October 1, 2021

Being A Patient vs living patience

By: Tony Knight

We come to Earth as a ‘patient’ and to learn patience. 

We are usually born and die in a hospital, and in between we are a slave to our system, therefore many of us are like perpetual “patients” to a divided, inverted world, where sickness is somehow accepted as “normal”. Just like our health system, our financial, political, scientific and other systems are fixated upon treating symptoms, not the causes of our problems. 

Drugs and synthetics make up the basis of our so called health system, and whereas these have a place, they have become the dominant form of “treatment” and natural effective treatments that were used for thousands of years have bern relegated to “junk status”. Regulated out of our view because money is far more important. Medical science, politicians playing God, banking & Pharmaceutical corporations all collude in the shadows to ensure we stay a perpetual patient to the system.

We come to be dependant on the system, therefore we are A patient, however we are learning to BE patient, and HAVE patience, and this simple learned skill of taming the monkey mind can help to literally catapult us out of patient status dependent on the chemist, into a conscious co-creator and alchemist. It is said that the reward of patience, is more patience. Another words, it is a goal and a practise. Same goes for love, truth, peace and all intrinsic values where you get more of what you need, by focusing on the cause, like a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Patience speaks of silence and stillness, the rejuvenating ‘juice’ the mind needs to overcome all obstacles that before seemed insurmountable. We cannot fight our way out of our deepest problems, we might succeed to fight our way out of one problem, but there will always be another issue waiting for us at the next turn. Patience compatriots are faith and trust, and these qualities or states of being help to raise our vibration and frequency, and therefore new tools are given at our disposal in which to become spiritual conscious warriors, not just shadow boxers. 

I see two main classes  of people, those that are partially awake but impatient, waiting on something to “happen”, thinking that when it does, then they can get on with their lives. And I see another main camp of people who are impatiently in denial, thinking when they have the jab, take this pill, when lockdowns end, they can then just get back to their innocent old lives as a slave to the machine, pretending they are happy. This is not a judgement on people, it’s literally a fact, a fraction of life as a ‘patient’ that we are conditioned into. 

There is now a definite third class of people beginning to emerge, these people have patience, faith and love, they are not in denial, are awakening rapidly and are cognisant of both sides of polarity. They can use whole mind thinking, while being aware of their emotions, rather than being controlled by them. They understand either consciously or subconsciously the power of the third principle, the cure all of duality sickness that keep people stuck on one side of the fence, or the other. 

They are developing their intuition & even telepathy greatly, they can feel love and express it openly without a trace of self consciousness, they can think logically without going into paralysis by analysis, they ‘stand under’ the foundation of truth. People forget, to understand does not necessarily mean to stand under mans law, it can also mean to stand under natural law and therefore free us of symptomatic thinking. Real truth is made up of objective sciences, such as what was taught in the Trivium, Quadrivium and the 7 liberal arts, which is a foundational knowledge that was once taught in the mystery schools. Only a shred of these sciences remain, a carcass of what once was a great education system. 

So the question I am asking, are you a patient or being at patience? Are you feeling constantly unwell, in your mind, body and spirit to such an extent that you feel “sick to your stomach?” If so congratulations for recognising that, because you may just be awakening, however for many of us this has been going on, seemingly  most of our lives. If you have moved through that stage and into ‘being consciously patient’ then that’s a great stage to do the quantum leap into the new Earth that is literally waiting for you! 

This new world is already laid down as a dimensional paradigm shift away from the old world of impatience, and sick patients into true wellness and wholeness of being where patience pervades all levels of existence, you can literally be aware of the cosmos and the Earth as one whole, interlaced with pure love energy.In this new 5th world, as the Hopi called it, love is not just an emotion or even a feeling, it is a supranatural state of being, and it’s actually the energy blueprint that makes all life and material things possible to exist.

 Love IS all, love is IN all and The all is IN love. Love is also a patient truth and truth is love with patience. May you go forth and prosper in love & whole life truth.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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  1. Hi. I am awakening and stepping out of the systems at play. So awesome to read this. Thank you so very much.

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