We are all imagineers, the only difference is some are imagining their worst nightmare and others are creating their greatest dream.

The cabal can only create their plans, by using us and our imagination in reverse.

In other words we create FOR them, rather than for ourselves, through fear and the use of polarising images.

Ordinary humans are the greatest creators, and we can only create that which we “image”.

To Image is the “I am that I see I am”.

To use imagination, is to create an “image-nation”; a world of living pictures, first in the mind and then it manifests in the physical.

This is what our ancestors, and later, the quantum physicists, have been saying over and over again.

We are projectors, and we create the movie of our life, with what we see internally.

To imagine your ultimate life, in the face of a perceived dystopian reality, IS the REAL WORK!

Muster the courage!

Without the spectre of this dystopia, we will NEVER move and grow as a soul & human being.

So the question is… what are you creating, and for whom are you creating it?

What do you see in your future world now?

Who do you have to become, in order to be a “soul imagineer?”

Having many experiences in life, travelling to different countries, creates many different perspectives or points of view, which greatly assists one to clearly imagine a beautiful world.

Imagination means there is NO matrix, except the one you see.

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Timeless Teachings with Yana Fry: A heart-to-heart with Tony Knight

How can we integrate business and spirituality? Why decentralised financing and crypto are an important part of the newly created world? Why The Earth is going through a major energetic shift right now and what it means for all of us? Why simplicity, self-sustainability, technology, and community is the future of our society?

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My name is Tony Knight (also known as KryptoneKnight) and I am here on Earth to awaken freedom in humanity, through expressing and applying the natural laws of reality to our lives. For the past 25 years I have created my businesses as vehicles in which I can live and work doing what I love, and assisting people to discover themselves in the process. Currently have my own Wholefood & organic sales consultancy called EarthStar, and I also speak, write and teach people how to integrate the natural laws of the universe into our everyday physical lives. I am now reinventing myself as a mentor and teacher on how to be our own banker and get financially free using new technologies known as blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi) and crypto currency. One of my life tasks has been to decode the world system matrix, and by using the blockchain, we can now create a new economic system based on serving the people and creating universal freedom inside and out. Decentralisation is Kryptonite to the centralised matrix!


Yana has been born into a mystical family and started her conscious journey at the age of 8. In her 20s and 30s, she travelled all over the world looking for answers to the most fundamental human questions: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? How Can I Stop Suffering? She studied with Lamas in Bhutan, Gurus in India, Shamans in Peru, and also modern coaches, psychotherapists, scientists, mentors literally on every continent. Eventually she arrived into inner place of stillness, where there were no more questions… and that’s when she started teaching and guiding others. Today Yana is well-known for her unique ability to walk in both wellness and spiritual worlds as well as the philanthropical and entrepreneurial worlds. She is the founder of Timeless Teachings Podcast and Awaken Human. Based in Singapore, she teaches and tours worldwide. People refer to her as a global speaker, spiritual teacher, wellness retreats facilitator, life coach, co-author of 3 books, award-winning poetess, and truth illuminator, who inspires, empowers, and educates globally. Yana’s mission is to help humans awaken their full potential through the inner (mind, body, soul) and outer (money, relationships, purpose) alignments for the benefit of all beings. Her clients and students come from 30+ countries and highly diverse backgrounds.

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I have been reading (slowly) the seminal book, A Course in Miracles. They talk about the “Atonement” as the cure of all our incorrect thinking and beliefs…basically it is the ultimate red pill!!

Once you swallow what the atonement actually is, because it can be nebulous, (and many here won’t get it) and what it actually does, then you would take the Atonement pill without question, because it becomes so obvious!

Basically we humans are suffering from a major case of self delusion, ignorance, and incorrect beliefs about the fundamentals of who we really are, and therefore all our views of our world paradigm, and ourselves, are incorrect by virtue of one core belief that lies deep within you - that we are separate beings, alone in the world. We have been subjected to layer upon layer upon layer of false conditioning and fearful beliefs that constantly affirm we are separate and “bad."

