“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates”

The Kybalion

The Principle of Vibration is one of the accepted laws of the ancient civilisations, and now modern science is catching on, and this principle states that all of life are vibrations at different frequencies.

You vibrate. Trees vibrate. Sounds and thoughts vibrate. Some vibrate slower and others vibrate at a high frequency. Higher frequency vibrations are in the realm of the unseen while lower frequency vibrations resides in the physical world where our sights can translate the “visible light.”

Do you see how water evaporates? When water is heated, the molecules becomes excited and vibrate so fast that the molecules break free of their bonds and turn into vapour and rise up to the sky. Even though the water turns into vapour, it doesn’t mean that the atoms of water are lost. It is in a different state of vibration. Everything is in motion. We either vibrate at a state of harmony or a state of chaos and this is within your control, however you have to be conscious of how. There are so many discordant and dissonant frequencies enveloping the world now with electricity and Wi-Fi everywhere.

Examples of vibration

Another great example is temperature, we have extremes of cold and heat, however it is simply a matter of scale. There is no exact delineation between what’s hot or cold. Temperature is simply differing degrees of vibration, faster means hotter, and slower means the colder it gets. To take this example to its highest degree, Spirit is at the highest end of the vibrational scale, while the most gross forms of matter are at the lowest end of the vibrational scale. Between these two poles, you could say everything is connected and exists as countless different modes of vibrating energy.

Atoms, the torus and the zero point

Everything is made of atoms, and these atoms are always in a constant state of motion. Also what’s critical to know is atoms are electrical in natural, everything in the universe is electrically charged, or based on plasma energy. This means where there’s electricity there’s magnetism. However at the core of all atoms is a still centre known as the zero point. This Centre is pure potential and contains an infinite, ‘intelligence’ which is connected to all things known as ‘the quantum field’, or ‘pure source energy’ or ‘creative intelligence’. This atomic energy is also known as the Torus field.

When viewed under a powerful microscope, each one of our trillions of cells resemble a donut shape, with the zero point in the centre. When we think certain thoughts, and have certain feelings, this creates certain vibrations, and we excite this zero point field into action, which results in the manifestation of things and our life. Dissonant vibrations that are not natural or balanced will create dissonance in ones life. Harmonious, resonant vibrations will create a harmonious and resonant life.

What is frequency?

Frequency is simply the speed at which certain energy and sound vibrate at, measured in hertz.. And many things vibrate at different frequencies, our body, the Earth, all living things including plants, minerals, animals all vibrate at different hertz frequencies. Also we can measure music, sound and electricity in hertz. Traditionally the hertz frequency of the Earth has always been a steady 7.83 hertz, but in the last few years this has steadily risen, while the magnetism readings have fallen. This shows we are going through significant energy changes within ourselves and the Earth.

Music frequencies

Music tuned to certain hertz frequencies is great to help rebalance us, and different hertz vibrations can affect us in different ways. 432 hertz is one of my favourites because it is great for balancing, it is heart based, and is related to ‘the sound nature’. It is perfectly in resonance. There are other good ones such as 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 hertz. Generally the higher the hertz, the higher the chakra it affects. It is said that 963 hertz is good for opening the pineal gland, which is directly connected to the crown chakra.

What is radiation?

As energy moves within the atom or torus field, it compresses as it moves downward through the centre, and this creates matter. As energy moves back up and around it expands and creates radiation. We get radiation from natural and man made sources. Radiation is just energy vibrating at different rates, depending on what type of radiation it is.

The sun and natural energy is best

What interesting about radiation is that we can use our conscious minds to repel harmful radiation, such as micro waves, wi-fi etc, but as we are not developed enough yet, we cannot think to do this all the time. The ultimate radiation for us and the planet is the sun, and it’s resulting light frequency. It is the life-force-giving energy.

Ultimately the bottom line is nature and natural energy is always life-giving and life-enhancing, and artificially-created EMF energy is often harmful. We do have the technology to negate harmful radiation, however the ultimate is to implement natural principles into our living and lifestyle. This can be expressed in the natural foods we eat, exercise, being in nature, listening to harmonious sounds, being in loving relationships, our pets, gardening, betting some sun, breathing deeply, fire and much more.

Ultimately the bottom line is nature and natural energy is always life-giving and life-enhancing.

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