May 14, 2020

The natural elements of Earth are THE keys to world freedom, prosperity and unity.

By: Tony Knight

This is an initial document on my vision for creating a New Earth template based on freedom for all. I am creating a blueprint for a better, more inclusive world, how and what we can create, and why, through a document I am creating called the ‘HuManifesto’.

When all the natural elements, and the services that stem from them are unable to be monetised and are collectively run and owned by the people, then this will immediately stop people profiting at the expense of the masses. This includes land ownership and the trading thereof, electricity or power generation (which there are many patents for ‘free’ energy now), water ownership or private commandeering by the corporations. This mandate includes stopping the constant contamination of our natural elements of life, such as Chem trails and aerial spraying, (blocking the sun) glycosphate spraying of our food, flouride in our water, harmful 60 Giga Hetz 5G being emitted into our air and a formulation for a new financial and economic system.

It is bad enough that many nefarious, harmful things are going on, but to make matters worse we the people have no say on what’s going on, there is no proper testing of new tech, no inclusion for the people on what the authorities are doing. Therefore our rights are being bypassed, the media support the authorities not the people, so this creates confusion, misinformation and the conspiracy theorist stigma to those that question. We have a God given right to question our authorities when there is more than enough evidence to warrant this!

Money = Currency/Transactional Energy

Until we figure out a non money system, we see the need for a new asset backed currency not owned by any private or public organisation, or any Government. Banking will be purely CO-OPs, everyone is invested in the transactional system and means of exchange. The private printing and distribution of money via central banks and Reserve banks, with the legal system which protects them, is the single biggest enslavement tool in the material world. This system is also why we are taxed so heavily. More than half of all taxes is shipped offshore to the same people who own the banks.

Earth = Land

Everyone has the God given right to live on their own land, free of any mortgage or claim. To be grounded in your place on Earth is a huge gift for foundation living. Land has real intrinsic value, as it creates a proper Earth base from which people can live happily. Mortgages are created by the click of a mouse, and banks make huge profits from this as they are literally creating money out of thin air. Money is happy when it is shared around and produced through hard work and creativity, not by ‘financialisation’, which is how the elites create much of their money. This keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Water = Flow of Life

How can anyone own the rain and water, or profit from it!? That’s ridiculous! Also drinking water should be supplied free and free of any containment’s, fluoride, chlorine, lead etc. water is elemental to good health and wellbeing. There needs to be an independent organisation, set up by the people which monitors and distributes water. People can pay a small fee to ensure the infrastructure is maintained properly.

Fire = Electricity/Power/Energy

Power, heating, lighting these are also elemental gifts of nature that should not be owned by anyone! We are firmly convinced that all services like this can be maintained, like water with a small tax on use, nothing like what we currently pay!. We have a gross distortion because energy companies demand higher and higher profits, again at the expense of the people. Nikola Teslas ‘Free energy’ ideas will be explored and developed. The patents are already there and this technology is in fact already being used by the elites in their underground facilities, secret space program and other secret projects, which are paid for by tax payer money.

Air = All Airspace/Atmosphere/Outer Space

It is ridiculous that all these aeronautical organisations, most of which we know nothing about, are ruling the skies and space and placing satellites at pace out in orbit around Earth. The people need a say in this and much more regards the airforce, commercial & private air flights, weather measurements, atmospheric tests and banning Chem trails. The dropping of chemicals in the air and lower atmosphere has been going on since the last world war. It was initially used for cloud seeding and seemingly genuine purposes, but now it has going to a whole new level.

Health & Food

This portfolio is highly important, after air and water, food is essential to fundamental life. The HuManifesto will focus on a holistic approach, using natural and alternative medicines as well as the best of allopathic medicine because it has good uses in trauma cases, broken bones and other areas mainly related to accidents. There will be many areas addressed in a highly preventative mindset and methodology, including mental, spiritual and emotional healing. Using nature is a great way for utilising prevention therapies, including many scientifically accredited types of body work, herbal healing and many other ancient & ancestral healing methods from the indigenous Maori peoples. All pharmaceutical medicine originally came from nature, and patents can only be approved when nature’s signatures are altered in a laboratory.

Vaccines will be highly limited to a few necessary ones, and the formulas and ingredients redesigned and opened to public knowledge. Everything will be a choice, in fact freedom comes from having choices, and is based on free will, however until we are getting the accurate information and truth, as opposed to the distorted facts or even outright lies, fuelled by a complicit media. We often don’t know what we are choosing, and we may well be calling for something that does not serve us. This is where knowledge becomes power.

Also EarthStar has its own exercise routine and system based on the dimensional planes of creation, vertical, horizontal, side to side, front & back and diagonal lines. This ensures we bend and move using every part of the body.


This area is important to us agents of freedom because it is so critical to health and your optimum energy. We will be going fully organic, bio dynamic, all synthetic chemicals will be banned period! We will go back to natural ways, bio dynamics, making compost, planting by the moon, solar cycle mapping, harvest tips, preparation, grounding.

NO GMOs! Let nature heal nature is one of our values. However we are open to science!! Quantum science. Knowledge is a key when applied.

The HuManifesto will also cover new ways of governance that ensure our natural human rights are honoured, a legal system based on common law, a new revised education system based in teaching people how to think, as we all as a quality curriculum based on ancient knowledge, natural sciences and true history.

Always a central tenet to our teachings and knowledge is nature is our guide, and the natural universal laws that govern all creation. We came out of, and into nature, so it’s a matter of rediscovering our natural and universal intelligences, much of what we have lost due to generations of lost knowledge on who we are, where we came from and our full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.

This is just a small start on what will likely be a massive, lifelong project! We welcome your input.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

One comment on “The natural elements of Earth are THE keys to world freedom, prosperity and unity.”

  1. OMG! What a brilliant mind. Know that so many people are ready to pitch in and help your HuManifesto project become reality… me included.

    I have a question for you Tony, is energy from a man made (in Philippines) apparatus healthy? I’m leery of products from strangers these days. Thanks!

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