ALL beliefs by nature are incorrect, they all have come from someone else, or something outside of you, (news) and they need to be removed…then along comes the Atonement, which can sweep them all away!

ALL beliefs by nature are incorrect, they all have come from someone else

To ‘Atone’ is to clear away the debris of all our false conditioning and beliefs in one fell swoop...it may seem like a word laden with connotations of religion, but that’s your conditioning kicking in. To really atone, is even beyond forgiveness, it is a definite DECISION to set your Self and the great creator as ONE.

At-ONE-meant…to translate another way, when we know we are one with the creator and the One Earth, when we download this truth that is incontrovertible, as a basic tenet of our life, then it can render all our other erroneous beliefs Null and Void. There are no mistakes, there are no wrong decisions, there are no heinous crimes or perversions that we have committed, or think we have committed, that CANNOT be atoned for! It’s as simple as that!

To ‘Atone’ is to clear away the debris of all our false conditioning and beliefs in one fell swoop

Like I said many of you will be lost at this point, you will think I have lost my mind, and guess what? You are right!, Because in a manner of speaking, I HAVE, that’s the point, we have to get beyond our mind, and move into the knowing Self that is where our heart/soul and inner nature resides.

Simply entertain the thought of Atonement, and you will see how that one thought could take you on a journey that could fundamentally alter the course of your life forever on the right track. This is the correct use of the mind, to seed it with incontrovertible truths and values that are timeless laws of Nature, and you, can show you how, if your mind will let it!

we have to get beyond our mind, and move into the knowing Self that is where our heart/soul and inner nature resides

True Knowledge is both scientific, unchangeable, and consciousness- or love-based. The  greatest natural laws were handed down in the 7 Hermetic Principles.

These are the Principles, taught by Thoth, and later Hermes, that govern our material and spiritual life. Whether Thoth was an actual god or a very wise man, we do not know. But what is certain is that the wisdom is true enough to stand the test of time. Knowing these principles, the Universal Laws, shall reveal insights to the deeper spiritual and scientific nature of reality.

When you understand, practice and APPLY the 7 Hermetic Principles, you will understand the very foundation of Life and yourself, hence why EarthStar Freedom focuses on these principal laws, as everything else in our existence is covered by these 7 principles, known by Gnostics as the highest truths, other than the absolute truth which cannot be known in physical form. 

It’s also important to note, that although Love as a truth is inferred in every one of these principles, it is not explicitly or obviously apparent, so we believe there needs to be another principle of compassion and love that is IMPLICITLY stated. This is what is needed for this modern day and for right now, coming together as a community, sharing, scaring and loving is what will ultimately save mankind and allow us to prosper. No one is above these laws, use them and rise, ignore them at your peril. This knowledge is power and empowering because it allows you to stand strong against the tide of illusion. 

The great pyramids of Giza, built by Thoth.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

“All is mind, the Universe is Mental.”

This is the first principle, because consciousness is the primary condition of existence, and just as we can visualise our thoughts in our mind, it is said the creator's prime ‘thought’ visualised us and the universe in its ‘mind’, and projected it out for everything to become manifest! Pretty amazing huh?!

The law of mind states that everything is mental in nature. All that is physically created is mental in essence because the essence of everything is mind. This explains many circumstances such as psychic phenomena. Even our actions arise from thoughts. What we think we shall become.

When we have the right thoughts, the right actions will follow.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above”.

The ancients believed that the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm, and vice versa. The Bible has also said that God created mankind in his own image. To solve complex paradoxes, we look at what is above us and below us. Because what works for the planets also works for the atoms. And what works for the solar system and atomic system also works for the human system. All things have its equivalent part – physically, mentally, and spiritually – which are in harmony with another.

Physical, mental, and spiritual are not separated but flow in the same line with different degrees of existence.

3. The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.”

The Principle of vibration is one of the accepted laws of the modern science which states that all of life is vibrations at different frequencies.

