motivating factor, so we can utilise nature as a means to activate us, such as going outside for a walk, sitting under a tree, looking out over the ocean, looking into a fire etc, or by being with nature, it activates us to follow through on our earlier intention of attaining our ‘reward’. Nature is a great universal way to act as a trigger to satisfy our desires, because it is a mirror of who we are and how we operate when in the flow. Nature assists us to raise our energy without any thought how, and by understanding natural laws they can give us a real strong desire to change our fundamental beliefs on who we are and what are true goals and visions are for life. This stage is where we get emotionally involved and requires our attention.

Action – nothing moves until we act, so we need to raise the desire to such a level that we act on it. Repetition is the mother of all invention. This is the growth stage of the cycle in a larger context. It is at this stage that we need to intend to take responsibility for ourselves, which in this case is our ability to respond to our emotional and mental desires by taking the action we need to fulfil our habit process. This stage also requires our passion and will power.

Harvest – this is the return on our energy invested previously in the cycle. This is our reward for our previous efforts, or you could say the effect from our intended cause. The law of cause and effect is powerfully at work in this system of freeing ourselves from bad habits and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Just like the analogy of gardening, we go from seed, to nurturing growth with water and nutrients, to the eventual harvest of the fruit or vegetables.

Nature can assist us in habit making, be the habit and the reward all in one!
Nature plays a part in helping you achieve our goals through habits, and it can be implemented at each stage, helping us with our intention, attention, actions and integrated as the reward. Another words, nature can be used to create new habits, it can be the habit, and the reward in itself!

Implementing these concepts take some time and work, however they will assist you in every single area of your life, as well as supporting you in your direction and purpose in life. There are many ways to integrate and apply nature in the habit making process apart from just being in nature, we can visualise nature and the different elements to help in specific areas of life, we can learn the natural laws or how nature works and this will give you great insight into how our human system works. I call this natural intelligence and our physical intelligence (PQ) also plays a large part in this process because we are physical beings, subject to physical laws of 3D.

Free up energy in the unconscious habit process

The reason why practicing these habit forming patterns using nature is so important, is because we use up a great deal of energy when we are living our life chaotically, as we are always in flight or fight and reacting to life, rather than responding unconsciously. What I mean by this is when you create good habits, and aligned mentally and emotionally, they will become automatic, which means your life will run with a great deal more ease, grace and flow.

Currently our unconscious mind runs the autonomous aspects of our body, such as breathing, heart beat, nerve impulses, creating new cells, even our thinking, therefore it makes sense to create automatic habits that effortlessly serve, rather than detract us from our goals.

Questioning is a great mind technology

A great way to help this process as a conscious signal to a habit, is by questioning. When we question ourselves in sincerity, this sets up our brain to seek out answers. The better the questions the better the answers, and the inevitable harvest. The 6 prime questions as who, why, what, when, where and how. When it comes to setting healthy habits, these are the building blocks on which we create our goals and purpose in life, and if we ask the right questions, at the right time and context, we can greatly accelerate our progress. In the interests of creating our actualised life, ‘who’ is who we truly are; ‘why’ is our big purpose, ‘what’ is our vision or goals, ‘when’ is our timing, ‘where’ is our location in space and ‘how’ is our mission and how on Earth we plan to carry out our purpose and find out who we are.

When and where are keys to good habits

Also when it comes to creating healthy habit forming patterns, ‘where and when’ are very important questions to know the answer to. This is because the brain likes to be in familiar places at regular times when we carry out our habit. For example exercising, or meditating in your favourite room, at the same time each day. Also in the EarthStar Freedback loop system, going into your favourite natural spot at the same time on a regular basis, is a great way to energise yourself or in which to carry out your habit, whether that’s walking, writing, meditating, observing, gardening etc. We are highly visual beings, we all need to be in a place that feels good and gives us energy.

Living in freedom is your natural state of being

Living in freedom is the ultimate goal and purpose for all beings at some level, even if they don’t yet consciously know it, because freedom is our natural state of being, however for many we have lost touch with what that actually is or feels like. So it’s self evident, that using nature as a mirror, is the best way for us to align with our natural reality of freedom.

Living in freedom is the ultimate goal and purpose for all beings at some level, even if they don’t yet consciously know it, because freedom is our natural state of being

Meditation, observation and self-enquiry is nothing but a device to make you aware of your real, natural Self – which is not created by you, which need not be created by you, which you ALREADY ARE. YOU were born with it. You are it! It needs to be discovered.

