“Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another”.

This is the law of conservation, which only holds true in traditional physics, IMO. This is the first law of thermodynamics, and is related specifically to a “closed system”, therefore it is subject to a lot of misinterpretation.

As I believe we are living in a simulation, the system is ‘closed’ to a large degree, via our atmospheric layers and the physical light spectrum. Light we see is only 0.03% of the whole light spectrum. Some say the Van Allen belt closes us in from outside influence, other ‘flat earthers’ say we have a dome or firmament above us, I think that is just the magnetosphere (our electro magnetic layer in the upper atmosphere).

I believe we have been greatly deceived in our traditional sciences, and this law is used as ‘proof of further untruths’, such as climate change and flat Earth Theory.

For example the saying goes that as we continue to use carbon based fuels, the CO2 is continually building up because it has no where to go. Which is illogical when you understand etheric energy and quantum fields. The suns plasma and sunlight, with its electromagnetic ejections called Solar flares or CMEs, can obviously penetrate through our atmosphere, and so can cosmic radiation and scalar fields, which is primary to even EM frequencies. The combination of these forces act upon everything on the planet, including CO2 which is central to LIFE, to help raise our energy frequency and Light Quotient.

However in relation to man made systems, and earth bound technologies, this law holds true. We experience it in action all the time, such as; food contains energy measured in calories, or kilojoules, which then converts to energy for us to use in thinking and physical activity, which impels us to grow (or shop) for more food and so the cycle continues.

Energy is contained within ancient plant matter, which is converted into various fuels, which then power our cars, homes and factories, which then produce ‘stuff’ for us to consume. (Much of which is not necessary!) energy is being transformed all the time, everywhere.

This analogy also applies to money and currency. It is through our work energy, that creates ‘currency’, which then is used to buy food, clothing, necessities (supposedly) we need, yet that energy is being constantly recycled! Like when we die, our soul “passes over” the threshold of this realm and into another form, only to return again, if you are at the frequency where you have yet to transcend this physical realm.

To transcend or transmute, is of a higher vibrational frequency than mere transformation, and does not imply “recycling” energy, but of ‘trans-sending’ the energy into another paradigm reality.

This is the challenge for us at this time, to stop the constant “round and round we go, but not actually growing in energy of reality life!”

We need to transcend ALL the man made “laws” in their “closed system”, to natural Lores in a totally open series of interconnected eco-systems.

Our body is a perfect open eco system, that we can remain anchored in, however our energy can transcend our physical body to previously unimaginable realms of infinite energy.

Our body is NOT isolated, we are energy beings connected to everything and everyone on Earth, and to every non thing in all the entirety of universes! THAT is empowerment!!

The Quantum field is kryptonite to the matrix.

Veda is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist  and author. She has dedicated the last 8 years observing and photographing the life of water. She believes that water is fluid intelligence, observing itself through every living organism on the planet and in the Universe. 

Her primary area of focus is photographing water in its ‘state of creation’, the space between liquid and ice. It is through her remarkable crystallographic photos that water reveals its awareness of not only Creation, but thought and intention through imagery. 

me in sedona.jpg

Veda brings a message of hope and joy from the very source of life itself, she says “Water is transparent, it knows no colour, creed or religion. Water does not judge, nor does it label, it will enter the body of an ant as easily as it will enter the body of a king, or a homeless person or a tree or a dragonfly. Water is our constant companion, from the moment we are conceived it is always with us...even upon death, it is water that evaporates from the physical rising upwards into the Heavens. ​

Veda sees water as Source rather than a resource, and considers all bodies of water to be sacred. Her passion for water extends out of the freezer and into primary schools where she donates time teaching water science and cleverly intertwines it with art projects. She loves to reconnect children to the living water systems inside and outside of their bodies, believing that the 'tamariki' (children) are the water bearers of the future. She also spends a lot of time doing interviews and podcasts where she shares her findings and inspiring perspectives.

Actually a lot, since time immemorial, the elites of the day have used language as a form of mind control, because letters are codes, which form words, and the resulting sound impacts our mind and life in direct ways.

The letters also directly correspond to numbers, and any computer programmer knows that it’s 1’s and 0’s that create everything in the digital world. One and zero also are source codes, and responsible for creating everything we have in the natural world. Also our genetic code is made up of letters, which arranged in a certain order, create our DNA and therefore our body. TGAC.

Numbers and letters tell a story of creation

0 equals the void, or source, from which comes all life, 1 equals the male principle of creation, number 2 corresponds to the divine feminine principle of creation, and 3 is the resultant ‘marriage’ of 1 and 2, where these dual energies become materialised as the physical world and human beings. The story of the meaning of numbers goes on to infinity.

A also equals 1, B = 2, C = 3, and so on. It’s no accident there are 26 letters in our alpha-bet(a) because that is the fractal of 26,000. (Circumference of the Earth in kms and number of years to circumnavigate our great central sun)

Angel means angle, because they both relate to degrees of light and space

So back to the words, angel means angle, angels are considered “Light beings”, and angles come from geometry and they mean “radiant Light”, or degrees of light. Certain degrees, as you go around a circle, are critical angles, such as 30, 45, 60, 90, 180, 260. These angels relate to the degree where certain geometrical shapes intersect the circle. Radiant relates to radial, radiation, radius. Our alleged original Earth colonisers refer to themselves as the “fallen angels”, because they “fell” to our planet.

We must circumnavigate the entire circle in order to understand the whole truth

For one to obtain the whole truth of our world, we must circumnavigate the circle and explore every angle and degree, in order to build a complete picture of ourselves and the world. Mathematics and geometry are major clues, or codes which indicate what truth the degree, or angle applies to.

The cross within the circle is a basic example, where each directional point pertains to a vital aspect of our life, all at 90 degrees to each other. East, North, West and South. The atomic structure, head, body, planet and cosmic space, when overlayed with a circle, will begin to tell a story that relates to the nature of reality and how we operate within each ‘frequency’ of the circle.

