“Nothing can stop what’s coming” is a phrase that’s used a lot to describe the coming disclosure of truth.…this also applies to the financial system collapse and the “reset” to a new system that is guaranteed. 

What that “reset” looks like however, is open to a lot of speculation and discussion!  Once Russia decided to enter Ukraine and take on NATO, then it was ‘game on’, and the avalanche started at the top of the mountain…therefore nothing can stop that avalanche. 

This ‘war’ is in fact a series of wars, on peoples health, it’s mind warfare, there is a war of East Vs west, and there’s a war between various cabal factions vying over control of the money. So it’s truly a chaotic mess as the old system is collapsing under the weight of debt and systemic corruption. 

Russia and the BRICS nations are only growing in members and it is reportedly now up to 19 in total, including heavy weights like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela and many others. These countries comprise 50% of the world population, and are all united against the American hegemony and their reserve currency. The petro dollar is dead in the water and they don’t like that! 

The BRICS nations combined also control the majority of commodities around the world, including gold, oil, fertiliser and food. In these times where shortages of these commodities are commonplace, then this represents a serious amount of clout and power. These commodities all represent ENERGY in various forms, and energy is life! 

So once they roll out their digital reserve currency, probably backed by gold, because they are stocking up big time, then the rubber will hit the road and reality will set in! This is when the avalanche will strike the current financial system, and force the western countries into blockchain and digital assets, as well as break up a significant chunk of their power base. It’s seismic in nature to the current world paradigm! 

In the meantime, the Federal Reseve are in a battle of their own, yet they are a dying beast and will officially end up merged with the American treasury department. They are desperately raising interest rates to curb inflation, and printing money to prop up the liquidity, but those in the know, know that’s not going to do diddly squat! 

All that’s doing is destroying other nations economies, creating more debt & inflation globally and speeding us towards the inevitable collapse of the global markets due to the interest debt burden. It’s also destroying the European economy which is also saddled with a huge energy crisis. 

This is playing into the hands of the BRICS and I think they are just waiting until the collapse of the western economies arrives, and then they will announce their new currency… at this stage it’s all over red rover as far as the old world cabal, out goes the old boss and in comes the new boss! 

All of this scenario could take 2 more years to play out, but the ensuing time will be one of great instability and even more manipulation like we’ve never seen before! 

Please protect yourself and prepare for the arrival of a new system that will be very foreign to many... it will be digital based, but that doesn’t mean dystopian! 

Technology like money is just a tool, it’s the people behind the tech that matters! Blockchain technology affords us the huge opportunity to create a decentralised world, and now is the best time while the super powers themselves have their hands full with this collapsing paradigm. 

With unified participation and purpose we will create a new economy for the people, however we have a way to go for that to be bedded down into reality. Also I remind everyone that we have the individual power to create our own reality in this fall out, so keep your energy and resonance high, in order to better navigate the mind warfare designed to lower your energy! 

Energy truly is kryptonite to the matrix!!

~ Tony Knight

“Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another”.

This is the law of conservation, which only holds true in traditional physics, IMO. This is the first law of thermodynamics, and is related specifically to a “closed system”, therefore it is subject to a lot of misinterpretation.

As I believe we are living in a simulation, the system is ‘closed’ to a large degree, via our atmospheric layers and the physical light spectrum. Light we see is only 0.03% of the whole light spectrum. Some say the Van Allen belt closes us in from outside influence, other ‘flat earthers’ say we have a dome or firmament above us, I think that is just the magnetosphere (our electro magnetic layer in the upper atmosphere).

I believe we have been greatly deceived in our traditional sciences, and this law is used as ‘proof of further untruths’, such as climate change and flat Earth Theory.

For example the saying goes that as we continue to use carbon based fuels, the CO2 is continually building up because it has no where to go. Which is illogical when you understand etheric energy and quantum fields. The suns plasma and sunlight, with its electromagnetic ejections called Solar flares or CMEs, can obviously penetrate through our atmosphere, and so can cosmic radiation and scalar fields, which is primary to even EM frequencies. The combination of these forces act upon everything on the planet, including CO2 which is central to LIFE, to help raise our energy frequency and Light Quotient.