You vibrate. Trees vibrate. Sounds and thoughts vibrate. Some vibrate slower and others vibrate at a high frequency. Higher frequency vibrations are in the realm of the unseen while lower frequency vibrations resides in the physical world where our sights can translate the “visible light.”

Do you see how water evaporates? When water is heated, the molecules becomes excited and vibrate so fast that the molecules break free of their bonds and turn into vapor and rise up to the sky. Even though the water turns into vapor, it doesn’t mean that the atoms of water are lost. It is in a different state of vibration.

Everything is in motion. We either vibrate at a state of harmony or a state of chaos. This is within your control.

4. The Principle of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree’ extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

Everything has its polar opposites. We live in a world of Dualism.

There is hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil, etc. We cannot have one without the other. However, what appears as dualism is but unity in disguise. If we look at a thermometer, when does hot start and cold begin? They are both of the same quality but in different degree.

The key to understanding polarity is in our mind.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the wring to the left; rhythm compensates”.

There is a rhythm. There is a cycle. What flows in, flows out. What swings forward will swing back. And what comes up goes down. You can enjoy the fruits of the highest highs. But you can’t overcome the destruction of the lowest lows. You can only neutralize it to a degree. Here you have to understand that no matter how high we are, we will eventually hit a low tide. The seasons change and the summer will become winter. There are days when crops are greatly harvested and days when the seasons are too rough to plant.

If you understand this law, then you can learn to enjoy the rise and neutralize the falling season of our life.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

Who can forget that for every cause there is an effect?

There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is done by the law of cause and effect. What comes to us may appear coincidence because we are not clear on what the cause arise from. When we are aware of this law, we can become causers instead of the effect of the cause. By dominating our moods, characters, qualities, and powers, we become masters of ourselves.

In careful consideration of the cause, we can create a better effect.

7. The Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

Also known as the Principle of Generation, it says that everything contains two elements: masculine and feminine.

In the physical, we understood this to mean “man” and “woman”. But even so, a man can have masculine and feminine qualities and so can a woman. To understand this principle on a higher plane, it goes beyond man and woman and into the realm of polar extreme energies. In Taoist alchemy, masculine and feminine are believed to be the same energy in two different forms.

Everything in creation and generation has gender. To create, there must be infused masculine and feminine force. In physical world, we create babies by infusing the masculine sperm and the feminine egg. In the mental sphere, we bring forth action by infusing our Will and assertion with our creative force.

The planets, as well as the atomic system, have come into life through gender.

When I talk to people, I lot of them fall into 3 main camps, either they have never even considered freedom at all, or they think they are already free enough (in some or all areas of life), or they think the idea of being TRULY free is a pipe dream or fallacy, as we are locked into a political/financial/legal Matrix prison!

I contend there is a fourth category, which is that we can deliberately create real conscious freedom in all areas of our life, permanently! Freedom is an abstract term to many, which describes a sort of ‘Alice n Wonderland‘ type fantasy that is unattainable to many people, or that it is reserved for a fortunate few who have acquired fame, or made lots of money.

What does freedom actually mean to you, in the real world? Does it mean having lots of money, the big house and beach house, fame, beautiful partner, having a family, living on the road, being single even! I contend that some people may see freedom in one or some of these examples, however TRUE actualised freedom is none of these, although some of these situations may appear in a free beings life. The point I’m making is if we chase after a physical or material goal for freedom, we will never be free, whether we realise that goal or not, much like happiness!

Freedom has many layers and is based on people’s perceptions, “some like it hot and others like it cool“, however true freedom can move into the deeper realms that make up a life, we can delve into creating a “Freedom Foundation”, such that whatever happens on the physical material or worldly level has absolutely NO bearing on our unshakable, objective, Feeling and knowing of unlimited, infinite, eternal....freedom!!

