June 23, 2020

The power of questioning for truth & freedom

By: Tony Knight

It may seem too simple for some, but asking good questions is actually a highly underrated manifestation technology that we can use to help guide, direct and create a life of freedom and purpose. Different questions create different results. Also there are three main types of questions, open ended, closed and yes/no questions. The main types of questions we are interested in, are open ended questions. There is a very important aspect to our mind, in that when we sincerely ask a question, with feeling and good intentions, our mind will automatically begin to seek out its answer.

Good questions are like seeds

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer. Poor questions lead to poor results and answers, such as lamenting questions, i.e. “Why am I so cursed in life?”. This is not a good type of question, because we are essentially saying you are cursed. A better question is “why do these things keep happening to me, and what can I do now to change this pattern?”

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer.

Types of questions

There are 6 main categories of questions; who, why, what, where, when and how. Questions are applicable to any aspect of life, in business, personal relationships, personal development, a specific project, problem solving, direction, discovering your needs and much more.

WHO - I start with a who question, because it is prime question many of us don’t bother to ask. The who question is best to start with ourselves, because we are the common denominator in our life! This question uncovers our true POWER. Everything we do, involves us! And to the degree that we are clear on who we are, who we need to best align with, and who we need to be to others, or to get things done, the better off we are. Simply starting the process by asking, “WHO AM I?”, could yield some surprising answers! Not many of us stop to ask who we are, because we are not taught this in our western culture, and because the real you is buried under many layers of cultural conditioning, this makes repeatedly asking this question such a a great first up question! Who are you, really? Hand writing the question, and the answers, is a powerful way to engage the whole body in the process, and take time to think deeply while doing it. Who is related to all prime elements, but particularly FIRE, setting values and the right brain.

WHY – Another very powerful question, particularly Why am I here on Earth? Because this question is essentially aimed at uncovering your prime PURPOSE in life. To me we also have various sub- purposes, which are important as we move through our life. There is our main purpose in our business or work arena, a purpose to connect with people, a purpose in our relationships, a purpose to our family, communications, and other key areas of life. We may have a purpose to earn a certain amount of money, so that we can buy a house or save for a holiday. If we attach everything we do with a purpose, then we will have a very purposeful life. Many people say that they don’t know what their purpose is, I think mainly because they see it only as a lofty, spiritual pursuit and therefore give up on discovering it. Life is a journey, not a destination, and our prime purpose may well change multiple times! This is because we are getting to know who we are, and we are constantly growing and knowing more who we are, therefore our goals and desires change. Why is related to ETHER.

WHAT – the what question in its higher form is all about our VISION. What do we really want in life? What do we want to create? What do we want to see in our life, in a certain time frame? What is also very much concerned with our mind and logical thinking. What do I need to do now to achieve my goals? What is going on here? What is the best course of action, it really is a directing question concerning with action, as well as ‘attaining’ something. Also it involves using your sense of sight, it’s empowered by being able to envision yourself achieving your outcome. What is related to the AIR element and intention of mind.

WHERE – This question is also another directional question and is related to our spatial qualities. Where are we going? Where is situational, and is very important when setting goals and habits, because we need to be in comfortable, familiar surroundings in order to remember habitually. Where also has a higher more abstract meaning, regarding, where are we in space, where is the planet Earth and our solar system in relation to the galaxy and universe?. When meditating we often get a feeling of where we are, is everywhere! This type of thinking can help us expand our horizons and lift us out of the mundane earthly aspects of life. Where is about the big picture and our journey along the way in life.

WHEN – This question is very important when conducting business, setting time frames, dates, appointments and timing in general. We need to know when and where we are in time. ‘Clock time’ on Earth is actually an illusion, yet we are so dependant in time, so it’s a paradox. By understanding time as cycles, this can assist us in developing a good sense of time. Time flows fast when you are absorbed and busy in what you enjoy and can appear to drag when you are bored and disliking what you are doing. And like the abstract where in space am I, we could ask when in space am I? When you like at time on the larger scale, as cycles of daylight and night, (day) moon cycles (month) equinoxes and solstices (solar cycles), then we can get a different perspective in what time really is. The trick is to use our left brain to manage our calendar and our right brain to manage our journey through the seasons of time and our journey in life. There a reason, a season and a lifetime for everything. This question strongly relates to WATER, so time flows, so does water.

HOW – This question is all important for implementing your plans and goals. The how is concerned with the details, the planning, the strategy and tactics for whatever you are intending and attending to. Once we know who we are, why we are here, what we want, where and when we are, we need the ‘how’ to ground everything, so you can take the required action, according to the plan. Nothing happens without taking action, and without a good plan and how, no positive right action can occur.
This relates to the EARTH element.

Freedom, truth and responsibility must all be TAKEN.

With the times that we are now living in, it is vital that we start questioning what’s happening, because otherwise we will be allowing others to dictate our freedoms. Responsibility is a key value, which comes from who you are being. We must take responsibility now, it cannot be given. Same with knowledge or truth, it is not given readily, we must take the action to know ourselves and our world, ask all the appropriate questions and take action, if we want to have a world worth living for ourselves and our children. This is not a time to be ignorant and idle! Freedom also must be seized, and the best way to start on the journey to true freedom, is to know who you are, why you are here, what you need to do and how.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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