May 29, 2020

The Law of Polarity & understanding polarisation

By: Tony Knight

The problem and fear

Right now all across the world, there is a great deal of fear and uncertainty exploding around the world. For those that are looking, there is a lot of information coming out about the plans for mandatory vaccines, 5 Gee networks being installed at a rapid pace, a lot of confusion around the Corona Virus and what it is, how it started, how it spreads, what to do it about it and the roles the WHO (World Health Organisation) and Bill Gates are playing in this scenario. Many countries and states around USA are still in complete lockdown, and others like NZ are slowly opening up.

Unfortunately, the economies in most countries are looking decidedly shaky with much more to come. Then there’s issues with our health, that are reported to be ongoing due to the ‘next wave’ of infections, on top of misunderstandings and confusion around wearing a mask, social distancing and other measures to protect oneself that are often not naturally sensible.

The antidote to fear is truth

It is in situations like this, where knowledge and the truth can bring some empowerment and help to ease the immediate concerns around this unfolding world drama. Knowledge and truth can ultimately set you free, when that knowledge is applied and implemented into your life, such that it directs you to change your thinking, feelings and habits into new patterns of behaviour, attitude and positive actions.

Fear is usually coming from the unknown, peoples fear rises as uncertainty and lack of clarity on something arises. The antidote to fear is truth, and knowledge brings the ultimate immunity, because instead of just the unknown, with knowledge you have something to work with that is positive.

The media is mind control

Knowing the problem and understanding why this is going on helps, because then you get to see your part or role in the bigger picture, the world today is a continuation of a much larger history. There is always the ground zero aspect and the sky view. When you only see what’s right in front of you, normally blasted out via mainstream media, TV, radio and social media, then without understanding you will react to the barrage of mostly negative news.

Our brains are an ‘entrainment’ apparatus, designed to take in the news as literal, when in fact most of it is just fearful noise, propaganda and false narratives painting a negative picture. The movies today are also portraying fearful messages and scenarios, and in fact many past movies contain scenes related to what’s happening now! Our mainstream news makes money in fear and propaganda not positive uplifting news. Media likes to portray possibilities as a done deal FACT. This is literally just mind programming.

Our brains are an ‘entrainment’ apparatus, designed to take in the news as literal, when in fact most of it is just fearful noise, propaganda and false narratives painting a negative picture.

Knowledge and truth is multi-faceted

When it comes to knowledge and truth, there are a number of different aspects and levels to consider. Knowledge needs to be focused on a few elements in order to be truly empowering. This consists of knowledge of you, WHO you are, knowledge of the world events, WHAT is going on, knowledge of how we got to this point in time, WHY this is happening & some history, and knowledge of HOW and WHAT we can do about this.

Also for the true seeker, they also are on a journey of discovering the fundamental truths, what I call the natural sciences, in order to understand WHERE and WHEN we are in the universe, how everything is energy, created from energy, how it all relates to our nature and who we are. When you get to see how it all fits together, then your levels of empowerment grow exponentially, because you are tapping into the normally unused aspects of your brain and higher Self.

Science & spirituality, the natural laws & polarity principle

In our EarthStar teachings, we have been able to go back in time and research the natural laws or principles, discover what they are, why they are so powerful when understood, and we are understanding how to apply them to our life through practise. These are called laws, because they are immutable, unchangeable and speak of the foundation of our existence.

They are in fact true science, which simply explains the truth of how humanity and the universe were created and how to operate in this world. The seven established sciences are based on nature; chemistry, biology, physics, geology, astronomy and ecology. Everything that has been created, or is in process of being created, is doing so according to a certain set of natural laws and codes.

And further more, spirituality at its deepest level of understanding is now showing that these two are actually saying the same thing, just in different language, terminology and context. Spirituality says, Everything is energy and everything is connected. Science is now saying the same thing, arrived at via a different route. The breakthrough in science came within the physics arena, when the Quantum field theory was posited.

One of the Seven ancient natural principles, or Hermetic laws, named after Hermes the Greek Scribe and alchemist, is the LAW OF POLARITY, which says…

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree’ extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”


Everything has its polar opposites. We live in a world of Dualism. There is hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil, etc. We cannot have one without the other. However, what appears as dualism is but unity in disguise. If we look at a thermometer, when does hot start and cold begin? They are both of the same quality but in different degree. The key to understanding the laws, is in our mind, though critical thinking and open observation.

Realising polarisation

So we can apply this teaching to our current world, and by doing so, we can see that we are in a “polarised world”. Another words the law of polarity is not in balance, this is a self evident truth. Clearly the world is not in balance, otherwise we wouldn’t be having so many problems, however by knowing the laws of our world reality, of which polarity is one, we can see why it is imbalanced and how we can use this law to start the process of rebalancing, starting with ourselves!

What’s amazing to me, is even though there is so much confusion and unrest, so many people still see this as somehow “normal”, which explains nothing….what is normal? Now there is a meme doing the rounds saying “we are in a new normal!” These are phrases which lull us into a false sense of security, which is in fact entrapment called the Hegelian Dialectic. While we are accepting our new ‘normal’, there is a great deal of things going on at a deeper level, which few people are looking at or questioning.

Politics and solutions for balance

The other side of this coin of course is that these issues are driving many people to now start looking and questioning, this is the law of polarity at work. If a pendulum swings one way, say to the left, then it must at some stage swing back to the other side. Polarity in the context of this article, is showing up particularly strongly in our political scene, and this brings me back to where I started.

The worlds problems are keenly showing up in our politics and Governments around the world. In almost every county, we have political parties dubbed “left” and “right” and various degrees in extremes and inbetween, this is how polarity manifests, when people label themselves, or others, as left wing or right wing. In fact no major political party is independent, that are all controlled by globalist interests, each country is in fact a bankrupt corporation connected to the Royal Crown! That’s a topic for another day!

As people identify themselves with a particular political “pole”, then they often have to defend, or promote their stance, to counter the “opposition” of the other side. We do this right throughout all areas of our lives, we have polarising labels for the divides in our world. As the law states, all truths are but half truths, meaning that we do indeed have a left and right, or up and down etc, we do live in a polar world, however the polarisation can be overcome by some critical thinking, right actions, feelings and understanding.

As people identify themselves with a particular political “pole”, then they often have to defend, or promote their stance, to counter the “opposition” of the other side.

Ultimately, polarisation is an illusion, because at our core level, we are ONE when we look at science and spirituality this is the ultimate reality of existence. Said another way, when you understand we are all energy, connected to the same quantum field that permeates all the universes, when you break down our physical matter to such a degree, you will see that we are not matter at all, just pure energy.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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