The pendulum of history is moving from centralisation to a decentralised world for the people.

The pendulum is moving to a decentralised world for the people to rise. 

We have reached that point of peak centralisation, we go through major political & economic cycles every 240-260 years.

That time frame is so interesting when you consider that those numbers are a fractal of our solar systems moving through space, and the precession of the equinoxes which is a cycle of 24,000 to 26,000 years. If you halve that time, we can trace back 12-13,000 years when we had the last great changes on Earth, with the great flood. There is another metaphoric “flood” coming! 

What we are witnessing now is the pendulum swinging back to decentralisation and decentralised finance, and the entering if a new peoples based economic system. There’s always a lot of noise in the world on the cusps of major social, political and economic change. This pattern is the ebb n flow of life, which is embedded into the natural cycles of the worlds events and man made systems. 

The current central controllers are now carrying out their plan of societal and systemic collapse in earnest, they are going forward to destroy the energy, food and financial systems. Control these 3 key industries and you control the people, nations and world. 

They are literally destroying their own businesses, along with millions of other small financial firms, food and energy suppliers, at the production and retail end points and everywhere along the supply chain. 

Why would they do that? Their psychology goes that once the system is suitably crushed, when people can barely eat, own value assets/money and get fuel, then people are desperate to take whatever they dish out….which will be their envisioned utopian “green” economy, a track n traceable money supply, UBIs, and you will eat synthetic meat, bugs and other GMO “Frankenstein food”.

Also, along with this plan, they are intending to inflate away their debts, so they can effect their so called great reset. This means in lay terms, that if we go to hyperinflation, the asset holders (think the central bankers etc) get to have their debt wiped, but they still retain the assets, while bank savers and those in stocks, mutual funds, KiwiSaver and cash will get completely wrecked. 

“Hence the you will own nothing and be happy” (sic), while the central planners at the WEF, UN, WHO, etc will own everything. Therefore they can afford to wreck the economy and some of their industries, because they intend to simply move to another type of economy that looks like, and is, fascism. Total state control. 

The trouble is for them that it is not working. Yes, it looks like it is if you believe social media, MSM and other fear mongers, but I know it’s not working! Yes, many people will still get wrecked, because there must by natural law be a big price to pay for ignorance and fear. 

Throughout history we have been through these cycles, and ALWAYS when centralisation gets dominant, at the last critical moment, it always falls apart like dust in the wind. This is because of a rising people power, under great duress, people always awaken and that’s sufficient to enable the worst plans to evaporate like magic at the critical moment. 

Also decentralisation & people power happens because of demongraphics  and technology. Demographics because the millennials, Gen X and baby boomers are not going to take it any more, for various reasons. 

Baby boomers, because they have come through numerous repeating generational  economic cycles, they remember the previous booms and busts over the past 50-70 years, the Gen X, because they are the hippy and anti war generation and the millennials because they are more highly advanced souls who just won’t consent and comply. 

Technology is also going to play a huge part for freedom, in large part for the same reason that it could enslave, like a CBDC, but in reverse. Why? Because it all depends on the programming, just as our mind can be programmed to do the right thing, it can also be programmed to do “bad” things. 

It’s not the money, mind or technology that is the issue, it’s the way it’s produced, distributed, used, and coded. People create money & technology, using their minds and awareness, technology does not create people! Think about that one! Money that’s created by the people for the people, and is decentralised, will afford a much greater level of abundance for all. 

And when the peoples revolution gets to its critical mass, the awareness in sufficient people will be so undeniable, that we simply cannot accept a technology or system that will take us back into the abyss. 

To complicate this further is that some people will demand that the Government and the central controllers look after them without any responsibility! So we could have a dual world economy, where the ‘have nots’, subscribe to the offerings like a UBI & CBDC, while others simply create new decentralised systems that work for them. 

Nothing is more powerful than actually experiencing how much better off you are with a better more distributed system! The fact is, most people have resigned themselves to the belief that a better system is not feasible or possible, like what blockchain or crypto offers!! There’s your mind at work again, ensuring that you don’t ascribe to a better world, because you told yourself you can’t and won’t! 

