Quite simply, the changes that are occurring in our world right now, are literally creating our future, a new future for Earth. In a word it is Quantum, meaning it is energy based and has far reaching effects on an exponential level, to every aspect of our lives.

A new world reality is on the horizon

Many things are going on behind closed doors to usher in this new reality, in the next few years, we will witness a much more settled world, operating at a much higher level of resonance. This means more inclusion into the global economy for everyday people, a completely different way to transact and initiate contractual agreements, an overhauled and revamped internet, new opportunities for ground breaking health advancements, new scientific evolutionary technologies that will change how we draw power, a better standard of food, new forms of transportation using magnetics, (meaning no more fossil fuels), a restructuring of our broken political system, technologies to clean up the planet of heavy pollution and chemical damage, new education programs based on truth and our personal nature.

Africa and third world countries will benefit hugely from the coming shift

Because of these advancements, coming online to all humanity, this is going to revolutionise our society as a whole. Third world countries like Africa will be unrecognisable in a few years, as I see poverty will be greatly reduced, hunger will be eliminated, millions of people in impoverished countries will have access to the global financial system, everyone will have a clean, cheap power source, much environmental damage will be restored, and huge beneficial society effects will follow.

Truth is replacing theory now

The main reason why we have inequality, poverty, hunger, rampant health issues, environmental catastrophes, broken families, racial & social tensions, huge debt problems, out of control corporations sucking us dry all comes down to 3 main things. Money, centralised power and an unaware population.

People didn’t realise they had to almost get a ‘masters degree in the world system’, in order to understand why things happen they way they do. And few ever realised there are secretive ‘people’ (I use that term loosely!) behind the curtain that created an artificial system, which simply needs “managers” to run, while they remain hidden. This ‘masters degree’ is actually what many people call “conspiracy theories”, however for many people now, the theory has gone and truth has replaced all theory.

The rich n famous are only faces for the true controllers

These mangers who ensure the system is ‘maintained and protected’, get their guaranteed fame and fortune. They are the ‘face’ of our world, music, film, TV, CEOs, politicians, industry ‘experts’ in all areas of life. And because of central banking, their masters ensure they are kept well looked after, those who control the money, have the power, as Rothschild has said.

A huge vacuum is opening up in the world

However we have reached the point where this system is now collapsing, and its minders are being removed from their positions one by one, due to their corruption and lustful obsessive habits in order to maintain their drug like “fix”. The people we looked up to, are being systemically taken down, if you care to look past the mainstream narrative.

These people are truly the ‘fallen stars’. They have relinquished their soul for a few pieces of silver and a temporary mental and physical ‘high’. As these people come crashing down from their pedestals, there are also many other changes going on to replace the huge vacuum opening up.

The new system is often called the Quantum Financial System. However it’s not just financial, it encompasses every single aspect of life, because finances dictate our lives in so many ways, much of it is unconscious. I call it the Quantum Paradigm. A paradigm is our collective world view.

You cannot change something when you are unaware of it’s cause. People don’t think to look past the veil of illusion, because that’s difficult and scorned upon!

You cannot change something when you are unaware of it’s cause. People don’t think to look past the veil of illusion, because that’s difficult and scorned upon! And there’s so many levels of this matrix, that even if you get past the surface stages, most people give up due to the need to work, lack of time, abundance and multiple distractions in life. All perfectly engineered to be so!

This new quantum paradigm shift coming, comprises the following aspects of life…..

The four prime elements of our Earth are mediums for energy exchange

There is much more to this story, and these changes will roll out over a period of time before they are fully operational. Many of these changes will occur simply by changing the financial system, as almost every aspect of our lives is dependant upon money. What we are moving to is a situation where we will receive fair reward for a fair days pay, without heavy taxation. A true medium of exchange!

Without the centralised corruption, we will free up vast sums of money into circulation, this is what creates community wealth, when money is free of interest, not inflated and is circulated. Actually our 4 prime elements are essentially mediums for energy exchange for real wealth, and this is core to my EarthStar mission, to help people awaken to true freedom through understanding our connection to these elements and the natural laws that underpin them.

Once all the key aspects of our world are linked to together, then we get quantum exponents!

Each aspect of these changes above represent huge changes on their own, but once they are fully integrated together, the new Quantum system will truly be exponential in effect on our lives. The reason there is so much chaos and drama in the world now, is due to certain people doing their best to derail this roll out, but nothing is stopping this train!

This system is going to provide the advanced interface and structure needed to handle humanity’s expansion and evolvement into the new 5D world. By 5D I mean a higher resonance, vibration & frequency of higher mind and heart aligned. We will be a fully functioning energy antenna, a clear conduit between the etheric source energy Light and our physical material reality.

The reason there is so much chaos and drama in the world now, is due to certain people doing their best to derail this roll out, but nothing is stopping this train!

Our system brings our energy down through subliminal, mind altering means

Our current system is low frequency system, interlaced with artificial programs cleverly seeded into our language, computing, banking, media, religion, legalese and education processes has effectively brought us down to the same level. The law of resonance works two ways, from system to us and back. It’s our identification with the system and upholding it that keeps it in place, just like a hologram works.

When we withdraw our attention from this broken system, that feeds our discontent, and identify with the infinite possibilities that we are capable of, this old system will collapse in a heap, and it is now, because that’s exactly what IS happening!

Light always exists, always tri-umphs over an evil illusion of darkness

Once we remove the central systemic causes afflicting this world, which are derided as conspiracy, and we bring to the light of our consciousness, the infinite possibilities, then we can set about as a collective world to rapidly manifest them. Evil does not really exist, because it disappears once you shine light on it, however Light is who we are, it’s always there, even if it is invisible as ether.

Many think that to dissolve the evil, and it’s system is impossible, but when we say I’m possible, then all things are no longer impossible.

Evil does not really exist, because it disappears once you shine light on it

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