Energy moves in circular patterns and all matter is made up of circles, spheres and squares at a base level.

Words are used in the legal and financial arenas in order to control people

English literally means “the language of the angels”, this language is being promoted by the elites as their “master language” for the world, partly because it is so easy to mislead people through the various different meanings of the same or similar words. This means we have to look at words from various different ‘angles’. This is coding, syntax and by intoning words, we create sounds, which makes vibrations which leads to manifestations.

Our legal, political and financial system particularly uses words to deceive and to mislead, in order to keep their power. When we begin to understand the codings, we can understand everything about ourselves and our world/universe.

Words have a trinity of meaning

Words have three main components, as the context (back ground, big picture), coding as in letters and numbers already mentioned, and the sounds of the words.

In English, words can be spelt differently yet sound the same, therefore the meaning is going to be related. Words are like ‘spells’, because they can be used to deceive. The pen is mightier than the sword, the real sword, are words. “He is so cutting”, is a phrase that says it all. This is why music and sound is so important to our life.

Words are vibrations

In the beginning was the word. Words are vibrational. Everything is in constant state of vibration. Etymology, or the understanding of Root word meanings, is a fascinating journey and highly recommend it as an Avenue to know the real scientific, objective truths and natural laws.

In ancient times, they studied in order the seven liberal arts

  1. Grammar (language means knowing foundational truth)
  2. Logic (understanding how it all fits together)
  3. Rhetoric (putting our understanding into action, this is wisdom)
  4. Numbers/mathematics (understanding energy & creation through number codes)
  5. Geometry (numbers expressed in space, templates of creation)
  6. Music (numbers expressed in time, sound frequency)
  7. Astrology (numbers expressed in time and space)

Numbers and letters relate to the allegory of Adam and Eve in the bible.
Logos, from the word astrology also means “the word of God”, or the creative intelligence of the universe. Adam means atom, and Eve comes from the letter M. Broken down, M makes IVI. Rearrange these letters to form VII and you have sEVEn. 7 chakras, 7 visible colours, 7 is a key number relating to creation. I could go on decoding our language for hours, but you get the picture!

Knowledge is power once applied, this is why we need the source codes

This is how we are living in a simulation, based on the science of numbers, letters and words, distorted and twisted, which means we are not getting the “SOURCE CODES to life. Once we understand these symbols and codes, then we can align with source, and create a true natural paradise on Earth.

A being of this stature needs no regulations, because political rules and regulations are ONLY for the unitiated, unaware people. This is why this type of knowledge is power, when understood and applied. Consciousness is therefore primary to true freedom. That’s why there’s a war going on in the world right now, for our consciousness and to subvert our minds.

Be careful what you think and say, because you are either adding to the chaos of the world, or soothing it!

since time immemorial, the elites of the day have used language as a form of mind control

The EarthStar quantum mission

Many people today are starved of meaningful connections to their Self, each other, the world & their conscious creative potential. By understanding our inner nature and the elemental universal truths, we can cause people to re-charge their health, wealth, & core energy, through applying and integrating the EarthStar™ WholeLife templates, thus awakening freedom and wisdom, for one and ALL.

There is no way out of the matrix when we cannot change our perceptions

When we look at our life and the world, we must start thinking in terms of energy, frequency, vibration, wholeness and elemental, or natural principles. We must start thinking in terms of ‘being at cause’, to cause life, not being at its effect, or focused on symptoms.

This requires a reprogramming of our minds, shifting from seeing, then believing, to believing first, then seeing, then from believing to knowing. There is not way out of the matrix, when we cannot change our perceptions.

We are highly programmable beings, easily subject to subliminal messages

We are highly programmable beings, and for centuries the human race has been subjected to multiple seeded mind programs that have not served us people. These “programs” are principally embedded within our music, movies, media, advertising, computers, software and school/university teachings.

Most of the information we take in is subliminal, through words, sounds, Light, transmitted via electro magnetic pulses to our 5 senses. Our brain then decodes these Light/sound vibrations and transmits them to our mind as thoughts which create emotions, based upon our beliefs and our prior ‘programming’.

Our brain and body is like an antenna

Our brain and body, is immersed in a field of energy, and we are like an antenna, picking up all manner of sensations and information in our environment, via our nervous system. And we transmit energy out to the world, and ourselves, via thought and feeling. In order to understand how to re-program ourselves, in such a way as to be aligned with who we truly are, we have created the EarthStar system, with various natural, geometrical, numerical models which mirror how nature works.

We can reverse engineer ourselves by looking at each prime element that we are comprised of, and breaking them down into smaller chunks until we connect with our energy source. This is what Newton and Darwin was doing, however they could not reconcile our energetic, divine source and only looked at us as a ‘machine and material only’, with chemically induced reactions.

Our brain and body, is immersed in a field of energy, and we are like an antenna, picking up all manner of sensations and information in our environment, via our nervous system.

Our energy is our baseline and source - Energy is everything

The truth is our energy, light n sound, is our baseline and source, which in turn makes our body, and it is this energy that creates the chemical impulses. Emotions (means energy in motion) and thoughts together create a certain energy which turns on, or off, certain chemicals in our body to make us feel depressed or happy or whatever.

Emotions are far more powerful than thoughts, because they reside deeper in the subconscious and live in every cell of our body. This is why when you had a strong emotional reaction as a child, you can remember it vividly with bodily feeling, when triggered by a current event.

Numbers are specific resonant frequencies or energies

Beliefs are also powerful, because they are repeated thoughts, with strong emotions tied together. You know when you are clashing with someone’s deep seated beliefs, as they will often react violently or with strong emotions. We can consciously start working to erase and dissolve these old programs, by installing new ones that are aligned with truth, freedom, purpose, serving, gratitude, forgiveness and many more positive attitudes and states.

One way achieve this, is to break down our existence into numbers. Here we highlight numbers 3, 4, 5, 7 & 12 which are specific resonant energies, states of being, attributes and sequences of thought.

