March 11, 2020

What is the knowledge tree & why is it ‘power?’

By: Tony Knight

Certain knowledge is power, because it fills a void which would otherwise be occupied by fear and doubt! You cannot have a positive and negative occupying the same space in the world, and likewise they cannot occupy the same space in your mind. Fear & negativity is fuelled by lack of positive knowledge, especially when it becomes true understanding.

Knowledge, and it’s counterpart truth, operate at 3 main levels, physical/material, mental & spiritual or energetic, as described here.:-

For people whose awareness is mainly focused on the physical world, they judge life based on what they See. For them seeing is believing. To try and convince them of spiritual and ‘energy’ truths is usually a waste of time, because they don’t have that frame of reference or conscious awareness to understand. They look to seek ‘proof’, evidence and facts. This is home base ‘reality’.

For people operating at the mental level, where they like to use logic and deduction, for them ‘believing is seeing’. They realise that all seeing comes from their thoughts, however they are primarily stuck in their belief patterns and are seeking the root causes of their beliefs. These people often get emotional and reactive to information that counters their beliefs. It can become a never ending loop, often referred to as the Hegelian dialectic.

The next highest level of knowledge is the ‘spiritual‘ or energetic based reality, and these people operate in KNOWING, as they can see the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual truths and can integrate these levels in a holistic way of wholeness living. For them knowledge is based on the source reality and causes, and knowledge becomes understanding & wisdom. They understand how to balance the left & right brain, and their mind with their spirit, heart and body.

To give high spiritual knowledge is not going to make sense to a physically based being. And people who pass off as spiritual, without having done the required integration work of the physical and mental is also not going to progress in life until they experience all levels and understand. Many new age people fall in this category & quote the law of attraction, without actually attracting anything meaningful.

No level is better than another, it’s just where people are at in their life development, this is not a judging session. There is always someone above us trying to assist us and there is always people below us, needing assistance. Think of how you met people, learned certain lessons and next minute, they are gone from your life.

So the EarthStar knowledge Tree starts with having sound roots and a base in the world, with healthy careers, finances, physical health and a world that is also well balanced in these areas. If the world is out of balance, then this will show up each persons weak spots even more keenly! And as we grow, in knowledge of the world, we fill in the spaces with positive intent that would otherwise be taken by something much less positive!

Freedom is a by product of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, which altogether makes up our consciousness....or our level of comprehension of life, relative to true reality. Once we reach understanding of source reality and it’s many branches of life, we are then truly free, as we know it’s all about the we.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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