January 2, 2020

What is time....? Why is understanding universal time critical to freedom?

By: Tony Knight

Have you ever stopped to wonder, what is time? How do we gauge time, why is one minute, one hour, one day, year etc the length of time it is, as per our clock? What is the difference between ‘clock time’ and ‘natural time’, and how is ‘time’ so critical to our freedoms?

Time is absolutely critical to freedom, so much so that I see it as one of the most important issues to address when exploring freedom....this time factor is a very deep rabbit hole so I will try and just stick to the basics today so you get an overview of how restricting, or freeing, time can be, to the degree you are conscious and aware.

Time as we know it by the clock, is simply an earthly measure of the natural cycles of universal time, as governed by the movement of the Earth around the sun, and the cycles of the moon, planets and stars. A 24 hour day is comprised of 2 x 12 hour halves of day and night, deduced by the suns position at each equinox, when there is equal hours of day and night as the sun rises on the equator at that particular ‘junction’ of our Earth and sun. In ancient Egyptian times, Horus depicts the rising sun, as it rises on the East ‘Horus-izon’ and as each of the ‘hours’ (anagram of Horus) pass, this signifies the sun God ‘rising’ to its most high position at noon, as ‘Ra’ (Sun God). As more hours pass (also denoted as ‘degrees’ of Light quotient we are receiving), the sun eventually reaches the horizon in the west, where the sun is known as “Set” (or Seth) in Egypt, and then Osiris “eats” the sun and night is known as the ‘underworld’.

This example shows how the directions are also important as they denotes ‘space’, and we know ‘time and space’ are intricately connected as two sides of the same coin, as per the Natural law of polarity. Also, there is nothing inherently sinister about the dark, it is simply a natural law of our universe and depicts the time of no light, which is designed for rest, reflection and renewal. The ‘dark’ has been equated with ‘evil’ in this day and age, and that is another Matrix trap.

A year is a full revolution of the Earth around the sun, where it ‘returns’ (Many happy solar returns!) to the same position, relative to the Earth, as to when the year started. As we move around the sun, it traces a sine wave pattern, just like waves on the ocean (see image below) The 1st January is used as the year start because our sister star, Sirius, is in alignment with our sun and Earth. The moon governs our tides, and roughly every 12 hours the tide moves from “full” to “lowest ebb” and of course roughly one month is a full moon cycle.

Much larger time periods are related to the suns movement through the horoscope, our solar systems relation to the Great central sun of our galaxy (Milky Way) and this creates the great year, which is 24,000 to 26,000 calendar years, depending on the precession of the equinoxes and the elliptical nature of our orbit around the galaxy centre.

So now that I have set the scene for how the measurement of time came about, we can use these natural cycles of the rising and setting sun, the moon ebb and full flow, the seasons, equinoxes and solstices as a way to measure ‘real time’, which is nothing more that changing ‘waves’ of energy, and the many variations or ‘flavours’ of energy that come about sending in where the sun is, in aspect to the background sky, which is the horoscope.

Different energies come from different quadrants of the universal star clusters, which helped our ancestors to map out long time periods, forecast events, prophecies etc, while the yearly cycles and moon helped them with seeding, cropping, harvesting and generally preparing for each season for their every day lives. Most of the great Ancient wonders of the world, pyramids, standing stones etc where erected as ‘markers of time’, among many other reasons!

Therefore when we are living our lives in this everyday modern way, many people are highly stressed out because they always feel there is “not enough time”, they are “out of time”, and people get more stressed as they sit in traffic, wait in long queues or generally are late or feel they are late! When we are constantly running against the clock, we are not in sync or in alignment with the general flows and ebbs of life...we are in a constant state of resistance, incoherence, dissonance and therefore this shows up as stress. And stress is the number one killer of humans today, most disease comes from stress, which impacts on the flows of blood and oxygen, and contributes to a lack of nutrients or excessive toxins and chemicals (like Adrenalin) in the body.

The saying “time is money” is erroneous and false when taken into proper context with universal time. To have to work to strict hours, to be always on the go when we need to be resting, or vice versa, we are going to have problems, and this means we are not free and are fully immersed in the Matrix, or a simulated construct of life that is not in harmony with our soul and the greater plan and purpose for our lives.

There is a saying that “no one is more enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free”, and I think this saying applies to most people on Earth, to various degrees, because we are all bound by ‘clock time’, and we are all forced to participate in a system, via countless transactions and regulations, that is not in harmony with nature, or universal time, and space. Even the ‘space’ we are allocated to live is being restricted now, as a world wide drive is on to herd people into smaller and smaller confined areas and apartments.

So, first things first, I think understanding time is critically important to living a life of freedom, because without that awareness, we are simply like mice on a wheel, working, going to work, living in a continual routine governed by the clock. To be free of the system, we must first be aware of the system we are in, and then we can make a plan based on this context.

This is why the teachings on being in the “present”, or being with “presence” and living in the “now” is so valid and vital that we understand. When we slow down and learn to harmonise with universal time, we can still do our daily work and live, however we can do what we do, while we are aware and conscious of true time, which is greatly freeing and a good start on the journey to true freedom on every level. Mediation and yoga are great tools!

Freedom is both a worthy vision and an action or value we can live by, all the best values are like this, another words the reward of what you most value in life, is in the action of the value itself. Patience brings more patience, freedom brings more freedom and responsibility bring more responsibility etc etc.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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