With this current virus situation afflicting the whole world, and our resulting isolation, now is the best time to start growing a garden and your own food. I know many people may think that you need a lot of space, however you would be amazed at how much you can squeeze into a small plot! I’ve seen gardens out the back of a small units and it was crammed with virtually every major vege, enough to feed 3 people for 5-6 months.

Food is more than just filling our stomachs when we feel hungry, or emotional. Often we take food for granted, especially in countries like New Zealand, where we often have a plentiful supply of good quality food, however in times like this, suddenly we realise we cannot take anything for granted, let alone food. Food is nourishment, food brings people together, food can also be medicine, however growing our own organic food is especially awesome as it is highly fulfilling and healthy for us in fundamental ways for a quality life.

Gardening gets us outside and connecting with nature, we get exposure to the sunshine, we can connect to the Earth and find a grounding point, we breath deeper through the exercise, we get to move our whole body. Many profound effects can be felt, by this one simple action of tending to your garden. I used to suffer from very painful arthritis and fibromyalgia, however after taking up gardening, most of the pain I felt has disappeared, partly through the movement and exercise, through the increased awareness of food and because my mindset and attitudes changed through the whole process from preparing the garden, to the satisfaction and delight of eating our own produce.

They say charity starts at home, and I think growing our own food is one of THE most charitable things we can be doing for our family, our immediate neighbourhood and even wider community. In the old days when we had no ready access to all the home comforts of today, most households had a garden and every week or so, everyone from the “village” would gather at the local market to buy, sell and trade food and other necessities. This brings connection with others and social interaction, it fosters a community spirit, and people get what they need, while others offload what others need.

General organics and bio dynamic food, is one of my primary values because it further widens the circle of beneficial influence, to include even greater health for us and the environment, and can include agriculture, Aqua culture and larger scale horticulture can reach more people. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is the basis of a dynamic lifestyle that includes mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as physical. An organic lifestyle takes this concept even deeper, as you become conscious of the fact that the foundation of life is bio organic, you will get to understand as you work with nature, that nature is ‘conscious’ and literally ‘the ground of our entire being and life’.

Chemical sprays, fertilisers and preservatives created by man are not needed or required when we truly understand and work with nature. Synthetic chemicals are a by product symptom of a globalised world run by large conglomerates, so they can ship vast distances, store more food for longer and create “instant” results, but all the while the damage and knock on effects are huge. Chemical companies have got so big, they are now hardly distinct from food, fertiliser, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These cartels and super conglomerates are now holding us to ransom, as they are a key feature of our globalist system that ties everything together with their supply chains, banking, legal and burdensome regulations on the small businesses, as competing with the large companies is almost impossible.

People are so stretched financially, that they are forced to buy on price, cheap and nasty processed food that further entrenches big business, prevents people from viable cottage and locally based enterprises, and which feeds big Pharma even more, through the sale of drugs to ease the symptoms caused by poor food and nutrition. Essentially big business has such a monopoly that it curtails our free will choices, and their crony capitalist business model ensures they are almost untouchable across the whole supply chain.

‘Organic’ is a term that can apply across a diverse landscape of our lives. It does not just refer to the absence of chemicals in produce, it describes the process of how ‘organic evolution’ or natural processes take place, and even as a state of mind and ways of thinking. So, Organics is literally a root cause of how life proceeds and evolves, because organic thinking and mindset, is primary ‘cause’ and a mirror of how nature itself grows, from a seed to plant to fruit and back again.

I hope that you can now see why food and Organics is so critical to bring greater balance into our homes, communities, cities, countries and the world? Our world of transacting in life and business, and the environment, has become so far out of balance and away from our natural roots, that something must happen in order to right the ship. We are all connected to the world system, and whatever happens in that system will affect us directly. We simply cannot keep going the way we have been, and the fore along comes this “virus”, which is a symptom of a deeper virus that has taken hold of our mind and world to such an extent, that we each contributed to manifesting what we have today.

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