Knowledge alone is not power, knowledge is inert until you do something in alignment with that knowledge. Knowledge brings you to the cusp of a breakthrough, wisdom is when you move your self off that edge into a new conscious way of acting and living. 

This is a natural law of growth, our life path is like the rings of a tree trunk, we go round in circles until suddenly we shift into a new wider view of reality, either by duress or acting responsibly on real knowledge and other wisdom. 

So, are you going to stay divided and keep asking for your own enslavement, or are you going to look for something new, or act in a different way, so that you get different potential outcomes? 

All potentials all exist simultaneously, it’s like all the best and worst scenarios exist together on a shelf, the ones that we choose through our actions & awareness are the ones we will create. If you leave the so called ‘bad’ outcomes on the shelf, and simply create something positive, then you will dissolve those potential bad outcomes, and/or systems that control.

Winning is not getting over the finish line, winning is knowing that when you start, you have already won, and that you can align with as many others in the process of the ‘race’. 

It’s not a race to the death, it’s about the Human race of life, remember?!! Find others who want to advance life, and you will never die!

In these crazy times where there is so much noise and propaganda, how can we know what to do? How can we be sure to navigate these crazy times, without going crazy ourselves!?

I heard a comment the other day that we must “be the embodiment of the elements”, or said another way, “we need to embody our elemental Self” This really resonated with me.

Embodiment goes beyond thinking or feeling, in fact it is the combination of thought & feeling into a ‘singular whole’, which we ‘anchor into our body’.

The elements, or our Elemental Self, is made up of these prime aspects that underpin our reality and makeup our consciousness or the totality of our conscious awareness….

All of these are blueprints and templates for our entire existence. This is what we ARE. Ultimately we are a product of a source energy and the elements are the energetic doorways and interface with that source.

Everything created is due to a trinity of factors, our body is the physical component or vehicle, of & for, infinite source & the intermediary elementals.

We have been heavily indoctrinated that our body, gender and our ‘mind’ are not important, they are irrelevant. The body is just a lump of meat that has ‘sinned’, our mind is the great deluder, and it’s just a good ‘program’ that is only good for rote learning.

However without the body and mind, we would not even exist! Without the body we would have no vehicle for the soul, and without the mind we could never create and discern truth from illusion. The mind is the ‘gate’, whatever you let into the gate will dictate your life. The soul is the ultimate fusion with our heart. This is why this ‘war’ is on our mind and soul, because they are the key interfaces with ultimate source energy and our physical life.

Embodiment means to not just think, or feel ‘outside of ourselves’, it means to live the thoughts and feeling from within your body as a living testament to our ultimate design or blueprint. So how do/be we do this?

I’m short…by imagining the world you desire, feeling into that world like it’s here now, then taking action as though you fully know it’s already happened. That sounds easy, but it’s clearly not, or we’ll all be living it. “LIVE your truth” is another way of saying it.

This means drawing on all the knowledge from all ancient sources, and using that knowledge by applying it to your life. Knowledge alone will not turn the key, YOU have to turn that key to open the door! Until we do that, we are living in the containment field, or simulation that the controllers have created for us.

When we draw on source energy and processs it as a living embodiment, we have an INFINITE amount of energy in which to carve our path in life. Doors will open where previously they were closed!

We are CREATORS of the highest degree when we align with infinite source, because that is the ultimate in creating creators creation. However if we don’t live & embody that wisdom, then my/our words are like dust in the wind!

I’m these times of the giant lies that we are being force fed, we must start the move from identification with external labels, click bait and fluffy living, to an internal energy driven lifestyle, of constant witnessing, observing, interacting with our minds, hearts and overall nature.

Your body is not just flesh n blood, it is IMBUED with the ultimate blueprint for your spiritual expansion. Use it, and feed it, wisely!

