September 22, 2020

Moving LIFE, from ego-system to ECO-system

By: Tony Knight

In this particular time on Earth, with great changes and uncertainty swirling around us, I contend that we are being called to step up, and move from our ego of personal wants and desires, to a more expanded reality of inclusiveness, and creating self sustaining eco-systems that benefit the greater whole.

Our education system does not provide us with teachings of self-awareness

From the time we are born, we are immediately taught and conditioned into the ways of the physical material word as the only ‘reality’ worth knowing. We are taught by an education system that ‘bigger, faster and more competitiveness’ is the way to success, truth and happiness. We must fight to get what we want, because it’s a dog eat dog world, only the strong will survive.

We are also heavily indoctrinated in the material sciences, religion, (or anti God), that consumerism, and greed is good. We have well-meaning teachers, in school and universities, who are unwittingly passing on relatively useless information, because very little actually is useful for a conscious life, creation and knowing your real Self.

We must conform, otherwise we look abnormal

As we grow up and enter the ‘work force’, which does accurately describe what work is these days, we must conform, we must be like parrots of the mainstream narrative in order to keep our job, look ‘normal’ and supposedly be happy with this. Along with this, we are constantly reinforcing our ego-self, which essentially is that aspect of ourselves that is concerned with physical needs, material wants, vanity, self image, survival, self deprecation and other self destructive emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, we need the ego-self, it has a function, we are are not here to destroy the ego entirely.

Don’t fight your ego, or anything; observe and integrate

Remember, anything we have to ‘fight’ is going to persist with more of what we don’t want. The ego is needed for ensuring our basic needs are met, for maintaining our physical body and material needs. We can have a healthy ego, as long as it is in balance and properly integrated with our soul, mind, heart and life.

As we grow into life, we must feel worthy, have appreciation for our personal gifts and strengths, eat right, take care of our temple physical body, have a good circle of friends and be connected to the physical realm, without being attached to our own perceived self of importance, or no importance. We are all gifts of the divine.

We need a healthy balanced ego, brings physical mental and emotional well being

A healthy balanced ego, leads to a healthy body, which in turn leads to healthy emotions and thoughts, good communications of listening and sharing in positive relationships, and ultimately this leads to a healthy soulful life, with passion and a sense of purpose for something greater than yourself. You could say, the ego is our home base, it is ground zero, it is our personality.

A healthy balanced ego, leads to a healthy body, which in turn leads to healthy emotions and thoughts

We need to learn by our mistakes, many of which are ego related, through being loud, boastful, crass, cheating etc, to fearful, withdrawn, depressed, guilty, shame etc. All negative emotions (and some positive ones) have ego behind them, which is often related to attachment or unrealistic expectations.

Many of these are caused by our early conditioned upbringing, unhealthy family environment, education and circle of friends, which is then imprinted into our subconscious, only to continually resurface time and again as an ego drama with others. We will always be seeking, but never realising.

The big ego purge is now on, it’s time to awaken

Now the time has come where it seems like we are almost being pushed from all sides to move beyond our petty selfish wants and desires, to a ‘higher’ more expanded way of being and living, that is in keeping with service and assisting others.

For those who have done lots of work on themselves, may find this process a lot easier, however what we are going through is still challenging on many levels. For those people that feel permanently stuck, angry, constantly upset and fearful, this is a good thing, because your subconscious conditioned patterns are coming up for release.

The anger and fear is natural, it becomes unnatural and destructive when we cannot let go, when we are constantly rehashing negative scenarios over and over. Humans did not come into the world with a handbook on living, or a ready made instruction manual.

We need an upgrade of our soul operating system

The trick is to somehow move from looking outside, to the world or others to solve our problems, and find your energy within as a way to live our life. This takes a perceptional shift, in the way we look at ourself and the world. More information, content, money, material things, the latest craze is not going to solve any of your problems.

