July 3, 2020

Who is Billy te Kahika?

By: Tony Knight

New Zealand Public Party – Media / Enews & Social Media Release

For immediate release

Kia ora good people.

Are you tired of governments tampering with and passing bills that infringe on our freedoms without your consent?

Perhaps you’re not buying the orchestrated breakdown of our economy (particularly focused at small-medium businesses) via the Covid-19 “plandemic”?

Maybe you feel like the old New Zealand we love and cherish is disappearing right in front of you and you have no control and wonder, what does the future hold for your whanau?

Looking for a solution? Looking for hope? Look no further…

Billy Te Kahika

Formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and communist style tyranny being enforced upon the people of Aotearoa by the current coalition government, The New Zealand Public Party goes beyond any traditional party we’ve ever encountered.

Billy began his journey into what is “really” going on about two decades ago; he began utilising his skills as a trained researcher, studied geopolitics intensively, and uncovered corruption on a massive scale. Find out more: https://www.nzpublicparty.org.nz/videos. After much reflection, Billy couldn’t sit by and watch any longer and began posting his findings on social media. People started to notice, he gained traction from concerned Kiwi’s feeling much the same way. This quickly became a movement and The New Zealand Public Party was formed.

A true Freedom and Democracy movement means: It’s time to take back New Zealand for the People.

That’s exactly what we will achieve together, without divide, without distraction. 

“People understand that I am not a politician, I am an ordinary Kiwi who cares about our future and could not sit quiet or idle watching the destruction of our beautiful country. I am very honoured to be put here by all of you at the front of your movement, our movement.”

Billy Te Kahika

This message is more significant than the traditional view of a political party; we’re in a completely different playing field and must act now to save our beautiful country and her people. We have engaged in talks with all minor parties and are open to working together towards a common goal.

There is no time for fragmented votes across many smaller parties, we need to come together to help New Zealand.

We have also established an advisory board to include all political interests.
It’s time for change. It’s time for unity.

What we stand for (an overview)

(For more depth please see https://www.nzpublicparty.org.nz/what-we-stand-for):

  • We Will Rebuild New Zealand Back Into a Democracy
    • Re-Write the Government Constitution
    • Write a People's Constitution
    • Write a real Bill of Rights
  • We Will Restore Government Integrity
  • We Will Ensure that Public Health and Safety is a Prime Mandate
  • Healthcare Will Be Restored to Prevention Instead of Drug Profits
  • Mandatory Vaccination is a Violation of Human Rights
  • Discrimination Based on 'Vaccine Compliance' is a Violation of Rights
  • We Will Ensure that Actual Environmental Protection is Achieved
  • Repairing the Economy and Business
  • We Will Provide Assurances that Investment into New Zealand and by New Zealand are Transparent and Adhere to Ethical Guidelines
  • We Will Remove Any and Rescind All United Nations (UN) Agendas and Agreements from New Zealand Government and Society
  • The Recognised Founding Documents of New Zealand Will Have Their Place in the New People's Constitution
  • ….and much more.

It’s time for change. It’s time to reclaim our freedom and democracy.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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