Becoming an individual is dangerous to the mob

No society or Government easily allows us to discover our real self, because the real, critical thinking Self is dangerous….dangerous for the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the self imposed rulers, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition and history, because once a being knows their real Self, they become an individual and

Individuals are extremely dangerous because they are not easily controlled! They no longer belong to the mob psychology, they will not be superstitious, they cannot be easily exploited, they cannot be led like cattle, they cannot be ordered and commanded by the state to conform to their ideologies.

Individuals are extremely dangerous because they are not easily controlled!

What is a sovereign being

Sovereigns are individuals who recognise their inherent natural reality and therefore they know their rights because of their direct connection with the Earth and divine. Each individual has their own ‘contract’ with the divine creator, and if everyone in the plenty recognised this, we would have paradise on Earth, as there would be a oneness connection with every other sovereign being.

Being sovereign does not mean to be ‘elite’, it is the exact opposite, however because this term is used in the Royal circles, people assume that none of us commoners have any rights to claim our sovereign status.

Common laws and sovereigns

Sovereigns uphold and subscribe to common law, which simply states “do no harm” to anyone or anyone’s property. How simple is that? Harm can be categorised as assaulting, stealing, killing, poisoning, tampering, defacing, lying or cheating.

Sovereigns uphold and subscribe to common law, which simply states “do no harm” to anyone or anyone’s property.

Common laws run parallel to, and interconnect with, natural law and moral laws. The 10 commandments were the church’s way of stating common and moral laws. Common law is simply the Earth based laws which uphold natural and moral laws.

What is Nature and the natural elements

Natural laws are easily adaptive and very applicable to a persons life because we are born from nature into nature. We are an expression of natural law in human form, born of the fact that we exist and have consciousness.

Nature comprises the physical natural elements and components we see such as, vegetation, mountains, minerals, soil, humans, animals, water, fire, planet Earth, and it also comprises all things unseen, such as air, ether, energy, electromagnetism, gravity, invisible light spectrum.

These aspects and elements of nature, all correspond directly to our existence, behaviours, attitudes, states of feeling and thoughts, our physical functions, our body and every aspect of our body right down to our cellular, atomic structure.

Implementing natural laws into life

When we are aware of how these natural elements can be used and consciously implemented into our Life, we can greatly accelerate our awareness to such a degree, that we can become that sovereign individual. The example of nature itself shows us, that each element has its own individual ‘status’, yet all of nature is working cooperatively together, because that’s the natural reality, and human beings are no different.

We are in fact natural beings, that once realised, we can only move forward and up in expanded energy. We are here to discover nature and the laws, and once we are aligned with that, we become our true nature, which is freedom and love.

We are here to discover nature and the laws, and once we are aligned with that, we become our true nature, which is freedom and love.

(This article is not written by me, except the last paragraph…author unknown)

Astrology without alchemy is like having a tool shed with no tools. To transmute the mind, ancient cultures recognized a code unique to the individual. Using the symbols in our full birth chart, we apply their archetypes to the alchemical function correlated to them. When added to the astrological correlations of the Sephirot, or any other system of alchemy, we have a more well-rounded understanding of how our personal mental chemistry works. The different planets applied to them should be understood through the idea they represent. Assuming everyone understands the concepts behind the zodiac sign, here's what I mean:

Zodiac signs



Sulphur - active masculine, dry solid, Soul,
Air/Fire, essence and purpose

Mercury - passive feminine, cold liquid, Spirit,
Water/Air, energetic force

Salt - physical form, Body,
Earth/Water, structured thought

Once we understand how they relate to us individually, we use the paired concepts to decipher the meanings of alchemical artwork. Artists put symbols in certain places to convey an idea of what we're supposed to do with the archetypes. Each house is ruled by a zodiac so their symbols are typically implied but not always used.

From beginning to end, the alchemical cycle is Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Gold. Apply the concepts of your birth chart to begin. This is not the only way to do it, but it is the most basic.

As the saying goes, the weak-minded are ruled by their stars, the strong-willed rule over them all. Our birth chart is our cosmic fingerprint for this life and their chemistry forms the blueprint for our programming. Using alchemy, we can transmute the zodiacs' lower nature into their higher state.

A good way to understand this is by watching the evolution of Scorpio. At its base form, the scorpion crawls on the ground. Its ancient symbol, the eagle, denotes a higher perspective, but its final form is the phoenix. More info about this can be found online.