Beliefs are also powerful, because they are repeated thoughts, with strong emotions tied together.

The power of three and the trinity

The principles of three, or the trinity, is a powerful model we can use because ‘new physical creation comes on the count of three’. The number three is related to the “child” in ancient wisdom, which is an metaphor for a new creation. 1 is the masculine, two is the feminine principle and three is the result, which is where we “see” the creation.

Father, son and Holy Ghost; or mind, body and soul are also two metaphoric examples. You will see the power of three in mathematics, geometry (triangle) and nature,(3 leaves, clover, branches on a tree etc) but this principle can also be applied to business, a speech, a company by line, values, tasks, goals etc.

The ‘three things principle’ is powerful because the mind can think and retain information efficiently in lots of three. It also relates to our 3D physical reality.

Number four is the cross in another form.

The number four builds upon the initial creation of three, to create more complex systems, and is used to explain the physical Earth structures, 4 elements, 4 directions, 4 seasons and other cycles on Earth. 4 is also depicting the cross; above - below; and left -right hand planes of existence.

The principles of five energy

Then comes the principle energy of 5, which is associated with a bigger picture, a larger context of Earth life, with expanded spirit. The power of 5 is related to the 4 Earth elements of life, plus the 5th element ether which is our source, the divine matrix and is the invisible ‘glue’ that binds the physical Earth plane together.

Each element corresponds to spirit, soul, mind, emotion and physical structures. This can be broken down into many other components, both cross contextually, (similar background, different aspect) and into smaller and smaller ‘details’ that make up life. I call this The EarthStarTree of Life.

For example, the element Earth could be described as follows;
The Planet Earth.
Our home.
Trees, animals, minerals.
Our physical body.
Material things.
Systems and structures (as in a business sense, or in the Earth, i.e. soil)
Thinking processes are detailed and analytical in nature.
Building Foundations as a key value.
How, or ‘how to…’, is the main question.
Relates to our sense of sight.
…..and I could name many other qualities, concepts and details.

The prime elements are powerful tools for co creation

We can do this process for all the elements and apply the results to many areas of life, including deducing our personality strengths and weaknesses, relationships, businesses, our work, values, ways of learning, finding our purpose, our spiritual lives. This deduction reasoning method can even be used to create a new world financial system or political structure! The 5 elements could also correspond to a ‘quantum higher 5D resonance’, when fully integrated as one whole on Earth.

The power of seven is everywhere.

You could say the Solar system is constructed in fives, however our universe, and higher selves is constructed ultimately in lots of seven and twelve. We have seven chakras (seals), 7 notes, 7 colours, 7 heavens. The number seven deals with a much deeper and spiritual aspect of our lives, as well as being on Earth. Divide a circle by 7 and you get 51.4285714, almost identical to the angle of the sides of the Great pyramid of Egypt.

The power of twelve is related to day and night.

Twelve is a much bigger context again, and relates to the zodiac houses, time (equinoxes, day and night etc), space and high dimensional realities beyond our comprehension. Having said that, all numbers are integral to our universal energy, numbers are perfectly rational and immutable, they will always be true to their ‘tune’, just as with musical notes and geometrical shapes.

They are all correlated and synchronised with each other, as all energy is entwined in and around us. Divide a circle into 12 and you get 30 degrees, which is the latitude that the Great Pyramid sits on. Nothing is random in universal law.

So the secret is to use the elements and our mind, body, soul, as doorways and portals into the inner realms, not only of our selves, but the whole universe. When in that state of attention, on the elements of our creation, we can truly create our hearts desire.

Nothing is random in universal law.

In this particular time on Earth, with great changes and uncertainty swirling around us, I contend that we are being called to step up, and move from our ego of personal wants and desires, to a more expanded reality of inclusiveness, and creating self sustaining eco-systems that benefit the greater whole.

Our education system does not provide us with teachings of self-awareness

From the time we are born, we are immediately taught and conditioned into the ways of the physical material word as the only ‘reality’ worth knowing. We are taught by an education system that ‘bigger, faster and more competitiveness’ is the way to success, truth and happiness. We must fight to get what we want, because it’s a dog eat dog world, only the strong will survive.

We are also heavily indoctrinated in the material sciences, religion, (or anti God), that consumerism, and greed is good. We have well-meaning teachers, in school and universities, who are unwittingly passing on relatively useless information, because very little actually is useful for a conscious life, creation and knowing your real Self.

We must conform, otherwise we look abnormal

As we grow up and enter the ‘work force’, which does accurately describe what work is these days, we must conform, we must be like parrots of the mainstream narrative in order to keep our job, look ‘normal’ and supposedly be happy with this. Along with this, we are constantly reinforcing our ego-self, which essentially is that aspect of ourselves that is concerned with physical needs, material wants, vanity, self image, survival, self deprecation and other self destructive emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, we need the ego-self, it has a function, we are are not here to destroy the ego entirely.

Don’t fight your ego, or anything; observe and integrate

Remember, anything we have to ‘fight’ is going to persist with more of what we don’t want. The ego is needed for ensuring our basic needs are met, for maintaining our physical body and material needs. We can have a healthy ego, as long as it is in balance and properly integrated with our soul, mind, heart and life.

As we grow into life, we must feel worthy, have appreciation for our personal gifts and strengths, eat right, take care of our temple physical body, have a good circle of friends and be connected to the physical realm, without being attached to our own perceived self of importance, or no importance. We are all gifts of the divine.

We need a healthy balanced ego, brings physical mental and emotional well being

A healthy balanced ego, leads to a healthy body, which in turn leads to healthy emotions and thoughts, good communications of listening and sharing in positive relationships, and ultimately this leads to a healthy soulful life, with passion and a sense of purpose for something greater than yourself. You could say, the ego is our home base, it is ground zero, it is our personality.

A healthy balanced ego, leads to a healthy body, which in turn leads to healthy emotions and thoughts

We need to learn by our mistakes, many of which are ego related, through being loud, boastful, crass, cheating etc, to fearful, withdrawn, depressed, guilty, shame etc. All negative emotions (and some positive ones) have ego behind them, which is often related to attachment or unrealistic expectations.

