June 20, 2020

The EarthStar Freed-back loop

By: Tony Knight

One of the amazing attributes humans have, is what’s known as a bio feedback loop. Also described as cue, craving, response and reward in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. This is a closed loop system where intentions and thoughts get empowered by emotions, leading to our response, which create certain outcomes, which then creates a new cycle.

Nature is in constant cycles

We see this looping system being played out everywhere in nature, on the micro and macro level. For example, the water cycle, where water vapour rises from trees, goes up to form clouds and comes down as rain, or the CO2/oxygen cycle where trees take in the CO2, which helps them grow and then they expire Oxygen for us humans and animals to breath, while we then breath out the CO2 for the cycle to start all over again. Another couple of prime examples from nature include the yearly cycle of our seasons and the growth cycle, from seed, nurture, growth and harvest. This cycling of energy is everywhere, yet we often don’t notice or are aware of it.

Trees are a great metaphor

With the EarthStar freedback loop, it’s a conscious way we can harness energy and the natural law of rhythm, to create habits, new behaviours, attitudes and actions that are productive, easy and ultimately freeing. The great thing about this system is that it can assist us in becoming the person we want to be, and create the visions we hold most dear, by aligning our every day actions and routines to our larger purpose and goals.

A tree only grows by virtue of its root system, it doesn’t get to be a tree without following this cycle, just as humans don’t get to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, without attention to the tiny, grounded habitual things we do every day, such as hygiene, sleep, planning, imagining, exercise, eating habits, meditation, communication and all the other things that make a foundation for a healthy and wealthy life.

As per the attached diagram, here is an overview of the cycle.

Signal – this is the cue for us to make a change, it is the cause that helps us to change by creating healthy habits. The signal in the EarthStar model could be an intention, thought, question or nature itself. A basic physical/emotional need, such as hunger or loneliness is also a basic signal to change & seek reward. The signal comes from the context, or our environment, either at work, home or outside.

Desire - For the signal to be clearly known, we need a motivating factor, so we can utilise nature as a means to activate us, such as going outside for a walk, sitting under a tree, looking out over the ocean, looking into a fire etc, or by being with nature, it activates us to follow through on our earlier intention of attaining our ‘reward’. Nature is a great universal way to act as a trigger to satisfy our desires, because it is a mirror of who we are and how we operate when in the flow. Nature assists us to raise our energy without any thought how, and by understanding natural laws they can give us a real strong desire to change our fundamental beliefs on who we are and what are true goals and visions are for life. This stage is where we get emotionally involved and requires our attention.

Action – nothing moves until we act, so we need to raise the desire to such a level that we act on it. Repetition is the mother of all invention. This is the growth stage of the cycle in a larger context. It is at this stage that we need to intend to take responsibility for ourselves, which in this case is our ability to respond to our emotional and mental desires by taking the action we need to fulfil our habit process. This stage also requires our passion and will power.

Harvest – this is the return on our energy invested previously in the cycle. This is our reward for our previous efforts, or you could say the effect from our intended cause. The law of cause and effect is powerfully at work in this system of freeing ourselves from bad habits and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Just like the analogy of gardening, we go from seed, to nurturing growth with water and nutrients, to the eventual harvest of the fruit or vegetables.

Nature can assist us in habit making, be the habit and the reward all in one!
Nature plays a part in helping you achieve our goals through habits, and it can be implemented at each stage, helping us with our intention, attention, actions and integrated as the reward. Another words, nature can be used to create new habits, it can be the habit, and the reward in itself!

Implementing these concepts take some time and work, however they will assist you in every single area of your life, as well as supporting you in your direction and purpose in life. There are many ways to integrate and apply nature in the habit making process apart from just being in nature, we can visualise nature and the different elements to help in specific areas of life, we can learn the natural laws or how nature works and this will give you great insight into how our human system works. I call this natural intelligence and our physical intelligence (PQ) also plays a large part in this process because we are physical beings, subject to physical laws of 3D.

Free up energy in the unconscious habit process

The reason why practicing these habit forming patterns using nature is so important, is because we use up a great deal of energy when we are living our life chaotically, as we are always in flight or fight and reacting to life, rather than responding unconsciously. What I mean by this is when you create good habits, and aligned mentally and emotionally, they will become automatic, which means your life will run with a great deal more ease, grace and flow.

Currently our unconscious mind runs the autonomous aspects of our body, such as breathing, heart beat, nerve impulses, creating new cells, even our thinking, therefore it makes sense to create automatic habits that effortlessly serve, rather than detract us from our goals.

Questioning is a great mind technology

A great way to help this process as a conscious signal to a habit, is by questioning. When we question ourselves in sincerity, this sets up our brain to seek out answers. The better the questions the better the answers, and the inevitable harvest. The 6 prime questions as who, why, what, when, where and how. When it comes to setting healthy habits, these are the building blocks on which we create our goals and purpose in life, and if we ask the right questions, at the right time and context, we can greatly accelerate our progress. In the interests of creating our actualised life, ‘who’ is who we truly are; ‘why’ is our big purpose, ‘what’ is our vision or goals, ‘when’ is our timing, ‘where’ is our location in space and ‘how’ is our mission and how on Earth we plan to carry out our purpose and find out who we are.

When and where are keys to good habits

Also when it comes to creating healthy habit forming patterns, ‘where and when’ are very important questions to know the answer to. This is because the brain likes to be in familiar places at regular times when we carry out our habit. For example exercising, or meditating in your favourite room, at the same time each day. Also in the EarthStar Freedback loop system, going into your favourite natural spot at the same time on a regular basis, is a great way to energise yourself or in which to carry out your habit, whether that’s walking, writing, meditating, observing, gardening etc. We are highly visual beings, we all need to be in a place that feels good and gives us energy.

Living in freedom is your natural state of being

Living in freedom is the ultimate goal and purpose for all beings at some level, even if they don’t yet consciously know it, because freedom is our natural state of being, however for many we have lost touch with what that actually is or feels like. So it’s self evident, that using nature as a mirror, is the best way for us to align with our natural reality of freedom.

Living in freedom is the ultimate goal and purpose for all beings at some level, even if they don’t yet consciously know it, because freedom is our natural state of being

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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