Using these traits of the zodiac signs, along with the traits of the 4 elements, it is relatively easy to figure out how it all works. Once we rise above the limitations of our programming, we can incorporate traits from the other signs. Each sign has their light and shadow aspects. Once we are no longer controlled by their shadows, we can use them to our advantage. Using the archetypes against and with each other is alchemy.

Light aspects

Shadow aspects

Astrology is a science and was brought to life by the original inhabitants on this Earth, the Annunaki. They devised 12 major areas that cover all aspects life and living and created the Horoscope or zodiac as a human map for us to navigate. They realised that certain quadrants and the constellations contained therein, had certain energy qualities that matched these areas of life and their energies would amplify as the sun and out planets moved in front of them. The Annunaki knew all about space and the constellations in our solar system and galaxy as they came from “out there”.

What happens above, happens below, as above so below.

I am firmly convinced that the way for all humanity to not only thrive, but survive on this planet, is for us all to adhere to nature’s truest principles. Nature is the way, and WHY we are here in the first place, all the elements of earth, air, fire, water and aether are literally what created us and sustain us. If the sun did not come up, we would all be dead. Period! If we did not have fresh air we would survive only a few minutes. If we did not have water we would have a few days. If we did not have food we would have a few weeks or months at most, for most people. Aether (or ether) is the reason we came into being in the first place and is always sustaining us invisibly on other soul and spirit dimensions.

So the powers that be on this Earth want to create a completely duplicate, artificial world in order to monitor our every move and control us. This is a FACT! This is the Anti-Christ if you use a religious term, and I’m not a religious person, but it is used by these crazy sociopaths and psychopaths that drive our world. That’s enough of the problem, many of us know this now and we don’t need to go on about it endlessly, however we must come back to the simple things in life, we must protect our natural assets for life and not only that, we must cultivate the natural potential within us, in order to have the energy to thrive in a world that is increasingly being driven down a dead-end road.

And we don’t need politics to do this! The Green Party or any of the so-called environmental groups have been infiltrated for political means, in fact most of them have been set up by the Governments and secret agencies as another means of control.

We need real people, awakening to their real power and being mobilised for concerted civil action en masse. It starts with us realising the big picture and seeing how technology is crowding us out. The powers want to put tens of thousands of satellites in the sky, and billions of tiny antennas on every street corner and even in people’s HOMES! We will be living in a pea soup of microwave-style very-low frequency, which will greatly affect our natural energy, brain and heart functioning, and cause all kinds of unknown issues yet to be realised.

Is this what we want? Only we can stop it and by adhering to nature and finding the key within, we can deal with anything coming at us from the external. Stop them installing smart meters. Watch out for anything that says “smart,” or even “sustainable!”

We know what’s truly smart and sustainable, and it’s using our minds to THINK, FEEL and KNOW. Get Earthed and healthy, follow a HOLISTIC path, which means to integrate nature into our lives. Technology is a great thing, and has great tools; however they must be balanced with our practical needs. To create a so called “SMART” grid where everything is automated, including our cars and household items could come at a great cost to our energy and privacy if we are not careful.

Let’s get REAL and in touch with our NATURAL REALITY, so we can deal effectively with the outer ILLUSION or MATRIX!

When it comes to truth, there seems to be much confusion over what it actually is, why is it so important and how can it be applied to create freedom in our lives.

Truth is like life itself, it is a journey and without taking the first steps, then we can never reach our goals and manifest our visions. Truth and knowledge can also be likened to our foundation, when we have the right knowledge, then truth can be applied to our lives in the right way.

Truth and knowledge can also be likened to our foundation, when we have the right knowledge, then truth can be applied to our lives in the right way.

Have the will to know truth

To understand truth, we must download the will to seek it. Nothing moves in the world for you, until we put our will, desire and intention into something, we can never bring about the positive changes we so desperately need. It is said that the will to know the truth is the highest impulse, this is because it is at its core it’s objective, although we must swim through the current of subjective truths to get there!

Sophism and solipsism

Many people get lost in the subjectivity and give up thinking truth is knowable, or it is purely subjective, meaning that there is only ‘my truth’ or ‘your truth’ and nothing else. This is exactly want keeps us disempowered and allows the powers that be on Earth to manipulate us and keep us forever seeking, but never finding. The New Age movement is rife with this thinking, also known as sophism and solipsism. An example of solipsism is the idea that nothing matters except yourself and sophism is a clever but false argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive.

