June 16, 2020

Alchemical astrology

By: Tony Knight

(This article is not written by me, except the last paragraph…author unknown)

Astrology without alchemy is like having a tool shed with no tools. To transmute the mind, ancient cultures recognized a code unique to the individual. Using the symbols in our full birth chart, we apply their archetypes to the alchemical function correlated to them. When added to the astrological correlations of the Sephirot, or any other system of alchemy, we have a more well-rounded understanding of how our personal mental chemistry works. The different planets applied to them should be understood through the idea they represent. Assuming everyone understands the concepts behind the zodiac sign, here's what I mean:

Zodiac signs

  • Sun - conscious personality
  • Moon - subconscious, habits, instincts
  • Rising sign - appearance, life trajectory
  • Mercury - communication, intellect
  • Mars - action, desire, aggression
  • Venus - love, beauty, art, values
  • Jupiter - expansion, optimism
  • Saturn - restriction, structure
  • Uranus - rebellion, eccentricity, breakthrough
  • Neptune - imaginations, dreams
  • Pluto - transition, compulsion, power
  • N. Node - potential
  • S. Node - karmic past
  • Chiron - point of healing
  • Lilith - allure, temptations, inner darkness
  • Selena - higher purpose, inner light


  • 1st - self, personality
  • 2nd - finances, possessions, self-worth
  • 3rd - communication, education
  • 4th - home, family
  • 5th - romance, play, self-expression
  • 6th - health, fitness, work habits
  • 7th - contracts, business relationships
  • 8th - merging, joint resources, inheritance
  • 9th - philosophy, travel, cross-cultural relations
  • 10th - career, long-term goals
  • 11th - friends, groups, humanitarianism
  • 12th - subconscious, spirituality


Sulphur - active masculine, dry solid, Soul,
Air/Fire, essence and purpose

Mercury - passive feminine, cold liquid, Spirit,
Water/Air, energetic force

Salt - physical form, Body,
Earth/Water, structured thought

Once we understand how they relate to us individually, we use the paired concepts to decipher the meanings of alchemical artwork. Artists put symbols in certain places to convey an idea of what we're supposed to do with the archetypes. Each house is ruled by a zodiac so their symbols are typically implied but not always used.

From beginning to end, the alchemical cycle is Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Gold. Apply the concepts of your birth chart to begin. This is not the only way to do it, but it is the most basic.

As the saying goes, the weak-minded are ruled by their stars, the strong-willed rule over them all. Our birth chart is our cosmic fingerprint for this life and their chemistry forms the blueprint for our programming. Using alchemy, we can transmute the zodiacs' lower nature into their higher state.

A good way to understand this is by watching the evolution of Scorpio. At its base form, the scorpion crawls on the ground. Its ancient symbol, the eagle, denotes a higher perspective, but its final form is the phoenix. More info about this can be found online.

  • Cardinal - begin, create, birth (Generate)
  • Fixed - reversion, maintain (Operate)
  • Mutable - transform, death (Destroy)

Using these traits of the zodiac signs, along with the traits of the 4 elements, it is relatively easy to figure out how it all works. Once we rise above the limitations of our programming, we can incorporate traits from the other signs. Each sign has their light and shadow aspects. Once we are no longer controlled by their shadows, we can use them to our advantage. Using the archetypes against and with each other is alchemy.

Light aspects

  • Aries - sense of urgency motivated by enthusiasm, dynamic
  • Cancer - emotional assertion, intuition
  • Libra - balanced and unbiased, urbane
  • Capricorn - practical, down to earth, reserved
  • Taurus - stubborn momentum
  • Leo - creatively adapts to impress and maintain power, adapts environment to goals
  • Scorpio - emotional reactions, underlying influences, magnetic
  • Aquarius - fixed beliefs, morals, livelihood
  • Gemini - versatile, adapts goals to fit the environment
  • Virgo - organization and critical analysis
  • Sagittarius - seeker of knowledge, end of ignorance
  • Pisces - dissolution, detachment from this world

Shadow aspects

  • Aries - selfish, impulsive
  • Cancer - overemotional, clingy
  • Libra - indecisive, gullible
  • Capricorn - pessimistic, grudging
  • Taurus - jealous, resentful
  • Leo - patronizing, intolerant
  • Scorpio - secretive, obstinate
  • Aquarius - perverse, unpredictable
  • Gemini - nervous, cunning
  • Virgo - worry, overcritical
  • Sagittarius - irresponsible, tactless
  • Pisces - escapism, weak-willed

Astrology is a science and was brought to life by the original inhabitants on this Earth, the Annunaki. They devised 12 major areas that cover all aspects life and living and created the Horoscope or zodiac as a human map for us to navigate. They realised that certain quadrants and the constellations contained therein, had certain energy qualities that matched these areas of life and their energies would amplify as the sun and out planets moved in front of them. The Annunaki knew all about space and the constellations in our solar system and galaxy as they came from “out there”.

What happens above, happens below, as above so below.

Tony Knight

Hi, I am a soul wanderer and pilot of the EarthStarShip, and my purpose on Earth is to discover and spread the universal truths and natural laws for the conscious freedom of all humanity.

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