Happiness is intrinsically linked to freedom. When we feel happy, we feel free, and vice versa. The point of life could be said to be happiness or freedom, however when you are unclear what really makes you happy or free, then how can attain it? Happiness or freedom is not a destination, this is one big mistake people make, is they say they will be happy, or free, when such n such happens! This is the trap of our dual world, media, advertising and therefore we get this ‘pressure’ to chase ‘it’ from ourselves, family, friends and peers. Chasing will lead to wasting.

When you realise freedom is to be created, just like building a house, and like a building you need a foundation, you need walls, furnishings and a roof! One thing I find that makes this process easier is to break down the goal of freedom into smaller ‘chunks’ of life that you would like to see in your life, based on 5 key areas of life. Health, wealth, mental, emotional, spiritual and I would add another area I call Knowledge or ‘knowing freedom’.

Knowing the right knowledge is the foundation from which real freedom can be manifested. What is the ‘right’ knowledge? It is the natural universal laws that underlie and govern all of life, It is knowing who we are, it is what makes the Earth revolve around the sun and move through our galaxy, it is what makes the sun shine, it is what created all life and humanity, it is what holds all matter together and it is dependant on what we create in our lives, including freedom, love, wisdom, abundance and anything!

This is what EarthStar Freedom is all about, our mission is teach those who are willing, the foundations and ‘how to’ create a life that is deliberate, conscious and fulfilling to your Earthly and spiritual life. For no life is truly free if you are not paying attention to all aspects of life, a WHOLE life is the only life that will set you free! The whole is always greater that the sum of its parts, and each part must be known, otherwise you will not find true wholeness, freedom and happiness that is of soul and body.

I think the world is ready for people to move beyond the ‘new age’ practices and ‘personal’ development, and step into what I call “Whole Life development”, or developing wholeness in every area of life, thus enabling our life to expand into a greater whole. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, however I don’t know many people who have worked on really drilling down into all areas of life, and synthesising and synergising all the parts into something much greater than you could ever imagine.

How we can do this, is by gathering the right information, fully understanding that data so it becomes knowledge and then going out and expressing and applying it, so that it becomes real wisdom. This is the basis of what the Trivium is all about, a three step system taught in ancient mystery schools (and in the “prep” schools in America).
Much of what we were taught in school is simply rote information, that is not going to be of much help in the real world.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s world, we need Self Knowledge, we need to know the Natural sciences and universal laws and we need some awareness on how the world system operates. This synthesis of tripartite knowledge will enable us to not only better understand ourselves, this body of knowledge is the basis of a true foundation that we can truly rely on, because it is unchanging, immutable, omniscient, Omnipresent and omnipotent! Another words it leads to all powerful living, everywhere now and all knowing! Many secrets hidden within, suddenly become unlocked, we are literally encoded beings and the key is to crack the inner codes, and then you really can start to live in freedom!

The EarthStar Freedom project is developing a totally unique system and templates by which we can easily download the knowledge into our lives, and once we do, the beautiful thing is ALL areas of your life will be harmonised and operating at a level that you cannot even dream about now! We don’t know we don’t know, or that we know!

How do you turn ignorance into knowing? I can assure you it won’t happen by continually doing the same linear, conditioned things over and over! You will get the same result, because you are not tapping into, and unlocking the inner codes that lie dormant, waiting to be turned on! These codes are how nature was created and how it works, we are natural beings, with our consciousness we can seek and find the same codes that enables us to have a planet in the first place.

All life proceeds from law, not man made law, universal law! Know the laws, and you will know whatever you need to make your WHOLE life amazing, whether it be work, finances, relationships, spirituality, all aspects of your life can work in harmony, giving you a sense of real fulfilment.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, what is time? How do we gauge time, why is one minute, one hour, one day, year etc the length of time it is, as per our clock? What is the difference between ‘clock time’ and ‘natural time’, and how is ‘time’ so critical to our freedoms?

Time is absolutely critical to freedom, so much so that I see it as one of the most important issues to address when exploring freedom....this time factor is a very deep rabbit hole so I will try and just stick to the basics today so you get an overview of how restricting, or freeing, time can be, to the degree you are conscious and aware.

