January 31, 2022

What does it mean to ‘embody your elemental Self?’

By: Tony Knight

In these crazy times where there is so much noise and propaganda, how can we know what to do? How can we be sure to navigate these crazy times, without going crazy ourselves!?

I heard a comment the other day that we must “be the embodiment of the elements”, or said another way, “we need to embody our elemental Self” This really resonated with me.

Embodiment goes beyond thinking or feeling, in fact it is the combination of thought & feeling into a ‘singular whole’, which we ‘anchor into our body’.

The elements, or our Elemental Self, is made up of these prime aspects that underpin our reality and makeup our consciousness or the totality of our conscious awareness….

All of these are blueprints and templates for our entire existence. This is what we ARE. Ultimately we are a product of a source energy and the elements are the energetic doorways and interface with that source.

Everything created is due to a trinity of factors, our body is the physical component or vehicle, of & for, infinite source & the intermediary elementals.

We have been heavily indoctrinated that our body, gender and our ‘mind’ are not important, they are irrelevant. The body is just a lump of meat that has ‘sinned’, our mind is the great deluder, and it’s just a good ‘program’ that is only good for rote learning.

However without the body and mind, we would not even exist! Without the body we would have no vehicle for the soul, and without the mind we could never create and discern truth from illusion. The mind is the ‘gate’, whatever you let into the gate will dictate your life. The soul is the ultimate fusion with our heart. This is why this ‘war’ is on our mind and soul, because they are the key interfaces with ultimate source energy and our physical life.

Embodiment means to not just think, or feel ‘outside of ourselves’, it means to live the thoughts and feeling from within your body as a living testament to our ultimate design or blueprint. So how do/be we do this?

I’m short…by imagining the world you desire, feeling into that world like it’s here now, then taking action as though you fully know it’s already happened. That sounds easy, but it’s clearly not, or we’ll all be living it. “LIVE your truth” is another way of saying it.

This means drawing on all the knowledge from all ancient sources, and using that knowledge by applying it to your life. Knowledge alone will not turn the key, YOU have to turn that key to open the door! Until we do that, we are living in the containment field, or simulation that the controllers have created for us.

When we draw on source energy and processs it as a living embodiment, we have an INFINITE amount of energy in which to carve our path in life. Doors will open where previously they were closed!

We are CREATORS of the highest degree when we align with infinite source, because that is the ultimate in creating creators creation. However if we don’t live & embody that wisdom, then my/our words are like dust in the wind!

I’m these times of the giant lies that we are being force fed, we must start the move from identification with external labels, click bait and fluffy living, to an internal energy driven lifestyle, of constant witnessing, observing, interacting with our minds, hearts and overall nature.

Your body is not just flesh n blood, it is IMBUED with the ultimate blueprint for your spiritual expansion. Use it, and feed it, wisely!

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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