May 19, 2020

Egyptian history and the Matrix - Part 1

By: Tony Knight

Going back to the 18th dynasty of Egyptian rule, through to about the 13th dynasty (about 1300 BC), was when the Hexos priests created the foundation for the current world matrix system. History is just the evolution of the legal and financial system.

Our matrix is created through two pillars, symbolised by the law of polarity. The line of the king on the left who rules the land and all assets via the “crown” and the line of the priest on the right who rules the legal system. In ancient days the priests always controlled the law and the money. The temples were the first banks.

Across the top of the two pillars is the arch, which symbolises the arch of the sky, through which the sun rises at the east pillar reaches zenith at summer solstice (sun stands still) and then sets, or kills the light at sunset. This is the most primal trinity of which all religion and life today is based upon.

The arch-way and pillars has many meanings that are literally infused into our collective memories. Each pillar represents the 4 elements of which the world is made. The over arching creator of this symbolic and literal image is Anu. The sky god (little g, because he is not our one creator God).

In 1302 the Papal bull decreed that all land and souls on Earth are in fact “owned” by the church. This was the beginning of the final prime stage of our modern day matrix enslavement system, and this is what is collapsing now. Hence the drama that is unfolding now.

In 1302 the Papal bull decreed that all land and souls on Earth are in fact “owned” by the church.

There is so much that could be exposed about this it could take days and days of teaching to unravel it all.

I will continue to expose the bigger picture system and why tinkering with what we have is absolutely useless in humanity being free. We need the momentum of the current chaos to level the system matrix to the ground! No patching is ever going to give us our natural born sovereignty until we break the magic spell that has been cast over us. This includes the fact that our mothers unknowingly signed us away to the state at birth!

The law has so many layers, we can’t fight it abd hope to win. When we understand NATURAL LAW then we can understand man made law is a crock of shit designed to run on ARTIFICIAL intelligence. (I use the word “intelligence” here very loosely because it is actually death cult based.

Know natural law, know your natural born self, peel back the layers of your conditioning and don’t stop the journey until you know you are home, within your true Self, ONE with all in energy and nature.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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