Time as we know it by the clock, is simply an earthly measure of the natural cycles of universal time, as governed by the movement of the Earth around the sun, and the cycles of the moon, planets and stars. A 24 hour day is comprised of 2 x 12 hour halves of day and night, deduced by the suns position at each equinox, when there is equal hours of day and night as the sun rises on the equator at that particular ‘junction’ of our Earth and sun. In ancient Egyptian times, Horus depicts the rising sun, as it rises on the East ‘Horus-izon’ and as each of the ‘hours’ (anagram of Horus) pass, this signifies the sun God ‘rising’ to its most high position at noon, as ‘Ra’ (Sun God). As more hours pass (also denoted as ‘degrees’ of Light quotient we are receiving), the sun eventually reaches the horizon in the west, where the sun is known as “Set” (or Seth) in Egypt, and then Osiris “eats” the sun and night is known as the ‘underworld’.

This example shows how the directions are also important as they denotes ‘space’, and we know ‘time and space’ are intricately connected as two sides of the same coin, as per the Natural law of polarity. Also, there is nothing inherently sinister about the dark, it is simply a natural law of our universe and depicts the time of no light, which is designed for rest, reflection and renewal. The ‘dark’ has been equated with ‘evil’ in this day and age, and that is another Matrix trap.

A year is a full revolution of the Earth around the sun, where it ‘returns’ (Many happy solar returns!) to the same position, relative to the Earth, as to when the year started. As we move around the sun, it traces a sine wave pattern, just like waves on the ocean (see image below) The 1st January is used as the year start because our sister star, Sirius, is in alignment with our sun and Earth. The moon governs our tides, and roughly every 12 hours the tide moves from “full” to “lowest ebb” and of course roughly one month is a full moon cycle.

Much larger time periods are related to the suns movement through the horoscope, our solar systems relation to the Great central sun of our galaxy (Milky Way) and this creates the great year, which is 24,000 to 26,000 calendar years, depending on the precession of the equinoxes and the elliptical nature of our orbit around the galaxy centre.

So now that I have set the scene for how the measurement of time came about, we can use these natural cycles of the rising and setting sun, the moon ebb and full flow, the seasons, equinoxes and solstices as a way to measure ‘real time’, which is nothing more that changing ‘waves’ of energy, and the many variations or ‘flavours’ of energy that come about sending in where the sun is, in aspect to the background sky, which is the horoscope.

Different energies come from different quadrants of the universal star clusters, which helped our ancestors to map out long time periods, forecast events, prophecies etc, while the yearly cycles and moon helped them with seeding, cropping, harvesting and generally preparing for each season for their every day lives. Most of the great Ancient wonders of the world, pyramids, standing stones etc where erected as ‘markers of time’, among many other reasons!

Therefore when we are living our lives in this everyday modern way, many people are highly stressed out because they always feel there is “not enough time”, they are “out of time”, and people get more stressed as they sit in traffic, wait in long queues or generally are late or feel they are late! When we are constantly running against the clock, we are not in sync or in alignment with the general flows and ebbs of life...we are in a constant state of resistance, incoherence, dissonance and therefore this shows up as stress. And stress is the number one killer of humans today, most disease comes from stress, which impacts on the flows of blood and oxygen, and contributes to a lack of nutrients or excessive toxins and chemicals (like Adrenalin) in the body.

The saying “time is money” is erroneous and false when taken into proper context with universal time. To have to work to strict hours, to be always on the go when we need to be resting, or vice versa, we are going to have problems, and this means we are not free and are fully immersed in the Matrix, or a simulated construct of life that is not in harmony with our soul and the greater plan and purpose for our lives.

There is a saying that “no one is more enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free”, and I think this saying applies to most people on Earth, to various degrees, because we are all bound by ‘clock time’, and we are all forced to participate in a system, via countless transactions and regulations, that is not in harmony with nature, or universal time, and space. Even the ‘space’ we are allocated to live is being restricted now, as a world wide drive is on to herd people into smaller and smaller confined areas and apartments.