The future is bright like the sun
Flowers are Earths feelings manifested as beauty

We come to Earth as a ‘patient’ and to learn patience. 

We are usually born and die in a hospital, and in between we are a slave to our system, therefore many of us are like perpetual “patients” to a divided, inverted world, where sickness is somehow accepted as “normal”. Just like our health system, our financial, political, scientific and other systems are fixated upon treating symptoms, not the causes of our problems. 

Drugs and synthetics make up the basis of our so called health system, and whereas these have a place, they have become the dominant form of “treatment” and natural effective treatments that were used for thousands of years have bern relegated to “junk status”. Regulated out of our view because money is far more important. Medical science, politicians playing God, banking & Pharmaceutical corporations all collude in the shadows to ensure we stay a perpetual patient to the system.

We come to be dependant on the system, therefore we are A patient, however we are learning to BE patient, and HAVE patience, and this simple learned skill of taming the monkey mind can help to literally catapult us out of patient status dependent on the chemist, into a conscious co-creator and alchemist. It is said that the reward of patience, is more patience. Another words, it is a goal and a practise. Same goes for love, truth, peace and all intrinsic values where you get more of what you need, by focusing on the cause, like a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Patience speaks of silence and stillness, the rejuvenating ‘juice’ the mind needs to overcome all obstacles that before seemed insurmountable. We cannot fight our way out of our deepest problems, we might succeed to fight our way out of one problem, but there will always be another issue waiting for us at the next turn. Patience compatriots are faith and trust, and these qualities or states of being help to raise our vibration and frequency, and therefore new tools are given at our disposal in which to become spiritual conscious warriors, not just shadow boxers. 

I see two main classes  of people, those that are partially awake but impatient, waiting on something to “happen”, thinking that when it does, then they can get on with their lives. And I see another main camp of people who are impatiently in denial, thinking when they have the jab, take this pill, when lockdowns end, they can then just get back to their innocent old lives as a slave to the machine, pretending they are happy. This is not a judgement on people, it’s literally a fact, a fraction of life as a ‘patient’ that we are conditioned into. 

There is now a definite third class of people beginning to emerge, these people have patience, faith and love, they are not in denial, are awakening rapidly and are cognisant of both sides of polarity. They can use whole mind thinking, while being aware of their emotions, rather than being controlled by them. They understand either consciously or subconsciously the power of the third principle, the cure all of duality sickness that keep people stuck on one side of the fence, or the other. 

They are developing their intuition & even telepathy greatly, they can feel love and express it openly without a trace of self consciousness, they can think logically without going into paralysis by analysis, they ‘stand under’ the foundation of truth. People forget, to understand does not necessarily mean to stand under mans law, it can also mean to stand under natural law and therefore free us of symptomatic thinking. Real truth is made up of objective sciences, such as what was taught in the Trivium, Quadrivium and the 7 liberal arts, which is a foundational knowledge that was once taught in the mystery schools. Only a shred of these sciences remain, a carcass of what once was a great education system. 

So the question I am asking, are you a patient or being at patience? Are you feeling constantly unwell, in your mind, body and spirit to such an extent that you feel “sick to your stomach?” If so congratulations for recognising that, because you may just be awakening, however for many of us this has been going on, seemingly  most of our lives. If you have moved through that stage and into ‘being consciously patient’ then that’s a great stage to do the quantum leap into the new Earth that is literally waiting for you! 

This new world is already laid down as a dimensional paradigm shift away from the old world of impatience, and sick patients into true wellness and wholeness of being where patience pervades all levels of existence, you can literally be aware of the cosmos and the Earth as one whole, interlaced with pure love energy.In this new 5th world, as the Hopi called it, love is not just an emotion or even a feeling, it is a supranatural state of being, and it’s actually the energy blueprint that makes all life and material things possible to exist.

 Love IS all, love is IN all and The all is IN love. Love is also a patient truth and truth is love with patience. May you go forth and prosper in love & whole life truth.