However in relation to man made systems, and earth bound technologies, this law holds true. We experience it in action all the time, such as; food contains energy measured in calories, or kilojoules, which then converts to energy for us to use in thinking and physical activity, which impels us to grow (or shop) for more food and so the cycle continues.

Energy is contained within ancient plant matter, which is converted into various fuels, which then power our cars, homes and factories, which then produce ‘stuff’ for us to consume. (Much of which is not necessary!) energy is being transformed all the time, everywhere.

This analogy also applies to money and currency. It is through our work energy, that creates ‘currency’, which then is used to buy food, clothing, necessities (supposedly) we need, yet that energy is being constantly recycled! Like when we die, our soul “passes over” the threshold of this realm and into another form, only to return again, if you are at the frequency where you have yet to transcend this physical realm.

To transcend or transmute, is of a higher vibrational frequency than mere transformation, and does not imply “recycling” energy, but of ‘trans-sending’ the energy into another paradigm reality.

This is the challenge for us at this time, to stop the constant “round and round we go, but not actually growing in energy of reality life!”

We need to transcend ALL the man made “laws” in their “closed system”, to natural Lores in a totally open series of interconnected eco-systems.

Our body is a perfect open eco system, that we can remain anchored in, however our energy can transcend our physical body to previously unimaginable realms of infinite energy.

Our body is NOT isolated, we are energy beings connected to everything and everyone on Earth, and to every non thing in all the entirety of universes! THAT is empowerment!!

The Quantum field is kryptonite to the matrix.

There is no doubt that there is a lot going on in the world, however for many people they did not notice, or were refusing to notice the growing craziness in the world. Now that Covid-19 has struck, many people are waking up and are now taking notice that something’s not right.

When it comes to the world system, many people simply ignored trying to understand it. It’s too big, too scary, too meaningless to know! I think many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

...many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

Everything moves in cycles

The world and humanity has always moved in cycles, we’ve had empires and civilisations rise and fall throughout Millenia, just as we see everything in the world go through various cycles. This happens because nature itself is constantly rising and falling, humans ‘arise,' in the morning and ‘fall’ at nighttime and we all have constant bio-rhythms or energy rising and falling within us.

So if the day, month, seasons, climate and us humans are in constant change and cycling around, of course our world system is going to be doing the same. We created the system, and we will destroy it, in order that a new system may be built that is a greater expression of harmony and balance for all, as clearly it is not in balance with the people of this planet.

The system controllers want order for themselves

History always goes with the victors, and our history is simply a story from those currently in power in order to suit their agenda, and there is an agenda whether people agree with that or not. Nothing in the world is random, everything has been created and designed consciously in order that the system controllers can have what they deem as ‘order’.

Order maybe good for some, but when that ‘order’ means that millions of people are starving, without their own home, proper sanitation, insufficient funds or resources to live on and the planet is being systematically destroyed by the same conglomerates who tell us WE people must do something, you know there is something very wrong in the world.

Ancient education systems

There has always been a reluctance to look at the world, however it is understandable because we have never been educated in understanding how the world works. In our education system we are not taught how to manage our finances, science is still the old outdated Newton and Darwin theories, history is distorted and grossly manipulated, mathematics has lost a lot of its sacredness and our language has lost its true original meanings, or etymology of words.

In the ancient mystery schools of Babylonia, Egypt and Greece, students were taught the trivium and quadrivium known as the 7 liberal arts. The trivium consisted of fully understanding the three parts of grammar, logical reasoning and rhetoric, which is a system of understanding true knowledge and turning that into wisdom. The Quadrivium is a four part body of knowledge, consisting of mathematics, geometry, music and the astrological sciences, which when known will lead to great power within us.

We’ve lost our connection

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are. Because we have lost this indelible connection between ourself and the natural world, we have also lost connection between ourselves and the man made world.

We are basically either brought up in a fundamentalist style religion, an agnostic/new age type environment, or as an atheist believing in scientific dogmas and erroneous teachings about materialism, reductionism and chemistry etc, all paths which simply lead to a separated, divided, bound up world.

Add to this the layers of a financial system that only benefits the 1% because they own everything including the right to print their own money, and the legal/political system which is effectively there just to protect the bankers, corporations, politicians and the system itself, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are.