Many of these are caused by our early conditioned upbringing, unhealthy family environment, education and circle of friends, which is then imprinted into our subconscious, only to continually resurface time and again as an ego drama with others. We will always be seeking, but never realising.

The big ego purge is now on, it’s time to awaken

Now the time has come where it seems like we are almost being pushed from all sides to move beyond our petty selfish wants and desires, to a ‘higher’ more expanded way of being and living, that is in keeping with service and assisting others.

For those who have done lots of work on themselves, may find this process a lot easier, however what we are going through is still challenging on many levels. For those people that feel permanently stuck, angry, constantly upset and fearful, this is a good thing, because your subconscious conditioned patterns are coming up for release.

The anger and fear is natural, it becomes unnatural and destructive when we cannot let go, when we are constantly rehashing negative scenarios over and over. Humans did not come into the world with a handbook on living, or a ready made instruction manual.

We need an upgrade of our soul operating system

The trick is to somehow move from looking outside, to the world or others to solve our problems, and find your energy within as a way to live our life. This takes a perceptional shift, in the way we look at ourself and the world. More information, content, money, material things, the latest craze is not going to solve any of your problems.

What is required is an upgrade in your operating system. The secret to transformation, is transmutation using our natural energy, then we can transcend our troubles and perceived problems. “We cannot solve any problems, at the level which they were created”. Albert Einstein.

“We cannot solve any problems, at the level which they were created”

Albert Einstein

We are all Light and sound energy at our core being

We are all natural energy beings of Light, another words we are created by a natural process of energy evolution, through electromagnetic Light and sound. If we are created and sustained by this energy, then we can harness and utilise the energy to recreate our life.

We are part of a natural eco-system, however many of us have forgotten this. When we look outside at nature, we are seeing an eco-system, with the microbes, minerals, soil, land, plants, trees, insects, animals, lakes, rivers, rain, oceans, air, wind, clouds, atmosphere, sun, heat, fire, sky, planets….Earth and stars.

You will notice that I have listed all the main visible, or felt aspects of our natural elements, in order from underground Earth to the space above.

Earth is a living energetic ECO system

Every prime Earth planet element, earth, water, air and fire are eco systems in their own right, they are the result of certain energetic alchemical processes, however when they are integrated together, they create a much greater whole, an energetic living eco system.

We humans are a key aspect of this eco-system, because we are made of the same elements, we are sustained by these elements for life, and we can use these elements, with our consciousness to further enhance our lives and environment.

The elements are doorways and windows into the subterranean energies, which we can tap into so that we can apply those elemental qualities to our life and others.

We humans are a key aspect of this eco-system, because we are made of the same elements

Learn Natural Intelligence, NI, for manifesting from within

If we go even deeper we can delve into the source codes for life, where we can develop what I call NI, Natural Intelligence. In reverse it’s IN. The source codes are found in numbers, letters, words, phrases, geometry, music, sound, light, frequency, astrology, Astro theology, our heart, soul and our DNA.

NI is having the know-how to harness our natural energy from within, using nature, natural models, laws, metaphors and implementing them to our physical life. So instead of living from the outside in, we are living from the inside out.

Instead of trying to make ourselves happy and content purely by adding more “things” to our life, we are utilising the energy that is our inner source and effecting our outside environment without ‘trying’. We are vertically, and horizontally, integrating our life. Hence the Cross, +.

So instead of living from the outside in, we are living from the inside out.

Get online with nature and her lores

We can learn who we are, as an ‘energy soul being’ and as we do that, our human life automatically comes ‘online’ with the natural energy that is infinite and eternal. I call this living from cause, rather than effect. It is living from our source not the outer surface, however the great thing is you can radically alter your material life for the better when we live this way.

To be able to live from source means your higher mind, soul and heart is front and centre in your life, and this means you have dissolved your main ego programs, and replaced them with new conscious programs or energy encodings that benefit you and the greater whole. You are the master of your lower desires and personality rather then being controlled by the ego.

Without Natural Intelligence, we will get artificial stupidity

Artificial intelligence, or any technology, when developed without natural intelligence present, will create an artificial stupidity, that will greatly endanger our existence. This was the road we were going down, until the last few years, where we now have good people working for the betterment of humanity, however the more, the merrier!

When we work with good intentions from within, to help and assist humanity without, we will be given all the energy and resources we need to make these intentions fruitful. Our presence on Earth at this time in our pivotal history, is no accident, we are here to usher in a new social, magnetic heart eco system, comprising of a quantum based eco-nomy.

A true economy for all people is within our reach now, and it is all based on conscious energy, quantum science applied to power, finance and health generation, with understanding and knowledge of our soul and spirit as who we are, and the creators of this ecological, eco-system of natural awareness.

If you wish to be part of a new, abundant, freedom based quantum eco-system, to assist yourself, family and humanity, an absolute triple win, then please feel free to contact me here or via private message. Come and be part of the New Economic Evolution of the World!

When we work with good intentions from within, to help and assist humanity without, we will be given all the energy and resources we need to make these intentions fruitful.

Many of us should have heard of the saying, “where attention goes, energy flows." It is commonly used in various new age and mainstream business arenas.

Discover the trinity model of context, concept and content

There is a lot of truth in this statement, however I think many people get confused on how it applies, why it applies and the nuances involved in understanding it fully. There is almost always a ‘trinity’ model that applies to big statements like this, another words there is the context (big picture, metaphors) the concept (the idea, such as this one) and the content (the details involved in how the concept works in practical, applicable ways on Earth).

I learned this model from a teaching program called “Thought Leaders” and it is an invaluable tool to help us to explain, quantify and qualify our big ideas.

Our sense of sight is the most powerful factor in creating our beliefs

We generally put our attention or focus on that which we see or believe to be true. What we see or believe comes from our perceptions, which in turn comes from the deepest aspects of our subconscious mind, through what we read, hear, the other senses, and is further reinforced by what we see. Our sense of sight makes up around like 80% of our perceptions and brain workings.