Seek truth as primary

So many people are seeking beauty and justice which is all good and honourable pursuits, but if we are not seeking truth as primary, then all beauty and justice will simply fall into a hole of oblivion, it cannot be sustained naturally because the foundation is not there, it’s like building a house on quick sand. The basis of what our life and world matrix is built on is far from the truth. It is a slippery slope of subjective lies, moral relativity, deception and secrecy.

When it comes to truth, there are various levels, applications and elements, which when understood helps us to distinguish the correct context in which truth applies, as follows;

Truth of the physical world – you could state this very simply as “what happened and what’s happening now”. This truth depicts our past history, what people did or are doing, facts, evidence, proof, references, case studies, documents, transactions, all the aspects that make up our transactional world, or what transpired. History is a vital truth, because when we know true history then we can have a much broader knowledge on who we are and just how powerful we actually are. When we are unaware of our history, we are destined to be greatly disempowered. Also when corrupt people in authority are lying and committing acts of self interest, then the secrecy around these acts are greatly subverting the common good. This is happening everywhere throughout the political world, media, and education.

When we are unaware of our history, we are destined to be greatly disempowered.

Truth of our mental and emotional world – there are many vital truths in the this domain that are often misappropriated. The mind is a gateway and can hold the truth or illusion. The mind is simply a tool and when you understand how the tool works, via thoughts and intentions, then you can come to know more truth. The truth is beliefs do not create anything sustainable, beliefs are rife mainly because of the previous level, due to our erroneous education, faulty science, history and lies in the media. The truth of how our feelings work with our thoughts shows how we manifest anything. Desire or will, aligned with feelings and emotions, will certainly create the desire, if sustained long enough. The heart knows the truth, when we are adept enough and integrated with our mind.

Truth of nature, natural sciences and laws – this arena could be considered where objective, immutable and fundamental truths are located. The science and laws of creation, energy, Light, vibration, rhythm, gender, polarity and cause and effect are timeless and will never change. Imagine if the laws that underpin all reality and matter kept changing?! We would have total chaos! Also the laws of how energy creates, electromagnetism, quantum physics, gravity maybe subject to great debate, but that’s only because our sciences have been incorrectly interpreted for centuries. The truth does not change, it is man and his beliefs and dogmas that change. Nature itself (including humanity) is a physical manifestation of these laws and we can learn to reverse engineer nature to arrive at the same conclusions re creation as the ageless wisdom found in ancient spiritual and gnostic texts.

The truth does not change, it is man and his beliefs and dogmas that change.

The absolute truth of the divine intelligence or source – this truth is largely unknown by most people on Earth, because we reside in a polarity based world (which in itself is a law or truth), then we are unable to know this truth. I think this is where many of the misunderstandings arrive, as people see this area as the only true truth, and if it is considered unknowable, then people give up on trying to understand the lower level truths just mentioned. You cannot have the penthouse, without the lower floor below it, and truth is no different.

Truth and love

Further to truth, many people will say yes, what about love, isn’t that more important that truth? Yes and no. Love is like truth, it is expressed on different levels and contexts. For example, there is making love, being in love, expressing heartfelt love, and we ARE love, everything is created and sustained because of “love.” Love is like the right hand of the left hand truth. They are two sides of the same coin, and ultimately that are one and the same. Truth can be seen as the masculine laws or science and love is the power or feminine energy. Truth is direction or structure and love is the power or fuel. All manifestation needs both and they are interchangeable, truth is love and love is truth.

Knowledge is power and the truth shall set you free when you know to express and live love and truth. Reconciling the opposites creates balance, where key elements of our nature can merged into one whole. This is why nature is so good as a model, because it exhibits this perfect harmony and balance without any effort.

Truth is direction or structure and love is the power or fuel.

When it comes to the natural laws, many people are not even aware of them, or they have forgotten their meaning and how they are the core foundation to any life or the world. The natural laws are speaking of the nature of reality, and the reality of nature. Reality is what we consider as truth, reality can be verified through both scientific means and spiritual means. Science in ancient language actually means truth. Reality is a very abstract term, and for many people it means little, however by breaking down reality into smaller ‘pieces’, using nature and the natural laws as a benchmark, we can build a model for life that is simply explained and easier to understand.

Science and money

Science today is no longer following true scientific principles, science has become politicised and its main purpose is not to decipher the truth, now it’s money and political power that is more important. Science has played a powerful role in our lives, through our education. Science today is always changing, because so many people have vested interests and science reaches deep into influencing our lives today, particularly through medical, technological, biological and environmental science.