The greatest danger to mankind is ourselves

The greatest danger to mankind at this present time, is mankind himself, not anything in nature. The greatest thing preventing mankind from resolving the growing list of issues, is our beliefs and ignorance. And particularly we are ignorant of the ‘matrix system’ and we have many beliefs, which is our conditioning through media, movies, video games and our faulty education system previously mentioned.

From cradle to grave, we are brought up in a system where we don’t know any other way and we die after having worked hard all our lives, paid our taxes because we were told they all go to the roads and public utilities etc, yet we find out that this is mot the case at all. We are like slaves to a system, literally. We are taught not to question or stick our neck out, and our neighbours and friends will soon remind us of this if we do!

Fear keeps us separated and divided

The other thing that has been a major block to our awareness and knowledge, is the preoccupation to keep people in fear, there is always a bogey man coming to get us, there is always something that we are taught to worry about (CoVid-19!), yet we are never told to face the fear, what/who is perpetuating it, or how to deal with it.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population. The new age, or religious movement further reinforces this, either it is Satan, disembodied spirits or our sins that will get us if we fall out of line. We are always seeking, never finding, because we just go round and round in circles, known as the Hegelian dialectic.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population.

We are also taught that to be spiritual, we must ignore money, our body is secondary and just basically a machine, the world system should never be looked into because that is another sin! Remember the separateness taught via our schooling? The system is separate to us, we are separate to nature, we are separate to each other (social distancing), everything is random and everyone is just out of luck and time!

We ARE all spiritual, of spirit

Nothing could be further from the truth! We are all connected to everything, everything at its core is energy, and that includes us people. True spirituality is learning this and much more on how to be a human, how to realise our energy frequency, how to dispel fear by facing our fears, not running away!

To become spiritual is a misnomer, we ALL just ARE spiritual by virtue that we are of spirit and we all have a soul that animates our body. Spirituality teaches about causes not effects, and our connection to nature and all living things. Spirituality is about furthering life itself and knowing that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new cycle.

Spirituality and the world system are connected

What has all this got to do with the matrix and the system? Basically everything! When we study ourselves and energy, and realise we are all connected, we realise for that to be effected, we must also be connected to our material, system or world.

Living in our earthly realms consists of numerous transactions and interactions each and every single day, in order to function. We must earn a living, so we can buy food and maintain our house, for transportation, to warm ourselves with heating and trade or exchange our value for something of equal value, hence money.

We have all come to Earth as a free soul being, we all have a connection to a higher spirit or creator by virtue of that birthing experience and therefore we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

So as a matrix cycologist (Psychologist), I have taken it upon myself to learn everything I can about true spirituality and the material world system, because that is what can create a truly balanced and connected life, along with understanding our left and right sides of our brain and harmonising with that and our heart and body!

...we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

I am firmly convinced that the way for all humanity to not only thrive, but survive on this planet, is for us all to adhere to nature’s truest principles. Nature is the way, and WHY we are here in the first place, all the elements of earth, air, fire, water and aether are literally what created us and sustain us. If the sun did not come up, we would all be dead. Period! If we did not have fresh air we would survive only a few minutes. If we did not have water we would have a few days. If we did not have food we would have a few weeks or months at most, for most people. Aether (or ether) is the reason we came into being in the first place and is always sustaining us invisibly on other soul and spirit dimensions.

So the powers that be on this Earth want to create a completely duplicate, artificial world in order to monitor our every move and control us. This is a FACT! This is the Anti-Christ if you use a religious term, and I’m not a religious person, but it is used by these crazy sociopaths and psychopaths that drive our world. That’s enough of the problem, many of us know this now and we don’t need to go on about it endlessly, however we must come back to the simple things in life, we must protect our natural assets for life and not only that, we must cultivate the natural potential within us, in order to have the energy to thrive in a world that is increasingly being driven down a dead-end road.

And we don’t need politics to do this! The Green Party or any of the so-called environmental groups have been infiltrated for political means, in fact most of them have been set up by the Governments and secret agencies as another means of control.

We need real people, awakening to their real power and being mobilised for concerted civil action en masse. It starts with us realising the big picture and seeing how technology is crowding us out. The powers want to put tens of thousands of satellites in the sky, and billions of tiny antennas on every street corner and even in people’s HOMES! We will be living in a pea soup of microwave-style very-low frequency, which will greatly affect our natural energy, brain and heart functioning, and cause all kinds of unknown issues yet to be realised.