You are part of something that is so much greater than you can imagine right now! This current time on the planet is actually filled with tremendous opportunity, and is a time to get excited.

Ignore mainstream media

Yes, I know things don’t look so rosy, and many people are struggling. This opening statement is not in any way designed to be seen as a false promise or new age idealism, in fact I am being literal and a in fact a realist. There is virtually no area of life that has been spared from the effects of the so called pandemic, I have heard every excuse why we need to stay in fear, remain indoors, wear a mask, social distance ourselves and generally put our life in hold.

There is a huge a amount of reasons why we should ignore the mainstream media and do the exact opositite. The difficulty is when you feel isolated and alone and attempt to live your life in your terms, there is often few people around who wish to join you in your new found courage and live in defiance of the fear.

Reflect back on your life

I remember when I was a child and teenager, as many of you who were born in the 60’s and 70’s like me would also remember. Life was so free, easy and simple back then. Life was a magical experience from my perspective, however even though this was the case, there were still many ‘problems to solve’ and issues to deal with that sometimes seemed very life threatening, to our ego self.

For me there was always the fear of death, along with getting the grades in school, not being humiliated in front of the class, trying to fit in with the ‘in crowd’, avoiding being bullied, having money to do things we wanted, dealing with the general family issues, growing up and finding the courage to follow our dreams and visions, without being labelled or pigeon holed as a freak.

See how your past is creating your life now

Now, as an adult you will find that many of your same problems, are surfacing once again. The same problems of not having enough, not being enough, not fitting in with the crowd if you disagree with the ‘pandemic status quo’, worries around health are particularly apparent, economic worries and even survival will be on many peoples minds right now. And fair enough, this are all relevant issues, however with all these heightened concerns around our welfare, there is also a great opportunity to break free from all serious concerns of survival and ‘having enough’, ‘just getting by’ etc etc.

You will notice that certain issues keep repeating, the same basic worries are still there that we had as a child, teenager and young adult, as we faced off with life, growing up as we dealt with the world in many new challenges that at the time seemed very large and sometimes insurmountable.

If you think back on your life, you will see that in many ways, what we are facing now is just a continuation of what we faced back then….only this time it involves practically the entire world, and it is affecting almost all areas of our lives at once, rather than one glaring issue at a time. We are all having to face our mortality, health concerns, economic concerns, we are all having to face the fear of the unknown.

The fears of the unknown and death are related

Facing the unknown, and facing death are the greatest challenges we will likely face as a human being. When we cannot see where we are heading, this brings up a lot of fear in many people, especially the ones lacking in faith and fear of change. It is like facing death in many ways, death is an unknown experience and on the surface it appears that it is, “the end”.

Many ‘little deaths’ can be felt and experienced as we live and grow, because our ego is often driving our life, and the thing the ego fears most is its annihilation. So every time we attempt to ‘grow beyond our ego’, we often find ways to bring ourselves back down to our known, predictable life again, with all its problems and issues. It’s a classic conundrum of wanting to grow spiritually, yet our human self with our past habits always seems to find a way to wrest back control and keep us in ‘lockstep with our ego.’

Understand the Hermetic law of polarity

This seesawing of life between the predictable ‘safe’ known now, Vs our unpredictable, changeable, unknown future, is always at work. It never stops, because we are governed by certain nature laws or principles that govern our life in this planet of duality. It’s called the law of polarity, which when you think about it, is always playing out in our lives, and intermeshing with all the other Hermetic laws as well, which are the law of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, Rhythm, cause and effect and gender. For example, an aspect of polarity shows up (in order of laws above) as mentalism vs spiritualism, above and below, high/low vibration, ebb and flow, action and reaction, male and female energies.

Chance is but a term for the law not recognised

Therefore, is it any wonder we struggle with the constant pendulum swings of change, when the very planet we live on is subjected to these laws that create and ensure that “change is our only constant”. There is nothing BUT change! However, we can learn to make these changes our friend, rather than our enemy. Change, the law of polarity, must be first understood within, then mastered by practise, using our left brain of critical reasoning, in conjunction with our right brain of emotion and intuition, and with our spiritual direction and faith in the divine above, along with the foundation and solidarity of the Earth at our feet.