Therefore we often say, when I see it, I will believe it, however we see what we want to see, based on our preconceived beliefs, many coming from our childhood. Therefore this creates a mental loop, and we always get to see, what we have been programmed to see. Another way of saying this is we will argue for our limitations, because beliefs and pre programmed perceptions, are limited and limiting us from seeing the bigger picture, or the context in which we live.

we see what we want to see, based on our preconceived beliefs, many coming from our childhood.

Install and seed our intentions and values for better life structure

The way to take control of our selves, and expand our horizons is to consciously install new programs into our mind, by setting our intentions and values for our life and make them structural, non changing and covering all prime elements of our existence. We can do this by studying the different aspects and natural elements of our lives that make up a fully conscious, aware being. To be an “actualised” being, means to take the required actions, in which we can consciously create our life, by design.

For example, our intentions could be as follows:-

The way to take control of our selves, and expand our horizons is to consciously install new programs into our mind...

Align ourselves and intentions with universal and natural laws and positive feelings

So the point is, set or seed intentions that make you feel good, are in line with your strengths, however don’t forget to set intentions that are universal for all beings. Therefore they are inherent truths based upon who we are, and how we operate at a causal level, not as an effect. The physical, material world and our body is the effect, or the last place where things show up. The causes of our world, and how it looks to us, is due to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, perceptions and knowings. So it is commonsense to pay attention to our energy within, and align ourselves with the universal and natural laws that govern everything in the cycles of life.

The EarthStar teachings use natural, timeless models and blueprints

With my EarthStar teachings, I use the prime natural elements, Hermetic laws and nature as my core teachings, by creating simple, profound models, templates or blueprints that we can all live by. For life to run smoothly, we must have a sound overall structure, lofty ideals, simple earthly truths, an awareness of our integration and alignments and be open to new ideas to change moment to moment.

When it comes to truth, these are the truths we can download into our being, and as they sink deeper into the subconscious, they become automatic, responsibly driven and profoundly aligned within the framework we were designed to operate in. Chaos and disorder comes from a life that is lived without any structure or conscious alignment to truths that anchor and expand.

We are galactic beings having an earthly experience

The name, EarthStar, speaks of the need to be aware we are intergalactic beings, having an Earthly experience in order to foster humanity into more cohesion and unity consciousness. “As above so below”, the Hermetic law of correspondence, explains we are literally Earth Star beings of ‘Light’ and ‘clay’.

An example of the 5 dimensions and how they create our physical reality

Stand up and see yourself as an ‘upright being’, imagine a vertical line from the base of our spine to the top of our head, now extend that line into the stars above, and the core of Earth below, and you are strengthening your connection to the 1st dimension and the ‘spirit above and ground below’. Now imagine a horizontal line running through your body, from right to left and left to right, see it going to infinity in both directions. Now you have created or revisioned the 2nd dimension of your existence, which gives you a cross. Now, imagine an energy line running front to back and you have the 3rd dimension framework. You are in the centre of that. Now imagine a circle going round your whole body, which could be seen as the 4th dimension, then make the circle a sphere, or elliptical shape, with the vertical and horizontal axis’s going in all their respective directions, and you are now replicating the 5th dimension!

This is partly what I believe Leonardo Da Vinci was portraying with his drawing of the Vitruvius man, along with our relation to the Fibonacci sequence and other symbolic meanings of nature, geometry, mathematics etc.

Visualise the torus moving in and around your body

Fill your sphere/elliptic with light, and practise going about your day in your light bubble! This is the ultimate bubble to be in! If you like you can then imagine a Torus like energy moving down from the top of your head, through your heart and into the ground and then curling up and around the edge of your sphere.

Do this in your meditations and I guarantee after a short while, you will feel amazing, light and feeling alright! You are simply representing and re-presenting what is actually taking place, this is what keeps you ‘alive’, with your chakras which are constantly feeding your spherical like auric field. The torus is operating at a tiny atomic level as well as at a planetary and galactic level. By imagining and feeling this constant toroidal movement greatly expands our energy!

Reprogram yourself with your core intentions and practise them until automatic

So in conclusion, set your intentions on the core foundations, program them into your mind and being so you are on auto or semi pilot, then ensure your attention is placed upon that which you want to see in the world, not what the world wants you to see! Do you see the difference? Our media, TV, politicians, authorities etc all want us to focus our attention on what they want for us, however very little is actually based on truth, or harmonious living in cooperation and unity.

At first it is challenging, because we were not brought up to question or defy authority, however my stance is that we are not defying them per se, we are merely standing up, and waking up, to who we really are and our rights to live in accordance with a higher truth and true freedom.

Focus on positive outcomes , and ‘know thy Self’

The other key thing as a truth seeker to remember, is that as we discover ‘material evidence that looks negative’, don’t put your valuable attention upon the negative as though it’s guaranteed to happen. As we are living in a world of duality, the positive opposite is just as possible to happen, and in fact it is certain that the positive WILL happen, as we continually focus on that, and when more people discard the polarisation and stand in your positively empowered Self. This gets easier when we have followed the outline given here, which is what it means to ‘know thyself’.

We are gathering great momentum now within humanity for a positive, more unified people empowered world. This is because of other energetics going on, you could say the tidal wave of solar, galactic change has hit Earth, so we can learn how to catch this wave and ride it all the way into the 5D Real-I-Tee!

As we are living in a world of duality, the positive opposite is just as possible to happen, and in fact it is certain that the positive WILL happen, as we continually focus on that...

We are standing at a critical juncture in our entire human history, right now, at this very moment! Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you even believe this comment?

3D time is up

For all those that can feel and see it, you know what I mean. For those that can believe it, you will come to know what I mean. For those that cannot see, feel or believe it, you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about, however I hope that just one of you might act on this article and start questioning and searching for what IS going down and up, at this time.