Science today is no longer following true scientific principles, science has become politicised

There is a lot of science being espoused however there appears to be very little interest in doing proper testing of our proposed technologies, or reaching deeper back into history in order to delve into the wealth of information available that is largely ignored. Our ancient history shows quite clear evidence of advanced forms of technology. Even in recent history, powerful break throughs in the medical and technological arenas, have been ignored or shut down. Nikola Tesla is one example that springs to mind.

Spirituality meets science

Then we have the spiritual realm of information and knowledge, of which the ancient masters concluded the same as forward thinking scientists in advanced physics and the ‘quantum’ sciences. In a nutshell, there is clear evidence that all is energy, all matter is Light and based on vibration, everything is connected via electro magnetic energy throughout the universe, and human beings are inextricably interwoven into this electric field of universal energy. This is why the masters say, “we are all one”, because at the deepest level we are all one energy, we appear separate in form only.

The Hermetic Laws and Science of Light

Within the seven Hermetic principles, sometimes called the natural laws, we can arrive at the same conclusions as above. They are the laws of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, rhythm, polarity and gender. And there are some more modern day scientists such as Walter Russell, who deduced that all is light, the universe is electric in nature and energy moves in certain toroidal and geometric patterns. There are many advanced souls who are piecing together the universe into one huge interconnected web, essentially consisting of nothing and everything.

At the core of everything, is nothing, a vacuum of ‘super potential energy’, that reacts with our thoughts and feelings, and this is how we create the world of everything we see. And this lattice of energy, and our physical world, can be explained by numbers (mathematics), geometry, Light waves, sound frequencies, colours, thought patterns, emotions, natural elements and laws.

At the core of everything, is nothing, a vacuum of ‘super potential energy’, that reacts with our thoughts and feelings, and this is how we create the world of everything we see.

The love of power and money is greater than the power of love and truth
Once we can fully understand these abstract concepts, we can see how our linear sciences espoused by Darwin, Newton, Edison, etc are now outdated and unfit for use in a world of balanced reality and community fulfilment. When the base foundation knowledge is incorrect, or no longer suitable for this day and age, society will break down into a fragmented, disconnected world, as the love of power and money is greater than the power of love and truth. This is what’s happening today, as the ‘powers that be’ need to maintain the same level of control over the population, however the people are waking up to the deeper truths, and the fact that there are better, more inclusive, cooperative ways of living.

Natural principles create a solid foundation

Cooperation, inclusion, fairness and other community based values come from natural principles, one only has to observe nature for some time to see how it works together, there is no competition, arbitrary hierarchy and anything that excludes without reason. Nature follows cycles and the law of Rhythm in its seasonal cycles, night and day etc. Nature is a noun, and a verb, meaning nature is not just a physical object, it also explains a process or action (and inaction) and it's both objective and subjective.

Nature is a noun, and a verb, meaning nature is not just a physical object, it also explains a process or action (and inaction) and it's both objective and subjective.

We are natural beings, born via an inherent natural process, into a natural world, and we are sustained by natural means via our food, water, air, warmth and nurturing love and care. And even when we die, this is all part of the natural process of life, however due to much fear and heavy conditioning, the sacredness of death has been all but extinguished, certainly in western countries.

In order to create a truly sustainable, people inclusive world of cooperation and healthy communities, we need to instigate common law, uphold moral laws, understand the natural laws and ultimately see ourselves as part of universal law in existence.

Natural, moral and common laws in society

Moral and Common laws come from natural principles, and the “do no harm” principle applies. One should not steal, kill, cheat etc, these are basic standards to which anyone can live by, however currently our legal system has one law for the rulers and different applications to the people. This is a complicated area and I’m not going to go into that here.

We now live in a society where anything is open to interpretation in many different ways, because we have a system based on complexity, not simplicity and respecting fair justice for all. Our legal and banking system work together in order to protect the system they have created, not for the people that works for and serves that system. We have a system that inflicts great pain on people for not following their draconian rules.

So the bottom line is, nature and the natural laws, once inbuilt into a system, will automatically allow for a much greater level of freedom, as then the laws are coming from a solid foundation of science and spirituality. In other words, the technologies and education we adhere to are for the greater good of all humanity, not just for a few.

...the technologies and education we adhere to are for the greater good of all humanity, not just for a few.

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