“Chance is but a term for the law not recognised” is another very applicable comment from the Kybalion (my handbook of Hermetic laws). Chance, or randomness of events, is one of many lies perpetuated upon humanity through our education system.

Change can be balanced with left and right brain understanding

We can get to the point where change, is simply change, and we need not be affected by it. The universe is in constant motion, emotion is energy in motion, unbalanced emotions often comes from an overactive left brain, which is mainly concerned with intellect, linear, external reasoning and details.

The left brain is critical to a well balanced life, however when it is not talking with our emotional side, when it is operating solo, we begin develop unhealthy patterns that will create dominance, control, patriarchal viewpoints, a ‘might is right’ attitude, and other linear based reasonings that will exclude the heart and other imperative aspects of sensitivity and intuition.

Good means God and evil means the opposite of life

All religions has been developed out of this polarity law and the imbalances have been perpetuated upon humanity since antiquity, this creating a schism in our psyche. The word GOD, is simply an adaption of “GOOD”, and EVIL, or the DEVIL is it’s Polar opposite. The Devil is just the personification of evil, made flesh in the form of Satan, who is simply an illusion in ultimate terms, in that Light is the only true Creative power of LIFE in the universe. Then we were told that Adam and Eve were the first true humans on Earth, and they ate of the fruit of the tree, and we “fell from grace”.

This is all an allegory, a personified story of the left and right brain, of good and evil, it is also a prediction that we would be unable to balance the polarities and ‘descend’ into lust, greed and the lower chakras. The Annunaki writers at the time were coding or hiding the real truth in this story, for us to crack and decode later, however this story, and many others, have gone on to create religions and a faulty science in the meantime, which has fooled most people, and brought us to this point right now in history!

This time now is a brand new beginning

So for those that fear the changes that are happening on Earth now, know that this is not the end, this is a signal for a brand new beginning, much much greater than you possible could imagine. It is always darkest just before dawn. We are at the beginning of a new dawn of humanity. All the laws of life and particularly polarity are bringing us to a brand new cycle, where good will be reinstated in the world, along with a balance of our left and right brains, and spirituality and materialism.

For us to do the inner work needed, for us to really change and move into balance, we need to be drawn right out on a limb and face our own death, before we physically die. We are dying to the ego and lust for power and greed, and being ‘reborn’ into the goodly, Godly realm of Light and love, with the critical thinking aspect as one small, but necessary piece of puzzle. Without the left brain, we could never understand and know truth, and this is a vital part of knowing ourselves and the world we live in.

Find your centre within, where change does not affect you

Find your centre within, and the outer changes will seem like you are watching a movie, which in many ways is a great analogy of life. Be a witness of the change, not a follower of it, and find ways to install faith into your life. Switch off the TV and go into nature, get into an exercise routine. Eat good wholesome food and drink plenty of water. Practise meditation, listen to 432 hertz (for the heart) or low 4-7 hertz for theta brain wave activation. Divorce yourself from the outer distractions and learn how to balance the polarities, by inviting your intuition and feelings into your life.

“You who hath heart, will find the hearth or heaven in life!”

We hear some people use this term, ‘holistic’ in various circles, but what does it actually mean? Holistic health, holistic wealth, holistic life, as with many terms in language, they can be interpreted in many ways, as we all have different ‘mind filters’ or ways of perceiving information and words. Many ascribe holistic living as some kind of airy fairy, new age fantasy land, because they are triggered by the concept, holding onto long established historical beliefs related to Newtonian science and Darwinian education. Linear, reductionist science is on its way out, the only thing that keeps it hanging on, is collective past belief, it’s so heavily entrenched in many people, the teachings linger in our society.

