August 24, 2020

Transmute suffering in yourself and be a part of the greatest period on Earth in its history!

By: Tony Knight

“Pain is certain, suffering is optional”

Gautama Buddha

I am being perfectly serious when I say that this current time in the world, is our greatest opportunity of our lifetime. How can I say that when so many are suffering?

Without pain and suffering we would have no growth

The thing is, this planet is a planet of alternating suffering, and pleasure. It is part of the human conditioning and it’s an absolutely vital ingredient to growth. Everything that is alive and can feel pain, will feel pain, adversity and possibly intense suffering, prior to a growth spurt. Then as we grow more, the pain may or may not be apparent, depending on the situation, but suffering certainly becomes a choice. Pain and suffering are not mutually inclusive…one can feel pain without suffering.

Pain is usually relatively short, sharp and often comes rather suddenly, however suffering is that which is generally long and drawn out, as it’s a refusal or inability to accept and let go of something that happened, mostly in the past since childhood.

Everything that is alive and can feel pain, will feel pain, adversity and possibly intense suffering, prior to a growth spurt.

Suffering occurs on a mental, emotional and energetic level. Many people right now are not in pain, although it feels painful…what they are going through is a suffering of trauma or grief, which comes about from an inability to accept, love or face the current situation.

I realise many people are being heavily tested, however when you boil down most peoples situations, especially in the western world, the danger and issues are often small in comparison to the perceived threat or fear. I’m not talking about people who are going through very extreme challenges, these people need and deserve extra care, compassion and understanding.

Suffering is an addiction to the past or fear of the future

Most threats, fear and suffering people are experiencing today, is coming from something that might happen, or has already happened. Another words, we are still reliving the pain & suffering from some incident from our past, or we are reacting to something that ‘might’ happen in the future. Flight or flight, governed by the reptilian back brain.

Many people have not been able to clear their past traumas through lack of awareness or understanding, and for many people, sadly this becomes there ‘normal’ way of living. Other people are suffering from escapism and are desperately craving a future that they can never manifest in their current state.

Thoughts feed emotions, which creates a reaction, which further strengthens the original thoughts, which create more emotions, and this circular self induced argument goes on forever, with most not able to see this suffering loop they are creating. It’s called the wheel of samsara.

Our negative emotions are signs to acknowledge and face the inner child

The best way to dissolve suffering is to face it head on, as a witness. The same with any negative emotion caused by denial of our past, or attachment to some false future. So fear, irresponsibility, anger, resentment, jealousy, shame etc, all need the panacea of being acknowledged and faced.

An unaddressed emotion or suffering, that is continually repeating on you, is like a naughty child running amok in your house, until you deal with the child directly, with love, care and firmness. The issue running amok in our minds and body, is exactly like our own ‘inner child’ that is looking for our attention, until we deal with it square on, with Self love, strength and a genuine desire to resolve the issue.

An aspect of awareness, is simply noticing when you have been triggered, and are in reaction mode, rather than response-ability mode. Then with gratitude, we can release the load.

An unaddressed emotion or suffering, that is continually repeating on you, is like a naughty child running amok in your house, until you deal with the child directly, with love, care and firmness.

Nothing happens in isolation, all key events are connected and have meaning

This build up sets the scene for what’s happening to many people today, however it is now on a collective scale. Many people may not realise, but there has been a definite build up to this time in history, many events have been happening in seeming isolation, however now most of the planet is involved. There are extreme things happening on a particularly obvious level, in our financial, economic, political, social, legal and medical/health arenas of our life.

What is not so obvious is that these events are also being affected by, or are affecting, all other areas of our lives, spiritual, technological, environmental and primal energetic, etheric levels! This is where we also need to look for the answers, as they do not live on the surface.

We see only what we are trained to see and believe

The biggest problems always live at the deepest levels, and because we are trained to judge what we see, we don’t generally know, or want to look deeper beyond our 5 basic senses. We see what we are trained and conditioned to believe. We are surface dwellers, looking for the quick fix. It’s Human nature, and that’s fine as it has its place, however, 99% of our reality is created by what we can’t see. The other 1% is the biofeedback we get from the physical realm.

Who we truly are is a mindful, soulful, spiritual, energetic, emotional being…energy in motion, wrapped in a physical vehicle.

What’s happening on Earth, is happening in space.

The fact that the entire world, on some level is being affected, indicates that this is not an isolated situation, Corona Virus did not just ‘come out of the blue’, despite what you may think. It was planned on many levels, not just by some nefarious evil elite, which is true relatively speaking, but only part of the story. The magnitude of events also says that we are moving into a highly significant junction in the history of humanity and the world, this is even on a universal scale it’s that big.

