April 23, 2020

The Great Awakening – moving from 3D to 5D resonance

By: Tony Knight

What is "The Great Awakening"?

The Great awakening is simply a sufficient number of people “waking up to the truth of the world, who they are as an energy being, and the role we all play in the world.”

A new “timeline” has been created, and as we raise our frequency from low-grade thoughts and emotions based on ego self, to higher-grade thoughts and emotions, we literally enter a new world, based on service to others and something greater than ego.

Timelines are based upon dimensions, D. We have a 3D body, with a 4D mind and a 5D heart/soul. Currently the chaos we see is a breaking down of the old 3D model, readying for an Earth renewal. 3D is not just our physical makeup, it also resonates to our ego and thoughts and emotions based on survival, fight, flight or freeze. Our current world system, financial, political, legal education etc, is all based on a 3D model that has served us in many ways, but now it is breaking down, because it no longer serves us for our world evolution.

3D to 5D

Many (more) people are operating at 4D now, which means they are more aware of energies, understand a greater level of truth, it relates to the astral realm, the higher mind, time as a frequency and non invasive, energy healing and much more.

When enough people dial into the 5D consciousness level, through soul imagining, visioning, cooperation for the greater whole, with love, peace and Light codes anchored into their being, then the world for these souls will become a collective experience or gathering. A new world is born, however these people will still be in a body, it’s just that they have become more light and free from physical concerns. Manifestation is virtually instant.

The 3Ders will still occupy this same world, however they will cluster together with the same dramas going on as now, however they will not be able to see or interact with 5D, except through occasional glimpses, until they choose to change up their thinking. When the student’s ready, the ‘mastery’ appears.

When the student’s ready, the ‘mastery’ appears.

This world is not going to the same ‘destination’ for everyone. When people see the totalitarian New World order as a done deal, with all the mayhem that will ensue, then that’s what they will get according to their beliefs. Yes this is the plan, but it ONLY manifests if we accept it!

If people who are choosing to see a new world paradise of caring, sharing greater cooperation, honouring of life (and death), without fear or guilt, shame, anger, then that’s the world they will get.

This is SCIENCE, (which means objective truth) the science we were not taught at school, based on Quantum Physics, electromagnetics, Light and the natural laws. Once you know and understand these laws and principles, you will understand a lot more how the various dimensions and densities of consciousness work.

If people who are choosing to see a new world paradise of caring, sharing greater cooperation, honouring of life (and death), without fear or guilt, shame, anger, then that’s the world they will get.

3D low energy people will never see how this is possible, because you cannot see what you cannot imagine or know. The rules of 5D are completely different, however these more evolved souls will be able to assist those looking to raise their 3D/4D frequency’s.

Many people are raising their frequency levels now, simply because of the current world situation, where all of a sudden we see the evidence that somethings going on. This is no accident, (another 3D implant). When the pressure is on, those that are ready, will respond, those that aren’t, will react. Response is conscious, reaction is knee jerk and unconscious, based on conditioning.

Get ready for the ride of our entire lives…This truly is the Greatest show in the multiverses! The Galactic Federation are overseeing this, so we have massive help!

When all looks dark and there is seemingly no way out, suddenly a trap door opens & you fall into the light!

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

3 comments on “The Great Awakening – moving from 3D to 5D resonance”

  1. The power of thought - my daily constant flow of thoughts connects me to my heart to practice Ho'oponopono....to empower myself- to set me free from all negative thoughts and feelings <3

    1. Awesome Fen! Thanks for being my first comment on this platform! I’m trying to get the word out to a larger audience.


  2. I really like this explanation. Very interesting observation of the energy/energies that so many people seem to be tuning into now. Thank you for writing this. ❤️

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