So, first things first, I think understanding time is critically important to living a life of freedom, because without that awareness, we are simply like mice on a wheel, working, going to work, living in a continual routine governed by the clock. To be free of the system, we must first be aware of the system we are in, and then we can make a plan based on this context.

This is why the teachings on being in the “present”, or being with “presence” and living in the “now” is so valid and vital that we understand. When we slow down and learn to harmonise with universal time, we can still do our daily work and live, however we can do what we do, while we are aware and conscious of true time, which is greatly freeing and a good start on the journey to true freedom on every level. Mediation and yoga are great tools!

Freedom is both a worthy vision and an action or value we can live by, all the best values are like this, another words the reward of what you most value in life, is in the action of the value itself. Patience brings more patience, freedom brings more freedom and responsibility bring more responsibility etc etc.

The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”


This revelation is huge if we apply it consciously to our life…it means the invisible field of energy, that is within us and all around us, is what creates and sustains matter. We can learn to tap into the field and therefore create our own reality.

Quantum physics describes this perfectly, all things are infinite possibility in the field, however when we focus on something, we collapse the wave form into matter. Where our attention goes, so does our energy. We are far more powerful that what we have been led to believe, however due to constant ‘programming from the cradle to our grave’, the magic of our essence is largely lost for many.

We are living in a time where our natural birthrights such as freedom of speech and movement, rights to fair justice, fair and equitable reward for our work, access to clean water and fresh food, natural and safe health remedies and many environmental crimes are being committed on the Earth in the name of “progress” or “sustainability” are being carried out.

In order for us to have our natural birthrights, we need to claim them in no uncertain terms, otherwise someone else will claim them for us, just like a parcel that was sent out and returned, “return to sender, no one at this address”. The lights are on, but no one is home, your body is a being of Light, but for many, no ONE is consciously inhabiting their home.

By this I mean that we are not aware of who we really are and why we are here, we are not standing on the Earth with that conviction and awareness that we are connected to something much greater than our physical body and this mechanical world.

When one turns within and touches the divine within them, then everything becomes possible, you have connected with the “field” within your Self and this starts a chain reaction of upward seeking positive emotions and thoughts that cannot be stopped.

And you may be thinking that “touching the divine within” is some kind of a joke, or impossibility only reserved for people like Jesus or some monk in a cave, but I can tell you with absolute truth there are many ordinary people doing just that by communing with nature, following a consistent meditation or simply awakening to the beauty that is in us and around us.

Everyone is always on the edge of touching this magical essence, when we view a flower, watch a sunrise or sunset, when we look down at the Earth from a plane, witness a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, or a baby being born, even the act of making a baby, and there are many many events that occur in our everyday lives that are going unnoticed yet something is also tugging at your heart and mind, it only requires us to stop and notice in that moment.

Each passing moment, is another moment of divinity that goes unnoticed, when you comprehend that you are alive, here and now, your heart is beating, ask yourself, what is doing that?, the nervous system and how it works is miraculous! Did you know that your brain is the one that sees, and the eyes are the lens only, your brain hears and the ears are the medium, and all your senses are doorways to another world, not the world itself.

So contemplation and attention to the wonders of you and the world, are a prerequisite to the realisation of those wonders in your actual life, and therefore embodying those wonders are your living reality. You are the creators of your reality, no one else is here to live your life, and only you can make the world you really want to live in. By loving who you are and loving what you do, you can inch by inch create the world you love, because you are living it!

When each ONE of us is living in such a way, the world will become full of other ONES doing just the same, and the world will become a reflection of the ONEness that we all desire at a soul level. Your soul has come from the invisible field, and has created this ‘particle’ called a body, surely it is the least you can do to return the favour by acknowledging that creation and therefore helping your soul to fulfill its divine mission of realisation, to know and be …one love.

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