Time as we know it, that illusionary 9 to 5 wake up, work, go home, always rushing by the clock…THAT time is almost up, I call it 3D Matrix time. A new time, or epoch is emerging, what I call 5D time, which is heralding a new paradigm, or template for the way that we live, work, play and act in the world.

A new time, or epoch is emerging, what I call 5D time...

Everything is changing

This new reality that is coming appears like the masses are the last to know. The masses, or the silent majority, are largely good people who through no fault of their own are oblivious to what’s coming, because we have been born into a world where the status quo was already set, the paradigm is already in place, so people were none the wiser.

You could say the die was cast. Now that die, is dissolving, the underlying blueprint of life, which we have always trusted and relied on as “normal”, is changing, and fast. Therefore, EVERYTHING will change.

Some of us were given a heads up on these changes many years ago, and so there are souls ready to spring into action when the ‘tidal wave’ hits. Not a literal tidal wave, (although we can’t rule that out as an event) however what I mean is a tidal wave of change and upheaval. We are seeing the initial impacts of that now. This will pass, as quickly as people see what’s happening.

Metaphysics is not of the physical..Everything is energy

OK, the preamble is over, what has metaphysics got to do with the matrix and how is that going to help us get over this ‘hump’ period of the next few months? In short, everything! Firstly we define metaphysics, as above the physical, or ‘not of the physical’.

I like this term, because it is actually describing the science of energy, which is what spiritual also means. For everything in the material, physical realm, is in fact created by energy, is sustained by energy and will dissolve because of energy.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and everything is connected, by energy. This is the context, or big picture we need to keep in mind, when we are talking about the matrix, which is the term I use to describe the man made system we live with.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and everything is connected, by energy.

The shadows of illusion are dissolving

The matrix is created by lowly men, and is driven and maintained by artificial intelligence, which in turn is overseen by various people, employed by the self imposed ‘elites’. These people are the ones that have been running the world, through their corporations, private banks, special interest groups, The Vatican, military and organisations like the UN, WHO, CFR, Trilateral commission and many more.

I know many people will cry conspiracy, go right ahead, however for those that know, we know there is no conspiracy, it’s truth! Or, if you want we can be literal and say yes, two or more people have gathered together to implement ideas in secret that do not benefit society as a whole.

This is why the matrix has been so good for them, because these shadowy figures get to remain as “shadows of illusion”, however not for much longer! Secrecy of how the world is run, is their best protection.

Matrix is designed to “harvest” our energy

The matrix is a term for “the system”, which is in fact a literal matrix of interconnected, artificial energy, based upon electricity, our labour, debt and harmful ‘power over’. Remember the base of the planet, and humanity, is energy, so the matrix builders can use that energy and create a secondary, artificially driven labyrinth of interconnections, using electricity to power our phones, bank accounts, homes, IRD, all digital transactions and everything we need and want in life, is recorded and driven by power.

Even your name is used as property, you are essentially seen as a ‘product’, we subscribe to a corpse-aration for everything, and unbeknownst to you, even our country is a corporation, or a dead entity, sucking the life out of us, who are presumed ‘dead’, because of the fact we are ‘asleep’.

We are presumed ‘dead’ because we are not standing up and claiming our soul rights and true power, as a conscious living being. Of course none of this is ever told to us, however some of us have been able to figure this out. All people are literally being ‘harvested’ primarily for their energy, intelligence and money.

We are presumed ‘dead’ because we are not standing up and claiming our soul rights and true power, as a conscious living being.

Our current ‘paper’ currency is not money, it’s debt

This dead vs living scenario, is why metaphysics is absolutely essential in understanding yourself and the matrix . Metaphysics, brings true conscious awareness, which brings you in alignment with unity consciousness. Metaphysics is the study of us as a soul energy being, who is patently ‘alive’ and once we are consciously aware of ourselves and our true power, we can collapse the matrix.

How so? Because the matrix requires for its very existence that we consent to its use, which is enslavement. This is what ‘legal tender’ means. Another words you must accept our paper money as payment, which is a note of debt (slow death). ‘Fiat’ money is also debt. For every $1 printed, a dollar of debt is recorded to us, which is why we really pay tax, in multiple ways! Inflation, interest, rates, GST, even life insurance are ALL taxes!

For every $1 printed, a dollar of debt is recorded to us, which is why we really pay tax, in multiple ways!

Tax is not moral or lawful

We are slaves because we are allowing someone else to tell us what we should do, where we should go, how we should live our life, and although we work hard, we are ‘rewarded’ with paying tax, to a corporation, while they tell us it’s going to pay for community services.

Yes, a small amount does go there, but most of it goes to the banks, the government and the invisible head honchos, and they use debt as an instrument to justify keeping us on this mouse wheel. Look at the current situation and ask yourself, does this seem right to you? How long are you going to keep throwing your good energy into the black hole, where someone is eager to accept it?

We are consenting by default to a defunct system

So if the matrix system needs our consent, (automatically given through lack of awareness and energy), then when our energy and awareness rises, because we ARE rising now, then it must collapse! It must collapse because when enough people bring the secrets out of the darkness, into the light, then it’s no longer sustainable to maintain.

An awakening population is death to a system that is not serving the people. Or put another way, a system that is not based on true egalitarian principles and equanimity, is never going to last. Even man made systems can be designed based on natural principles, rather than artificial logarithms.

Nature and natural laws are codes

To back this up I can give many examples; You can make music that is discordant, or resonant. You can build harmonious houses based natural materials, and sacred geometry (angles and degrees) or disharmonious synthetic materials and shapes. Same with financial, political, legal or any other system, they can be ‘built’ to be harmonious and beneficial, based on common, natural and universal laws.

The law of compensation, the law of (balanced) polarity, the law of abundance, the greatest effect for the least effort, these are all based on inherent natural principles, which can be used for benefit, or negate a society at large. These laws and many more are inherent in life, because they produced us and our nature, which in itself is simply divine in nature.