Here is a meaning taken from a mainstream view point:- “Holistic is an adjective that describes things related to the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In other words, that the entirety of something must be considered instead of just considering its parts. This philosophy is called holism, and that’s where the word holistic comes from. Holistic can be used generally to describe approaches that incorporate elements of holism, but it is especially used in the contexts of psychology and alternative medicine”.

Holistic means ‘whole’ or ‘complete.’ It also says that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. This is a very critical and important part of its meaning, as this concept can be ascribed to everything in the universe, the world at large, a city, community, a human being, a way of thinking, a way of life, a business system (as in an eco system) and even the tiny things, like atoms and our body cells are “whole” in some relative degree. This speaks directly of the Hermetic law of correspondence, “as above so below, as within so without”. Natural laws are foundations and based in real science. Natural laws are always holistic, in that they speak of the whole picture and include the “sum of its parts” as well.

Holistic is an adjective that describes things related to the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

It is for this reason that we need to understand the natural laws, or principles of life, as once we know the truth of our foundational existence, we can proceed in a logical fashion to understand why ‘bad’ things happen in the world and why there is so much illness, disease, societal breakdowns, violence, poverty and inequality spread right throughout the world. All in a large degree to the fact that our world system is not aligned & integrated with the natural holistic system that exists within us, and all around us in nature. We are by virtue of our very existence, a natural example of a holistic and creative being.

Hologram, wholesale, holy, wholly, wholeness are all words that relate to the concept of a holistic life. A hologram is something that looks real, however it is simply just a projection of a whole reality. That projection could be of a person, thing, nature or an entire world system. We are also projector beings, therefore what we “see out there”, could be termed a hologram, as our brain interprets the incoming light and energy, via the electrical sensations of our senses, and then projects the scene we think we are seeing, according to our BELIEFS and expectations. All thoughts are simply electrical sensations, or impulses, and each person will have a different view of how to interpret those impulses. This is why we cannot rely on our senses! They are useful doorways only at a gross level.

If we are considered a ‘holy’ person, we are considered somewhat divine, spiritual or many other labels, however it just means you are realising the ‘wholeness of the world’. Most people can only think in a linear, one thought at a time, focused on one ‘part’ of life at a time, this is what creates a rather limited life, as it is narrow and unconnected to a bigger picture. It is like seeing the map as the territory. Many people are locked into this way of thinking due to conditioning and lack of education on HOW to think, how to align those thoughts with feelings, our spirit/soul, earthly body vehicle and our material world. Everything is connected in a holistic world. When you follow one thread, it leads to another and another and next moment, you have a jumper!

As I mentioned, we can create many versions, or applications of ‘holism/holistic’. Our current financial, legal, political, educational system is ‘fake’, or a hologram, therefore it is all connected, however it is NOT aligned with natural principles, and the issues we see in the world are self evidently dysfunctional. No hologram can ever be real. If it was set up in the natural way and combined together correctly, as in nature, then each part of the system would make a greater whole, the results of which would be far more inclusion and equanimity within our communities and the world. It just takes a different way of thinking, seeing and acting, so that our thought processes are in fact holistic in nature, and feelings and resulting actions/effects are included as part of that ‘whole-thought-chain process’.

Nature always shows us first principles, or causes and be-cause of that enquiry, we can live as first cause…which means to be living on life on a solid rock foundation. A system, life or anything based on illusion, falsity or man’s skewed laws, will immediately create imbalances, and the negative ripple effects will be felt throughout the world and our lives. This is why we MUST understand the world system and its function, in order that you can see how the effects of that show up in our life. To ignore our Earth based material system, is perilous to our material, physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual lives, because everything flows from that base template. Then, the whole is NOT greater than the sum of its parts, for the greater population is fragmented, and therefore benefits only a few people who have created, and are running that system.

To ignore our Earth based material system, is perilous to our material, physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual lives, because everything flows from that base template.