What is required is an upgrade in your operating system. The secret to transformation, is transmutation using our natural energy, then we can transcend our troubles and perceived problems. “We cannot solve any problems, at the level which they were created”. Albert Einstein.

“We cannot solve any problems, at the level which they were created”

Albert Einstein

We are all Light and sound energy at our core being

We are all natural energy beings of Light, another words we are created by a natural process of energy evolution, through electromagnetic Light and sound. If we are created and sustained by this energy, then we can harness and utilise the energy to recreate our life.

We are part of a natural eco-system, however many of us have forgotten this. When we look outside at nature, we are seeing an eco-system, with the microbes, minerals, soil, land, plants, trees, insects, animals, lakes, rivers, rain, oceans, air, wind, clouds, atmosphere, sun, heat, fire, sky, planets….Earth and stars.

You will notice that I have listed all the main visible, or felt aspects of our natural elements, in order from underground Earth to the space above.

Earth is a living energetic ECO system

Every prime Earth planet element, earth, water, air and fire are eco systems in their own right, they are the result of certain energetic alchemical processes, however when they are integrated together, they create a much greater whole, an energetic living eco system.

We humans are a key aspect of this eco-system, because we are made of the same elements, we are sustained by these elements for life, and we can use these elements, with our consciousness to further enhance our lives and environment.

The elements are doorways and windows into the subterranean energies, which we can tap into so that we can apply those elemental qualities to our life and others.

We humans are a key aspect of this eco-system, because we are made of the same elements

Learn Natural Intelligence, NI, for manifesting from within

If we go even deeper we can delve into the source codes for life, where we can develop what I call NI, Natural Intelligence. In reverse it’s IN. The source codes are found in numbers, letters, words, phrases, geometry, music, sound, light, frequency, astrology, Astro theology, our heart, soul and our DNA.

NI is having the know-how to harness our natural energy from within, using nature, natural models, laws, metaphors and implementing them to our physical life. So instead of living from the outside in, we are living from the inside out.

Instead of trying to make ourselves happy and content purely by adding more “things” to our life, we are utilising the energy that is our inner source and effecting our outside environment without ‘trying’. We are vertically, and horizontally, integrating our life. Hence the Cross, +.

So instead of living from the outside in, we are living from the inside out.

Get online with nature and her lores

We can learn who we are, as an ‘energy soul being’ and as we do that, our human life automatically comes ‘online’ with the natural energy that is infinite and eternal. I call this living from cause, rather than effect. It is living from our source not the outer surface, however the great thing is you can radically alter your material life for the better when we live this way.

To be able to live from source means your higher mind, soul and heart is front and centre in your life, and this means you have dissolved your main ego programs, and replaced them with new conscious programs or energy encodings that benefit you and the greater whole. You are the master of your lower desires and personality rather then being controlled by the ego.

Without Natural Intelligence, we will get artificial stupidity

Artificial intelligence, or any technology, when developed without natural intelligence present, will create an artificial stupidity, that will greatly endanger our existence. This was the road we were going down, until the last few years, where we now have good people working for the betterment of humanity, however the more, the merrier!

When we work with good intentions from within, to help and assist humanity without, we will be given all the energy and resources we need to make these intentions fruitful. Our presence on Earth at this time in our pivotal history, is no accident, we are here to usher in a new social, magnetic heart eco system, comprising of a quantum based eco-nomy.

A true economy for all people is within our reach now, and it is all based on conscious energy, quantum science applied to power, finance and health generation, with understanding and knowledge of our soul and spirit as who we are, and the creators of this ecological, eco-system of natural awareness.

If you wish to be part of a new, abundant, freedom based quantum eco-system, to assist yourself, family and humanity, an absolute triple win, then please feel free to contact me here or via private message. Come and be part of the New Economic Evolution of the World!

When we work with good intentions from within, to help and assist humanity without, we will be given all the energy and resources we need to make these intentions fruitful.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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