When I talk to people, I lot of them fall into 3 main camps, either they have never even considered freedom at all, or they think they are already free enough (in some or all areas of life), or they think the idea of being TRULY free is a pipe dream or fallacy, as we are locked into a political/financial/legal Matrix prison!

I contend there is a fourth category, which is that we can deliberately create real conscious freedom in all areas of our life, permanently! Freedom is an abstract term to many, which describes a sort of ‘Alice n Wonderland‘ type fantasy that is unattainable to many people, or that it is reserved for a fortunate few who have acquired fame, or made lots of money.

What does freedom actually mean to you, in the real world? Does it mean having lots of money, the big house and beach house, fame, beautiful partner, having a family, living on the road, being single even! I contend that some people may see freedom in one or some of these examples, however TRUE actualised freedom is none of these, although some of these situations may appear in a free beings life. The point I’m making is if we chase after a physical or material goal for freedom, we will never be free, whether we realise that goal or not, much like happiness!

Freedom has many layers and is based on people’s perceptions, “some like it hot and others like it cool“, however true freedom can move into the deeper realms that make up a life, we can delve into creating a “Freedom Foundation”, such that whatever happens on the physical material or worldly level has absolutely NO bearing on our unshakable, objective, Feeling and knowing of unlimited, infinite, eternal....freedom!!

Happiness is intrinsically linked to freedom. When we feel happy, we feel free, and vice versa. The point of life could be said to be happiness or freedom, however when you are unclear what really makes you happy or free, then how can attain it? Happiness or freedom is not a destination, this is one big mistake people make, is they say they will be happy, or free, when such n such happens! This is the trap of our dual world, media, advertising and therefore we get this ‘pressure’ to chase ‘it’ from ourselves, family, friends and peers. Chasing will lead to wasting.

When you realise freedom is to be created, just like building a house, and like a building you need a foundation, you need walls, furnishings and a roof! One thing I find that makes this process easier is to break down the goal of freedom into smaller ‘chunks’ of life that you would like to see in your life, based on 5 key areas of life. Health, wealth, mental, emotional, spiritual and I would add another area I call Knowledge or ‘knowing freedom’.

Knowing the right knowledge is the foundation from which real freedom can be manifested. What is the ‘right’ knowledge? It is the natural universal laws that underlie and govern all of life, It is knowing who we are, it is what makes the Earth revolve around the sun and move through our galaxy, it is what makes the sun shine, it is what created all life and humanity, it is what holds all matter together and it is dependant on what we create in our lives, including freedom, love, wisdom, abundance and anything!

This is what EarthStar Freedom is all about, our mission is teach those who are willing, the foundations and ‘how to’ create a life that is deliberate, conscious and fulfilling to your Earthly and spiritual life. For no life is truly free if you are not paying attention to all aspects of life, a WHOLE life is the only life that will set you free! The whole is always greater that the sum of its parts, and each part must be known, otherwise you will not find true wholeness, freedom and happiness that is of soul and body.

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