All of nature’s laws are actually codes (the inverse is AI & binary systems) related to numbers, geometry, alphabet, tones, vibration, frequency and even astrology and Astro theology. Each one of these are sciences, or basic truths, which once you have embodied, and systemised, THEN we can have paradise on Earth, no problem!

Magnetism is the ultimate form of power and empowerment

Metaphysics needs the physical body as an instrument, just as electricity needs a wire. However as I said, we no longer need electricity, fossil fuel energy or our ‘hard labour’ to create the world, because a new, ‘metaphysical power’ is available to drive the planet, and it’s called magnetism and quantum energy.

Magnetism is the ultimate form of power, because it never runs out, it is always in and around us, it moves in waves in the air, and therefore it can be harnessed and used for ‘free’ and not only that, it can create a significant uplift in your energy. More energy, means more consciousness, which means an enlightened, lighter population and therefore the current Matrix system cannot exist or survive.

Another law says that wherever there is a higher energy, lower energy structures or beings cannot remain, they are either dissolved or they are integrated into the higher frequency. Also the fact that we have to pay exorbitant amounts just to power and heat our homes is a crime in itself, and another drain on our resources. Even worse, think of Africa, many have NO power at all! How can we live with that?

Another law says that wherever there is a higher energy, lower energy structures or beings cannot remain, they are either dissolved or they are integrated into the higher frequency.

The great awakening is upon us

This is what the Great awakening happening on earth is all about, raising the planetary energy on the Earth to such a degree, that all darkness and low subservience is eliminated. Two contrasting energies cannot survive together, and the higher resonance will always remain strong. This happens one on one with people, imagine when this happens as a collective?

So my invitation to you, is either become part of the en-light-end collective and thrive, or remain in the darkness and continue to struggle just to survive? Are you going to catch the new wave on Earth, or drown in your own refusal to open your mind and hearts? Your choice!

Whenever we delve into the ancient texts and knowledge teachings, you will come across what is known as the holy trinity. This trinity of creation or manifestation, figures in every culture and is much more than some religious dogma, or what it seems on the surface, it is in fact an energetic science.

Manifestation is a type of alchemical science

The trinity is a scientific truth that is based on the power and significance of the number three. It is said that all things appear as manifest on the physical 3D plane when energy appears as “three”. In other words the number one relates to the 1st dimension, number two to the second dimension of creation and once the evolution of energy reaches three, matter in our physical world appears, as if by alchemical magic.

‘Three’ in ancient days was originally counted as number one. There are many references and applications to this trinity, which when understood can assist anyone to better understand how to create and maintain your true desires and intentions. The trinity is related on many levels, from the micro to the macro, there are three sides to a triangle and three is related to the creation of the universe and humanity. For example, matter is created by a process of three main steps, which is a fractal of our entire existence, spirit, mind and body.

the number one relates to the 1st dimension, number two to the second dimension of creation and once the evolution of energy reaches three, matter in our physical world appears, as if by alchemical magic.

Trinities are everywhere in nature and life

Spirit, mind and body, could also be applied in many other scenarios, such as creator, creating, creation, or; creating, maintaining and destruction, or; seed, nurture, fruit, or; beginning, middle and end (of a particular natural cycle, stage of life or any project) This never ending cycling of threes can be used as a model in which to begin the process of creating and maintaining anything, from a project, business, relationship, meeting, or a life.

We can use certain values attributable to each trinity set, for example in a relationship you may agree the three key values are communication, responsibility and love, or in a business it may be truth, conscious co creation and freedom (some of my personal examples). In our body, three keys for balance are the base chakra (ground, foundation), heart chakra (love, centre of emotional balance) and third eye (intentions, open mind). There are countless applications, only limited by our mind and beliefs.

Intention attention and action

What I wanted to focus on for this article, is one of the key foundational models for the trinity and that is what I call intention, attention and action, or seed, nurture and fruit. This is foundational, because this trinity model depicts how nature itself works. It is the fundamental structure which underlies how creation works, in manifesting from the spirit world (seed/intention), through the mental/ emotional aspect of right attention, into the physical world (fruit/action). Intentions as described by Dr Wayne Dyer, are a “field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life”.

What are intentions?

Setting intentions is using your imagination to tap into the universal field of intelligent energy, which will be happy to oblige, if your intentions are clear and focused, and once it appears, we can maintain the resulting creation through proper attention and actions. It is a clear 3 step process, which if followed correctly can never fail, as this is a science, not wishful thinking. “Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality. Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting. If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, it will germinate in the physical world” Wayne Dyer.

Setting intentions is using your imagination to tap into the universal field of intelligent energy, which will be happy to oblige, if your intentions are clear and focused.

What is proper attention?

The next stage of the manifestation process is attention. Intention is sowing the seed with our electric thoughts, attention is like the watering of the seed, our sustained concentration on the tasks and outcome. Attention is greatly enhanced by adding our magnetic emotions and feelings into the process. Attention could also be likened to the fanning of the spark, it is the ongoing sustaining and maintaining of the original intention over a period of time, it is the nurturing process of the seed until it germinates into a plant. There is a saying where attention goes, energy flows and this is correct, however it is made far more potent when we are conscious of our original intention, otherwise there is no direction.

Using attention correctly in exposing truth in the world

On the topic of attention, I will make one point which I think is important when it comes to exposing the truth in the world. Many people think that to delve into and expose the ‘dark side of truth’, or so called conspiracy theories, is misdirected attention, but I disagree. With a clear intention to shine light on the truth, and through attention into researching that, this can release us from further mental/emotional blockages, because once we know the difference between theory and fact, and we see the light of truth, we gain energy through knowledge and understanding. The trick is to not get stuck down the ‘rabbit hole’, and to balance outward truth seeking, with an inward exploration into ourselves, and using left brain logic with right brain feeling and intuition.

