There are four prime aspects to our consciousness, the conscious, super conscious, subconscious (also known as unconscious because we are often unaware of what is happening in this state) and also there is an offshoot from this unconscious called the ego, or our ‘personality.’

The conscious is when we are aware of what we are doing and why, how etc.

The super conscious is when we are in an exalted state of awareness, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, all knowing, all powerful everywhere all the time.

The sub conscious or unconscious is where the automatic programs work from, like our breathing, heart beating, nervous response, healing of wounds & injuries, creating new cells, etc. it is also however the storehouse for all our programming & conditioning from the external world, that comes from our parents, teachers, peers, authorities etc, and from this information we form beliefs, thoughts and habits that dictate and direct our lives, on Auto pilot.

Once we are aware we are on auto pilot and see ourselves doing and thinking things, then we have become ‘conscious’ in that moment. This is a peek into your freedom!

The sub conscious can also be rewired or reprogrammed with the truth, with knowledge, attitudes and understanding that can create a positively directed life, where the auto pilot is always leading you to the best possible version of yourself, and your ultimate freedom in love and light. This doesn’t mean hard stuff doesn’t happen, it just means you have more tools and energy to deal with the tough stuff.

From this unconscious storehouse of beliefs, comes our ego self, our little me, the part of us that is always concerned with our immediate needs, survival, bodily issues, and other such earthly aspects. The ego is not to be destroyed, it just needs to be integrated for a healthy life, when we dissolve the negative patterning in the subconscious and overlay it with the truth of our reality, love, peace and trust etc.

Also within our conscious aspect, we have two prime ways to use these amazing God given attributes, so that we are fully capturing and directing the energy in a balanced way..

We have the laser-focus aspect, which is great for concentrating, writing, reading, working on the computer, and any work that requires a singular point of focus. The mechanistic aspect of the world is creating this. This will lead to stress and tunnel vision if not balanced with the counter aspect.

And we have a floodlight, or peripheral aspect that is more relaxed, dreamy, contemplative, meditative, imaginative, creative and so on. This can also lead to impractical pursuits and laziness or drifting if not balanced!

We need both aspects to be in balance. When I look at the world and people today, I see that we are heavily in our tunnel vision laser aspect, especially around geo political subjects, peoples world view and our absolute preoccupation with using computer and devices .

Being in nature helps us balance automatically! Nature’s energy works on multi levels, to provide us with natural balancing, without input from your thoughts, or any required “action.”

Nature is not something to be taken for granted nor is it something we should view as “out there.” We are a natural emanation FROM WITHIN NATURE, we are not an accident supplanted along side it. We are literally like seeds that have popped out from the Earths womb, just like the trees and plants have popped out of the Earth.

Everything is connected, we are all tied to everything, by invisible threads of energy that bind us all into one larger conscious whole. Material objects included!

When you move, in thought, word and deed, you literally move the world along the same lines!

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