I think the world is ready for people to move beyond the ‘new age’ practices and ‘personal’ development, and step into what I call “Whole Life development”, or developing wholeness in every area of life, thus enabling our life to expand into a greater whole. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, however I don’t know many people who have worked on really drilling down into all areas of life, and synthesising and synergising all the parts into something much greater than you could ever imagine.

How we can do this, is by gathering the right information, fully understanding that data so it becomes knowledge and then going out and expressing and applying it, so that it becomes real wisdom. This is the basis of what the Trivium is all about, a three step system taught in ancient mystery schools (and in the “prep” schools in America).
Much of what we were taught in school is simply rote information, that is not going to be of much help in the real world.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s world, we need Self Knowledge, we need to know the Natural sciences and universal laws and we need some awareness on how the world system operates. This synthesis of tripartite knowledge will enable us to not only better understand ourselves, this body of knowledge is the basis of a true foundation that we can truly rely on, because it is unchanging, immutable, omniscient, Omnipresent and omnipotent! Another words it leads to all powerful living, everywhere now and all knowing! Many secrets hidden within, suddenly become unlocked, we are literally encoded beings and the key is to crack the inner codes, and then you really can start to live in freedom!

The EarthStar Freedom project is developing a totally unique system and templates by which we can easily download the knowledge into our lives, and once we do, the beautiful thing is ALL areas of your life will be harmonised and operating at a level that you cannot even dream about now! We don’t know we don’t know, or that we know!

How do you turn ignorance into knowing? I can assure you it won’t happen by continually doing the same linear, conditioned things over and over! You will get the same result, because you are not tapping into, and unlocking the inner codes that lie dormant, waiting to be turned on! These codes are how nature was created and how it works, we are natural beings, with our consciousness we can seek and find the same codes that enables us to have a planet in the first place.

All life proceeds from law, not man made law, universal law! Know the laws, and you will know whatever you need to make your WHOLE life amazing, whether it be work, finances, relationships, spirituality, all aspects of your life can work in harmony, giving you a sense of real fulfilment.

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