Is this what we want? Only we can stop it and by adhering to nature and finding the key within, we can deal with anything coming at us from the external. Stop them installing smart meters. Watch out for anything that says “smart,” or even “sustainable!”

We know what’s truly smart and sustainable, and it’s using our minds to THINK, FEEL and KNOW. Get Earthed and healthy, follow a HOLISTIC path, which means to integrate nature into our lives. Technology is a great thing, and has great tools; however they must be balanced with our practical needs. To create a so called “SMART” grid where everything is automated, including our cars and household items could come at a great cost to our energy and privacy if we are not careful.

Let’s get REAL and in touch with our NATURAL REALITY, so we can deal effectively with the outer ILLUSION or MATRIX!

Going back to Egyptian days, there is the original creation story, before Christianity, and all the legends and myths surrounding the birth of our religion. Re-lig-ion. To bind again.

There are the 4 key figures of Nut, Isis, Osiris and Set. Each of these correspond to the 4 elements that created the Earth. Anu is the ‘over arching’ Annunaki god who created these legends, that became our religions today. This was a way for the Sky gods to control the Earth and humanity, because they commandeered this planet for themselves.

Anyway the story goes that Set (Seth) killed Osiris, his twin brother and dismembered him into 15 sections, each section corresponding to a movable joint of the body, and he placed these ‘body parts’ down the length of the Nile River. The Nile relates to our spine, the ‘rod or staff of life’.

Isis was able to locate 14 of the 15 dismembered parts, and put Osiris back together, but could not find his missing phallus. So she fashioned one out of clay, and artificially inseminated herself to produce Horus. This is where the original immaculate conception story seen in every religion comes from.

Horus is where we get the terms hours, horizon and relates to the movement of the sun across the arch of the sky, time & the play of light n dark. A key ‘hero’ is now represented by an artificially created being and this brought about a significant layer of delusion in the mass minds of all the people.


Because it’s infused in our minds that Osiris, the ruler of the night, and a representative of the male energy, has been ‘dismembered’, thus rendering him impotent and disconnected from his true male energy Self and the land. Horus is an imposter figure, representing the straw man principle of an artificially created being with no potency.

This and other stories are deeply entrenched into the psyche of humanity and we can never break free until we RE-member, the DIS-membering of the key masculine energy that has been ‘removed’ from our beingness as a society.

We can never break free until we RE-member, the DIS-membering of the key masculine energy that has been ‘removed’ from our beingness as a society.

Do we see the effects of this today? Absolutely, via war, the rise of transhumanism, the imbalance in the world between masculine and feminine energy, the rampant pedophilia, sexual abuse, porn, the push for AI & and lots more!

The law of polarity cannot be balanced due to these deeply ingrained impressions that we are not whole. Polarisation will always grip society until we remember our selves and men reclaim our divine masculine energy, and we as a collective can FACE THE DARKNESS now gripping the collective world!

We need strong divine male energy, with the feminine heart, to right the ship of imbalance that is threatening to destroy the world. Know the natural laws, know history (his story) and you will begin to under stand (stand under) the true foundation of our lives and a balanced Earth.

We need strong divine male energy, with the feminine heart, to right the ship of imbalance that is threatening to destroy the world.

Going back to the 18th dynasty of Egyptian rule, through to about the 13th dynasty (about 1300 BC), was when the Hexos priests created the foundation for the current world matrix system. History is just the evolution of the legal and financial system.

Our matrix is created through two pillars, symbolised by the law of polarity. The line of the king on the left who rules the land and all assets via the “crown” and the line of the priest on the right who rules the legal system. In ancient days the priests always controlled the law and the money. The temples were the first banks.

Across the top of the two pillars is the arch, which symbolises the arch of the sky, through which the sun rises at the east pillar reaches zenith at summer solstice (sun stands still) and then sets, or kills the light at sunset. This is the most primal trinity of which all religion and life today is based upon.

The arch-way and pillars has many meanings that are literally infused into our collective memories. Each pillar represents the 4 elements of which the world is made. The over arching creator of this symbolic and literal image is Anu. The sky god (little g, because he is not our one creator God).