The best system is to create an “eco-system”, it’s called ecological for a reason! It is a system based on a bio (living) system, interacting with other living systems and can be easily integrated into our ‘material system’ of finance, legal, political etc. Our current banking system, for example uses the river metaphor to its advantage, by directing the ‘current’ (currency - energy in motion) to its own “banks on their river” and other collection points, which largely bypasses the people. This is why money is referred to as ‘liquid’, ‘liquidity’, ‘cash flow’ and ‘equity’ (equal value with nature’s assets, such as land).

The Earth element and its greater whole, the planet Earth, refers to our base foundation as already alluded to. This is home base. The Earth is a perfect example of a holistic, living being, containing the water, air and fire elements, and countless smaller elements of animals, trees, plants, rocks, soil, minerals, microbes, atoms and the invisible template blueprint energies that actually created everything. Earth assets are true holistic elements, without which there would be no life! The air element is also akin to flow, like water, but is related to creative thought flow, rather than emotional flow. Air is the breath of life and relates to our will power, which is being destroyed through extreme stress of a fragmented system. The fire element is not just our volcanoes, actual fires or lightening that strikes the Earth, it is also corresponds to our passion, our soul and our hearts of desire for a world of warmth. The ether element is our source energy, the unified field and is what keeps everything held in place, including our planets and celestial bodies in space.

You see everything is connected, if you affect one aspect of the world in a positive or detrimental way, you create positive or detrimental effects in other areas, the ‘law of holism’ never fails, it never lies, it can be counted on as a blueprint to which we can consciously create our life upon. From what I can see, one of the main ways we cannot see the bigger picture, and easily create a holistic world, is because we are all so polarised, which basically means we are either seeing, thinking or feeling in only one part, or coming from one “pole” and we are unable to reconcile all the parts, due to misinformation, disinformation and a thought system based on a false holographic imprint of man’s law.

one of the main ways we cannot see the bigger picture, and easily create a holistic world, is because we are all so polarised, which basically means we are either seeing, thinking or feeling in only one part, or coming from one “pole”

Our system is basically run on layer upon layer of artificiality and codes which are not congruent to the natural codes of life. The system is, to put it bluntly, a death cult system designed to benefit the few at the top, where all the liquidity and all our energy flow goes. Just as our arms and hands are connected to our body, now we have a situation where our phones, tablets, computers, digital watches, credit cards, even our cars are now connected to us, and therefore we are ‘plugged into the World AI grid’ everywhere we go. Everything is digital code in the system, we cannot do anything in a transactional sense, or communicate without relying on these codes. The codes run deep and wide, they are intricately linked to our finances, legal, political, education and every other key area or life.

Nature also runs on code, (NI – Natural intelligence) but as you would suspect, these codes are life giving and life enhancing, whereas many of the Key artificial master codes, are debt, enslavement, energy draining and therefore death prompting codes. This is why we don’t “see” the causal problems, we only see the symptoms, and it is designed to create more problems on top of the symptoms, creating a downward spiral to eventual totalitarianism, if we let it.

Think about it, the health system is preoccupied with symptoms, so they can bring out more drugs, or vaccines, to create more side effects! Look at the current “Corona virus!” All drugs, pesticides are synthetic copies of nature to some degree, yet we cannot utilise the natural originals for main stream availability, because big Pharma is in for profit out of our sickness, they are NOT in it for our health.

Think about it, the health system is preoccupied with symptoms, so they can bring out more drugs, or vaccines, to create more side effects!

This is obviously not holistic and another example why we must go back to nature’s signature templates in ALL areas of life to create a life based in WHOLENESS. And wholeness on a community level does include natural and quantum sciences, education of that and true history, holistic natural health with proper allopathic medicine, Government based on a peoples mandate, law based on common (sense) law of do no harm, energy production based on harnessing the electrical universe without wires or meters, technology aimed at benefiting society, business based on free market enterprise and creativity, finance based on decentralisation and all backed by natural principles and all areas integrated into a greater whole that benefits the whole.

