September 14, 2020

How do you find your purpose and how is it related to the 5 elements of nature?

By: Tony Knight

Purpose starts with knowing and understanding yourself

For many, purpose is something that few people understand, or it’s related to some lofty, ‘spiritual’ type of endeavour that we can only discover if we become like a monk or spiritual adept. This is a common misperception, there are many aspects or levels of purpose that are interwoven into our practical everyday lives, as well as our spiritual aspirations.

Some people are aware of their ultimate purpose, which is likely to have a strong spiritual, or altruistic aspect, however like any journey, we need to start from where we are now, and as we grow and progress, our purpose is likely to change. This is because we don’t know ourselves and who we are, and as we let go of the many layers of conditioning and illusionary veils, we get closer to understanding what our real purpose(s) are, and I use plural intentionally here. There is an ultimate purpose, however, we need to focus on the immediate ‘NOW’ and the stepping stones, in order to get there.

Use the prime elements of nature to create foundation

I contend there are 4 key elements we need to focus upon, which forms the foundation for which we can leverage off into our real spiritual purpose. Each element corresponds to the 4 prime elements of our planetary creation, earth, air, fire, water, with the 5th element ether, being our ultimate spiritual goal. These elements represent different value qualities, or frequencies of life, and when they are integrated and balanced into our life as a greater whole, then our real purpose can emerge.

It’s important that we feel comfortable and secure with our work, family, home situation, communication, a balance of thought with feeling, developing our values and hearts desires and general self worth with some positive direction. These elements can help guide and teach us where we are strong, and where we are weak.

Implementation requires certain actions and realisations.

To implement and apply these elements, requires a few basic things we can develop as habits in order to make them automatic. These are feeling, imagining, drawing, writing, speaking, listening, observing, stilling the mind and of course thinking or intending the desired want, need or goal.

It helps to know a little about yourself to make this process easier, such as what are your strengths, and weaknesses, are we a naturally grounded, stable, structured person who loves a bit of solitude and quiet, or are you a social butterfly, who loves to get out and about meeting people, creating new things and generally being action focused?

The EarthStar elemental models are a great way to learn and apply

I use the 5 elements as a central model to everything i write and speak about, because these elements make up our human, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. We are what we think, feel, eat and imagine with passion. Life is made up of many parts, however those parts can be broken down into 5 main components, to make life far more simple in implementing and applying our life. So when it comes to purpose, we can have an intended focus for each element, as follows:-

Earth = connection to land, garden, physical health, practical material pursuits, structure (in business or home life)….grounded structure purpose

Water = ability to let go, go with the flow, balance emotions, develop feelings, devotion, meaningful relationships….emotional balance purpose

Air = ability to reason, critical thinking, academic pursuits, research ability, understanding mathematics, geometry and spatial, directional abilities….open mind purpose

Fire = passion, soul health, connection with other like minds, heart felt communication, charity and other altruistic pursuits that assist humanity… engagement purpose

Ether = spirituality in action, understanding the nature of reality….integration of spiritual purpose.

Purpose is knowing your WHYS

Purpose is our WHY, when you truly know why you are doing something, and it’s bigger than yourself, it natural makes you s-t-r-e-t-c -h to obtain it, because you are fuelling yourself from within, with an inexhaustible energy that comes via our heart and spirit. Purpose and manifesting your ideal life and inter twined, because obtaining your purpose will bring you the most happiness, and you will always be protected, and guided, as you act upon it.

Taking action and applying yourself is the key to making it happen. Action comes from a sense of knowing that what you are doing is for the greater good, as well as your immediate needs, and it springs from your feelings much more so that your thoughts.

Right action follows introspection

Actions and thoughts that relate to simply recognising how you feel, your beliefs, values, fears, perceived obstacles are best, before you actually “do” anything. And to elicit these perceptions, it is great to write, speak, contemplate or meditate upon them. As you do this, then the real magic can emerge. If we solely focus on the external, “I want money, I want happiness, I want this or that”, we will never accomplish these without looking at your internal landscape, and aligning your feelings with the intended want.

Don’t chase the external, focus on the feeling as though already here

Chasing money for example is a not a great purpose, the reason why we want money is in order to be able to experience something we can exchange for the money. As as we start focusing on why we want the money, and how we will feel when we obtain our purpose, as though we already have it, then the money can start to flow. This has been a big obstacle for myself in the past.

I was always focused on the conflict around money, (feeling unworthy, negative beliefs around money etc) rather that seeing it as a ‘tool’ in which we can advance yourselves down the path towards our passions and purpose. Purpose is really the key passion that has risen slightly above all the others that clamour for our attention. This chaotic clamouring is because we often are chasing other peoples ideas of passion and purpose, such as our parents, teachers, society demands etc, rather than our own.

An excellent exercise is to use verbs and nouns together to uncover purpose

Another great way to uncover your purpose, is to make a big list of as many verbs (doing words) as you can, like awakening, realising, empowering, inspiring, listening, creating etc, with another list of nouns (the outcome, abstract or concrete object of the doing and being), such as freedom, home, consciousness, truth, love, relationships, humanity, peace, etc.

Essentially what we are doing is bridge building. We are building bridges that connect our reasoning left brain with our emotive right brain, we are connecting mind and feelings with our body and actions, we are connecting the material with the spiritual, and we are connecting our Life with our purpose.

Your dreams will be realised when aligned with universal divine Will

Using natural models, such as what EarthStar is creating, are guaranteed to bring you great rewards in life, because we are dealing with inherent laws of nature and the universe, and mimicking how these laws actually work in the creative process of life. To those with big dreams, and whose time has come, nothing can stop you from realising and creating those dreams, when they are aligned with the higher will of universal law, as well as your own personal will on Earth.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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  1. I love this very insightful have just shared it to my daughter and her wife and their Canadian Flatmate in England many blessings to you Tony

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