In 1302 the Papal bull decreed that all land and souls on Earth are in fact “owned” by the church. This was the beginning of the final prime stage of our modern day matrix enslavement system, and this is what is collapsing now. Hence the drama that is unfolding now.

In 1302 the Papal bull decreed that all land and souls on Earth are in fact “owned” by the church.

There is so much that could be exposed about this it could take days and days of teaching to unravel it all.

I will continue to expose the bigger picture system and why tinkering with what we have is absolutely useless in humanity being free. We need the momentum of the current chaos to level the system matrix to the ground! No patching is ever going to give us our natural born sovereignty until we break the magic spell that has been cast over us. This includes the fact that our mothers unknowingly signed us away to the state at birth!

The law has so many layers, we can’t fight it abd hope to win. When we understand NATURAL LAW then we can understand man made law is a crock of shit designed to run on ARTIFICIAL intelligence. (I use the word “intelligence” here very loosely because it is actually death cult based.

Know natural law, know your natural born self, peel back the layers of your conditioning and don’t stop the journey until you know you are home, within your true Self, ONE with all in energy and nature.

Have you noticed that all of the prime elements of this world have either been under constant attack, or have been shielded and maligned by many sources, on-goingly since like forever? And now that this Corona virus has struck, it appears as though all humans are under attack!

The SUN…is the true symbol of Jesus, Abraham, Horus, Ra, and in fact almost every religious prophet throughout the ages, since ancient Babylonian days. The sun and nature can kill any malignant virus!

The sun is the “Light of the World”, the one that literally annihilates the darkness and brings warmth and LIFE to this planet. The sun has been referred to as the Son of God, (God is referred to as the original one intelligent creator) ‘The Father’ is not gender specific, it is old school language meaning “creator” and out of that creative intelligence, came the creation of the universe, galaxy and from that the solar system was birthed with our Sun, the offspring of God. The bible is one huge metaphoric story and half of it is irrelevant and the rest is a story about the stars and the constellations, as the sun moves around and in front of each area of space…

Can you imagine in ancient times, how miraculous the sun must have been as it came up, shedding its light and warmth, after a cold dark night, holed up in caves as people sheltered from the cold, wild animals and all sorts of things that could take your life? This primal life giving element is literally infused into our DNA and deep into the psyche of everyone one. Without the sun, we would have no photosynthesis and therefore no Plant life!

Without the sun, we would have no photosynthesis and therefore no Plant life!

WATER and AIR are now being sold in bottles all around the world, mainly China and these companies involved are paying almost NOTHING in the process and making huge profit! Water is the new oil or gold, except you can’t drink oil or gold! Water and air, again, like the sun, is literally LIFE giving and has so many intrinsic, primal properties, no air or water, no plants, no life whatsoever could exist…and to break it down further, water and air consists of hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, and nitrogen and water exists in air, and ‘air’ in water.

The least component, CO2, is no less important to life, and yet it is under attack as the a dirty dangerous element! the oceans are being systemically degraded through pollution, nuclear waste, and God knows what else that is being poured into her.

The EARTH element - no earth, no home, yet it is also being denigrated in numerous ways almost unimaginable to me. The pollution via chemicals bombarding the soil and vegetation, sprays, nitrates passed off as fertilisers, top soil being lost in the process, trees being bulldozed around the Planet, bees dying off due to the chemicals, ground water contamination, and on and in I could go…

And to further the insult, us humans have to pay a heavy price to some phoney corporations just to be able to live on a piece of their own special land, our ancestors were driven off their lands and now they are trying to do it again, via ridiculous mortgage impositions (death gauge), land is being hoarded by the elites, while they try and herd us like cattle into tiny boxes, lifted up off the land, so we lose that special energetic connection to the Earth element and the Living Earth planet as a whole being.

The Earth is our truest foundation, it provides the Structural platform we need in order to be able to live and grow not only our life, but our food…we put our “roots” down on the land and from that connection, we can create stability, a house, a home and raise a family. Land is our birth right and we’ve been told that it is reserved only for a special few,. The land does not belong to us, WE belong to the land.

Land is our birth right and we’ve been told that it is reserved only for a special few,. The land does not belong to us, WE belong to the land.