What it’s going to take, I believe, is the necessary but somewhat painful exercise of completely dissolving the current world matrix system, because it is like a virus, it is infecting everybody, it is rotten to the core, and just like the apple, once the core is rotten it doesn’t take long for the whole apple to go bad. To make this happen, will entail a new way of collective thinking, and a great deal of courage in order to take the quantum leap into a world of wholeness. This is also happening ‘naturally’ as we speak, we ARE awakening, mainly because of the dysfunctional system and people who maintain it. Another words, the more it breaks down, the more we can see it is broken, it’s no longer hidden and we have anything to lose. Everything is in plain sight now, as we get the eyes to see when the pressure is on, like an animal who is super alert as he takes flight from its predator.

"The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”


This revelation is huge if we apply it consciously to our life…it means the invisible field of energy, that is within us and all around us, is what creates and sustains matter. We can learn to tap into the field and therefore create our own reality.

Quantum physics describes this perfectly, all things are infinite possibility in the field, however when we focus on something, we collapse the wave form into matter. Where our attention goes, so does our energy. We are far more powerful that what we have been led to believe, however due to constant ‘programming from the cradle to our grave’, the magic of our essence is largely lost for many.

We are living in a time where our natural birthrights such as freedom of speech and movement, rights to fair justice, fair and equitable reward for our work, access to clean water and fresh food, natural and safe health remedies and many environmental crimes are being committed on the Earth in the name of “progress” or “sustainability” are being carried out.

In order for us to have our natural birthrights, we need to claim them in no uncertain terms, otherwise someone else will claim them for us, just like a parcel that was sent out and returned, “return to sender, no one at this address”. The lights are on, but no one is home, your body is a being of Light, but for many, no ONE is consciously inhabiting their home.

In order for us to have our natural birthrights, we need to claim them in no uncertain terms, otherwise someone else will claim them for us.

By this I mean that we are not aware of who we really are and why we are here, we are not standing on the Earth with that conviction and awareness that we are connected to something much greater than our physical body and this mechanical world.

When one turns within and touches the divine within them, then everything becomes possible, you have connected with the “field” within your Self and this starts a chain reaction of upward seeking positive emotions and thoughts that cannot be stopped. And you may be thinking that “touching the divine within” is some kind of a joke, or impossibility only reserved for people like Jesus or some monk in a cave, but I can tell you with absolute truth there are many ordinary people doing just that by communing with nature, following a consistent meditation or simply awakening to the beauty that is in us and around us.

Everyone is always on the edge of touching this magical essence, when we view a flower, watch a sunrise or sunset, when we look down at the Earth from a plane, witness a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, or a baby being born, even the act of making a baby, and there are many many events that occur in our everyday lives that are going unnoticed yet something is also tugging at your heart and mind, it only requires us to stop and notice in that moment.

Each passing moment, is another moment of divinity that goes unnoticed, when you comprehend that you are alive, here and now, your heart is beating, ask yourself, what is doing that?, the nervous system and how it works is miraculous! Did you know that your brain is the one that sees, and the eyes are the lens only, your brain hears and the ears are the medium, and all your senses are doorways to another world, not the world itself.

And you may be thinking that “touching the divine within” is some kind of a joke, or impossibility only reserved for people like Jesus or some monk in a cave, but I can tell you with absolute truth there are many ordinary people doing just that by communing with nature, following a consistent meditation or simply awakening to the beauty that is in us and around us.

So contemplation and attention to the wonders of you and the world, are a prerequisite to the realisation of those wonders in your actual life, and therefore embodying those wonders are your living reality. You are the creators of your reality, no one else is here to live your life, and only you can make the world you really want to live in. By loving who you are and loving what you do, you can inch by inch create the world you love, because you are living it!

When each ONE of us is living in such a way, the world will become full of other ONES doing just the same, and the world will become a reflection of the ONEness that we all desire at a soul level. Your soul has come from the invisible field, and has created this ‘particle’ called a body, surely it is the least you can do to return the favour by acknowledging that creation and therefore helping your soul to fulfill its divine mission of realisation, to know and be…one love.

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