As the Hermetic saying goes, “As above, so below, as within, so without”. Meaning, whatever happens ‘below’, on Earth, is happening ‘above’ in space, and whatever occurs ‘without’ (outside of us), is also happening ‘within’ us. In fact all the 7 Hermetic principles are in significant play at present, being the principle laws of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, Rhythm, polarity, cause and effect and Gender.

We are at the centre of a universal clock

It’s like all the laws are synchronising, just as the individual cogs of a watch create a special ‘synchronisation’ in order to strike 12 noon, or midnight. And indeed our solar system and heavens is like the centre of a giant cosmic clock, and we are moving into a special ‘time in space’, where the constellations and stars are like the various numbers or energy quadrants of this universal circle. We are entering a new era or epoch, and with that comes various portents and signs that precedes it, as has been recorded throughout history with other significant Earth and humanity changes.

Polarisation and opposites are laws of our Earth to ensure we grow

You will notice an interesting theme that runs through all 7 Hermetic principles, they all exhibit a certain degree of polarisation, and/or reflection as follows:-

  • Mentalism – we have a ‘mind’, in the ‘mind of the all’
  • Correspondence – above and below, inside and outside
  • Vibration – high and low
  • Rhythm - ebb and flow
  • Cause and effect – action vs reaction
  • Polarity – Self evident in the law itself, high degree/low degree, left and right, hot n cold, etc
  • Gender – masculine energy vs feminine energy, positive and negative, electrical and magnetic

The reason why I illustrate this, is to show how polarity, opposites and polarisation is literally inbuilt into our genetic make up, as I said, the purpose of pain and suffering is to help us grow, so what’s the lesson and positive pole to this current crisis? There must be one, as it is inscribed into our natural and universal laws. This is the reason why I am using them as a key pillar of my core teachings.

Good Questions lead to good answers

What are the real underlying reasons why we are going through these events on Earth? What are the real causes, and what are the lessons we most need to learn, in order to come out the other side with an expanded, more conscious world? (Or some of you might be thinking, to even come out with a world that exists at all!)

To me, the answers are found within the earlier points we touched on, namely energetics, environment, metaphysics, spirituality, as well as off planet life forms, the ‘life Vs death issue’ and even in science. Also, our history gives many clues, due to these events either being foretold, or because of similar events that have hit Earth. On the grand scale of time, humanity is reaching a nexus point for its next evolutionary leap in consciousness.

My synopsis is that the details and answers to my questions, will vary widely, however many people will fall into similar groups, depending on their level of education, understanding and imagination. No one is going to be absolutely right, or wrong, because each ones experience is their own journey, however my prediction is that our understanding of ‘energy’ and who we are is going to greatly change as an outcome from the next 6 months to 6 years. Why not take time to question yourself?

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form

There is likely to be a significant solar or cosmic event coming to Earth, that will catch the attention of all 7.5 billion people on the planet, and no one can say it’s just a ‘conspiracy theory!’ However I also think that this event will be intricately coupled with some tremendous positive changes on EVERY LEVEL, that many people are not expecting or seeing as an option.

Energy can never be destroyed, it can only be changed into another form. Darkness and dark energy, can be transmuted into light, fear can be transmuted into courage, hate can be transmuted into love….as the law of polarity dictates, wherever there is darkness, or despair, so there must be Light and joy.

Reconciliation is within reach – Light always follows darkness

We are not seeing much joy on the planet right now, I realise there is much pain and suffering, or at the very least, some discomfort and uncertainty, but please know that the coming few months and years, this will be reconciled and understood, on some or many levels. The light must follow the darkness, as surely as the sun rises on the east every single morning.

So in conclusion, you may feel some pain or be suffering right now, however it is always darkest just before dawn, and a new dawn is definitely rising upon Earth as we reach the true age of Aquarius and the completion of another loop around our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Try and stop feeling ‘small’ in stature, and start opening your mind to the great wonders that are above us, inside us and all around us, while at the same time remember that the it’s the ego with its trivial wants, that are really not that important in the bigger picture now unfolding. may feel some pain or be suffering right now, however it is always darkest just before dawn, and a new dawn is definitely rising upon Earth

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

2 comments on “Transmute suffering in yourself and be a part of the greatest period on Earth in its history!”

  1. In my struggles and persistent quest for truth I find the answers in your writing and recently discovered fb a deeply loved friend I havnt seen for a long time...I feel comfort, hope and replenished enthusiasm...much love and gratitude Tony...thank you

  2. Hi Rachel

    I greatly appreciate your comments! Responses like that is what sours me in to keep writing,,,thank you so much and welcome to EarthStar Freedom!

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