Now why is this all happening? I see a very insidious slow creep, that is speeding up no end, where we are constantly being bombarded with narratives aimed at us, that these things going on are somehow OUR fault, as in the people. We are being sold the line that we have trashed the planet, and we have, but what people don’t realise is who owns the industries that’s doing the trashing?

Who owns the media companies that are broadcasting this “you are guilty, so you must pay” line? Who owns the banks, which effectively own most of the key industries, as they happily sold us their stuff and made trillions, and now it’s all our doing? Yes, we were consumers of this, yes they were happy to sell it because we didn’t know any different, and then all of a sudden now it’s all our FAULT, because we bought not just the goodies, we bought the conditioned line that to have a happy life, you need lots of this stuff! We took the bait line hook and sinker!

So now that we know this, it behooves us to stop and take responsibility and use the most powerful word in the universe…NO! No more, I say! What say you? No, I don’t buy your crap, No I am not GUILTY of any wrong doing, No, I’m not going to feel shame, and therefore weaken myself further, No I’m not going to live on my knees, bowing down to the most corrupt Government lackies , who are really just another pawn in this game of lying tag, desperate to keep their positions and bonuses in their miserable, robotic controlled lives.

Don’t let them trash OUR planet and turn the tables on us! We need to reclaim our birth rights, stand on the land, drink deep, breathe, feel the Light and warmth, be energised and ride the wave into conscious knowing!

So now that we know this, it behooves us to stop and take responsibility and use the most powerful word in the universe…NO!

With this current virus situation afflicting the whole world, and our resulting isolation, now is the best time to start growing a garden and your own food. I know many people may think that you need a lot of space, however you would be amazed at how much you can squeeze into a small plot! I’ve seen gardens out the back of a small units and it was crammed with virtually every major vege, enough to feed 3 people for 5-6 months.

Food is more than just filling our stomachs when we feel hungry, or emotional. Often we take food for granted, especially in countries like New Zealand, where we often have a plentiful supply of good quality food, however in times like this, suddenly we realise we cannot take anything for granted, let alone food. Food is nourishment, food brings people together, food can also be medicine, however growing our own organic food is especially awesome as it is highly fulfilling and healthy for us in fundamental ways for a quality life.

Gardening gets us outside and connecting with nature, we get exposure to the sunshine, we can connect to the Earth and find a grounding point, we breath deeper through the exercise, we get to move our whole body. Many profound effects can be felt, by this one simple action of tending to your garden. I used to suffer from very painful arthritis and fibromyalgia, however after taking up gardening, most of the pain I felt has disappeared, partly through the movement and exercise, through the increased awareness of food and because my mindset and attitudes changed through the whole process from preparing the garden, to the satisfaction and delight of eating our own produce.

They say charity starts at home, and I think growing our own food is one of THE most charitable things we can be doing for our family, our immediate neighbourhood and even wider community. In the old days when we had no ready access to all the home comforts of today, most households had a garden and every week or so, everyone from the “village” would gather at the local market to buy, sell and trade food and other necessities. This brings connection with others and social interaction, it fosters a community spirit, and people get what they need, while others offload what others need.

General organics and bio dynamic food, is one of my primary values because it further widens the circle of beneficial influence, to include even greater health for us and the environment, and can include agriculture, Aqua culture and larger scale horticulture can reach more people. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is the basis of a dynamic lifestyle that includes mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as physical. An organic lifestyle takes this concept even deeper, as you become conscious of the fact that the foundation of life is bio organic, you will get to understand as you work with nature, that nature is ‘conscious’ and literally ‘the ground of our entire being and life’.

Chemical sprays, fertilisers and preservatives created by man are not needed or required when we truly understand and work with nature. Synthetic chemicals are a by product symptom of a globalised world run by large conglomerates, so they can ship vast distances, store more food for longer and create “instant” results, but all the while the damage and knock on effects are huge. Chemical companies have got so big, they are now hardly distinct from food, fertiliser, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These cartels and super conglomerates are now holding us to ransom, as they are a key feature of our globalist system that ties everything together with their supply chains, banking, legal and burdensome regulations on the small businesses, as competing with the large companies is almost impossible.

