It is at times like we have today, when questioning starts in earnest, and we get to see, in stark reality, where we are feeling strong, or weak, deficient, lacking and fearful. Questions like; “why/what is happening in the world?”; “What is really happening behind the scenes?”; “What part do I play in this scenario?”; “How am I going to get through this and what do I need to do now?”. Often the initial questioning is based on our own personal survival or related to rather surface based things which are in fact effects, or symptoms of a deeper cause. In general, many of us don’t question at all or ask the wrong questions and therefore we get the wrong answers, that only satisfy us temporarily. Then something big comes along like Corona Virus, and suddenly we are at attention, wondering why this event, seemingly “came out of the blue”. Actually if we get honest, most of us knew deep down, that something was coming, our life wasn’t really going all that well, something was troubling us, we had that ‘nagging feeling something was off’, etc. 

Now is the time when we should be asking bigger questions, such as “what is my purpose in life?”, “what are my strengths and weaknesses?”; “Why am I not happy and what can I do about it?”; “What does freedom really look like?”; “What is a sustainable life?”; “Why am I not satisfied, when I thought I had achieved success?” ; “Who am I really and why do I feel this fear?”. To get to true sustainability in life, we have to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of our life. You could say that sometimes we have to reach the bottom, in order to shift our awareness into the right mindset. For the first time in most peoples lives, we are going through this transition as a world wide collective all at once, therefore we are not alone in that sense. 

Everything starts in our mind, the universe is created within a ‘mental’ construct, meaning it is a ‘field of energy’.  We live within this field of creative energy and likewise, we have a field of energy within us. This comes from the timeless teachings of Thoth the Atlantean, known as the ‘scribe of the Gods’, and he is responsible for creating the word “thought”. Thoughts are “things”, in the sense that they are extremely powerful and will create material “things” if persistently repetitive, for better or worse, conscious or unconscious. Most of our thoughts are unconscious, meaning we are unaware we are even thinking those thoughts, however when we can direct them consciously then we can create that which we consciously choose. This is one of the secrets to freedom. 

Questions are essentially consciously directed thoughts, to yourSelf, which the mind then seeks to provide you with the answers, via a thought feedback. The better the questions, the better the answers, as this follows the law of how the universe works. It must be so, otherwise we would have a random world where nothing made sense. Many people are brought up and conditioned that we ARE in fact living in a random world, full of coincidences. There are NO coincidences! Only laws and reality, misinterpreted. 

When repeated thoughts are streaming through your head, invariably they are not coming FROM your head, they are thoughts in the collective field, that you are intricately and inextricably connected to via the threads of energy that spin and wave through the universe. Of the hundreds of thousands of thoughts we have each day, we are unaware of most, yet they are steering you in a certain direction, and if those thoughts are counter productive or ‘junk’ in that they don’t offer solutions or are not based in truth and reality, then you will feel feelings that are less than great. This sets off more thoughts and a never ending feed back loop, until you learn to consciously interrupt the ‘thought stream’, using meditation, conscious questioning, self awareness techniques, and enough stillness or connection to nature to “feel the feelings” and “hear yourself think”. 

With the current world situation, imagine the jumble of thoughts that are collectively being ‘uploaded’ into the ‘field’ and how many other people are in turn ‘downloading’ similar thought patterns that may be fear based, anger, resentment, hatred and many other polarised thoughts, which have a strong emotion attached making them even more powerful. See thoughts without feelings have no power, and feelings without thought have no direction. Thoughts are leading us somewhere, with aligned feelings then we have the energy (e-motion), or juice to power those thoughts. Feelings without aligned thoughts are very destructive and lead us no where except round in circles. This is what a lot of people are exhibiting today, because of unattended emotions and thoughts that are fear based or negativity impacting in some way. Caused by childhood dramas and traumas and maintained and even exacerbated by a conditioning based world that keeps us running the treadmill…and then Corona virus comes along and we all stop dead in our tracks, leaving many of us with the time to now start enquiring into ourselves and the world. Some of us have already been doing this for many years, some of us have been questioning the world set up for much of our lives, or at least felt the nagging feeling of being unfulfilled but not knowing the cause. 

The concept of thoughts and feelings, can be modelled as a horizontal line. The Left side is related to the left brain, logic, reasoning, critical objective thinking, and right side to feelings, emotions, right brain abstract thinking, day dreaming and the limbic brain which houses all feelings. Strong emotions are associated with memory, because they impact us on such a deep level. This horizontal imaginary line, is in fact related to our longitudinal lines around the Earth going east – west, while the latitudinal lines run north – south, and these form the ‘axis of two dimensional reality’. The Cross is actually a model depicting a balance of left and right brain and associated mental/feeling states and the latitudinal or vertical axis, references  the above and below, just as we have a head above and feet below, or sky above, Earth below etc. Thought and feeling together literally create the cross template from which 2 dimensions can appear! This metaphor is also displayed in dozens of different models that are universal in nature, such as the native American Indian medicine wheel.  Consider the parable of Jesus on the cross, and his crucification! This is a story warning of our propensity to hang ourselves on our own cross, when our thoughts and feelings are out of alignment with who we are and our purpose, passion and life direction. Can you see how this then goes back to those bigger causal questions? 

EarthStarFreedom utilises the medicine wheel and cross as key symbols and truth models, because they speak of a coded language that points to “the nature of reality” and its underpinning templates that cause matter and life to appear as it does. We can also look to many other examples that can help us to understand ourselves, such as numbers, which speak through scale, angles, degrees, height, width, length, depth, volume, energy, ratios, statistics and on and in. Also there is sacred geometry, particularly  the 5 Platonic solids, the circle, flower of life, seed of life, torus, these are all patterns that are the building blocks and energy blueprints to EVERYTHING in the universe. Music is another example, all notes correspond to hertz number frequency and specific  geometrical shapes, of which the sum total of all the angle degrees in the shape, relate to that same hertz frequency!

So don’t just focus on ‘what’ you think, but also on ‘how’ you are thinking, and consider the blueprint you are creating, is it enough to build a temple (template) upon, or is it discordant and just fearful noise, which will be sending you into an emotional ‘spin’ or a vortex turmoil? And with your feelings, are they what excites you and makes your heart sing, like a beautiful musical note in tune? And when you bring positive conscious thoughts together with feelings that empower you, and you are aware of the heavens above and feel Earthed below, then you are creating and turning what the Tibetans called the ‘Dharma wheel of life’, or you are bringing in the medicine you need for your life and all lives, as these thoughts are broadcast into the energy field. 

This is the time to not run away from the current challenges, but to run towards what you see as your greatest purpose and calling. Courage with noble thought, truly is power and will overcome any obstacle. 

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