People are so stretched financially, that they are forced to buy on price, cheap and nasty processed food that further entrenches big business, prevents people from viable cottage and locally based enterprises, and which feeds big Pharma even more, through the sale of drugs to ease the symptoms caused by poor food and nutrition. Essentially big business has such a monopoly that it curtails our free will choices, and their crony capitalist business model ensures they are almost untouchable across the whole supply chain.

‘Organic’ is a term that can apply across a diverse landscape of our lives. It does not just refer to the absence of chemicals in produce, it describes the process of how ‘organic evolution’ or natural processes take place, and even as a state of mind and ways of thinking. So, Organics is literally a root cause of how life proceeds and evolves, because organic thinking and mindset, is primary ‘cause’ and a mirror of how nature itself grows, from a seed to plant to fruit and back again.

I hope that you can now see why food and Organics is so critical to bring greater balance into our homes, communities, cities, countries and the world? Our world of transacting in life and business, and the environment, has become so far out of balance and away from our natural roots, that something must happen in order to right the ship. We are all connected to the world system, and whatever happens in that system will affect us directly. We simply cannot keep going the way we have been, and the fore along comes this “virus”, which is a symptom of a deeper virus that has taken hold of our mind and world to such an extent, that we each contributed to manifesting what we have today.

When I talk to people, I lot of them fall into 3 main camps, either they have never even considered freedom at all, or they think they are already free enough (in some or all areas of life), or they think the idea of being TRULY free is a pipe dream or fallacy, as we are locked into a political/financial/legal Matrix prison!

I contend there is a fourth category, which is that we can deliberately create real conscious freedom in all areas of our life, permanently! Freedom is an abstract term to many, which describes a sort of ‘Alice n Wonderland‘ type fantasy that is unattainable to many people, or that it is reserved for a fortunate few who have acquired fame, or made lots of money.

What does freedom actually mean to you, in the real world? Does it mean having lots of money, the big house and beach house, fame, beautiful partner, having a family, living on the road, being single even! I contend that some people may see freedom in one or some of these examples, however TRUE actualised freedom is none of these, although some of these situations may appear in a free beings life. The point I’m making is if we chase after a physical or material goal for freedom, we will never be free, whether we realise that goal or not, much like happiness!

Freedom has many layers and is based on people’s perceptions, “some like it hot and others like it cool“, however true freedom can move into the deeper realms that make up a life, we can delve into creating a “Freedom Foundation”, such that whatever happens on the physical material or worldly level has absolutely NO bearing on our unshakable, objective, Feeling and knowing of unlimited, infinite, eternal....freedom!!

Happiness is intrinsically linked to freedom. When we feel happy, we feel free, and vice versa. The point of life could be said to be happiness or freedom, however when you are unclear what really makes you happy or free, then how can attain it? Happiness or freedom is not a destination, this is one big mistake people make, is they say they will be happy, or free, when such n such happens! This is the trap of our dual world, media, advertising and therefore we get this ‘pressure’ to chase ‘it’ from ourselves, family, friends and peers. Chasing will lead to wasting.

When you realise freedom is to be created, just like building a house, and like a building you need a foundation, you need walls, furnishings and a roof! One thing I find that makes this process easier is to break down the goal of freedom into smaller ‘chunks’ of life that you would like to see in your life, based on 5 key areas of life. Health, wealth, mental, emotional, spiritual and I would add another area I call Knowledge or ‘knowing freedom’.

Knowing the right knowledge is the foundation from which real freedom can be manifested. What is the ‘right’ knowledge? It is the natural universal laws that underlie and govern all of life, It is knowing who we are, it is what makes the Earth revolve around the sun and move through our galaxy, it is what makes the sun shine, it is what created all life and humanity, it is what holds all matter together and it is dependant on what we create in our lives, including freedom, love, wisdom, abundance and anything!

This is what EarthStar Freedom is all about, our mission is teach those who are willing, the foundations and ‘how to’ create a life that is deliberate, conscious and fulfilling to your Earthly and spiritual life. For no life is truly free if you are not paying attention to all aspects of life, a WHOLE life is the only life that will set you free! The whole is always greater that the sum of its parts, and each part must be known, otherwise you will not find true wholeness, freedom and happiness that is of soul and body.

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