Right action means with the least effort

The final stage of our manifestation process is taking action. With right intention, this leads to right attention, which naturally gravitates into right action with the least amount of effort. Your intended vision cannot be manifested into the physical, without sustained action that is aligned with your intention and attention. All three are intertwined with each other. Action can be seen as taking the action necessary and it’s also the receiving of the fruits that are borne of the intention, attention and actions.

Intention, attention and actions are all intertwined with each other
Action is related to planning, as well as actively networking with people, and it’s the harvest. The seed of the next intention and cycle is always in the actions, each stage of intention, and attention contain there own actions, and each action contains inherent intentions and attention. Wheels within wheels, and it’s a matter of using your mind and feelings, to attain integration and implementation, all along the chain from seed intent to active harvest, or giving and receiving energy. It’s a technology and science and can be quite challenging to explain, the best way to know is to do and practice.

The basic crux of manifesting anything, is to implement the blueprint that is utilised by nature in the effortless cycles of creation. As conscious natural beings, we can easily harness the energy of nature through observation and knowledge, in order to then recreate the same process in our own lives. Nature is never working under strain or duress, we only experience stress and difficulties when we are not aligned within ourselves and our values, desires, thoughts, feelings and external actions and life.

Nature is never working under strain or duress, we only experience stress and difficulties when we are not aligned within ourselves and our values, desires, thoughts, feelings and external actions and life.

There is no doubt that there is a lot going on in the world, however for many people they did not notice, or were refusing to notice the growing craziness in the world. Now that Covid-19 has struck, many people are waking up and are now taking notice that something’s not right.

When it comes to the world system, many people simply ignored trying to understand it. It’s too big, too scary, too meaningless to know! I think many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

...many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and having to now face many uncomfortable realisations about our world.

Everything moves in cycles

The world and humanity has always moved in cycles, we’ve had empires and civilisations rise and fall throughout Millenia, just as we see everything in the world go through various cycles. This happens because nature itself is constantly rising and falling, humans ‘arise,' in the morning and ‘fall’ at nighttime and we all have constant bio-rhythms or energy rising and falling within us.

So if the day, month, seasons, climate and us humans are in constant change and cycling around, of course our world system is going to be doing the same. We created the system, and we will destroy it, in order that a new system may be built that is a greater expression of harmony and balance for all, as clearly it is not in balance with the people of this planet.

The system controllers want order for themselves

History always goes with the victors, and our history is simply a story from those currently in power in order to suit their agenda, and there is an agenda whether people agree with that or not. Nothing in the world is random, everything has been created and designed consciously in order that the system controllers can have what they deem as ‘order’.

Order maybe good for some, but when that ‘order’ means that millions of people are starving, without their own home, proper sanitation, insufficient funds or resources to live on and the planet is being systematically destroyed by the same conglomerates who tell us WE people must do something, you know there is something very wrong in the world.

Ancient education systems

There has always been a reluctance to look at the world, however it is understandable because we have never been educated in understanding how the world works. In our education system we are not taught how to manage our finances, science is still the old outdated Newton and Darwin theories, history is distorted and grossly manipulated, mathematics has lost a lot of its sacredness and our language has lost its true original meanings, or etymology of words.

In the ancient mystery schools of Babylonia, Egypt and Greece, students were taught the trivium and quadrivium known as the 7 liberal arts. The trivium consisted of fully understanding the three parts of grammar, logical reasoning and rhetoric, which is a system of understanding true knowledge and turning that into wisdom. The Quadrivium is a four part body of knowledge, consisting of mathematics, geometry, music and the astrological sciences, which when known will lead to great power within us.

We’ve lost our connection

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are. Because we have lost this indelible connection between ourself and the natural world, we have also lost connection between ourselves and the man made world.

We are basically either brought up in a fundamentalist style religion, an agnostic/new age type environment, or as an atheist believing in scientific dogmas and erroneous teachings about materialism, reductionism and chemistry etc, all paths which simply lead to a separated, divided, bound up world.

Add to this the layers of a financial system that only benefits the 1% because they own everything including the right to print their own money, and the legal/political system which is effectively there just to protect the bankers, corporations, politicians and the system itself, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Because we’ve lost our connection to learning the way the world is created, cycles, the universe and everything else in between, we have lost connection to not only what to think, but how to think and why, where we are, and who we are.

The greatest danger to mankind is ourselves

The greatest danger to mankind at this present time, is mankind himself, not anything in nature. The greatest thing preventing mankind from resolving the growing list of issues, is our beliefs and ignorance. And particularly we are ignorant of the ‘matrix system’ and we have many beliefs, which is our conditioning through media, movies, video games and our faulty education system previously mentioned.

From cradle to grave, we are brought up in a system where we don’t know any other way and we die after having worked hard all our lives, paid our taxes because we were told they all go to the roads and public utilities etc, yet we find out that this is mot the case at all. We are like slaves to a system, literally. We are taught not to question or stick our neck out, and our neighbours and friends will soon remind us of this if we do!

Fear keeps us separated and divided

The other thing that has been a major block to our awareness and knowledge, is the preoccupation to keep people in fear, there is always a bogey man coming to get us, there is always something that we are taught to worry about (CoVid-19!), yet we are never told to face the fear, what/who is perpetuating it, or how to deal with it.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population. The new age, or religious movement further reinforces this, either it is Satan, disembodied spirits or our sins that will get us if we fall out of line. We are always seeking, never finding, because we just go round and round in circles, known as the Hegelian dialectic.

A fearful population is a compliant and controllable population.

We are also taught that to be spiritual, we must ignore money, our body is secondary and just basically a machine, the world system should never be looked into because that is another sin! Remember the separateness taught via our schooling? The system is separate to us, we are separate to nature, we are separate to each other (social distancing), everything is random and everyone is just out of luck and time!

We ARE all spiritual, of spirit

Nothing could be further from the truth! We are all connected to everything, everything at its core is energy, and that includes us people. True spirituality is learning this and much more on how to be a human, how to realise our energy frequency, how to dispel fear by facing our fears, not running away!

To become spiritual is a misnomer, we ALL just ARE spiritual by virtue that we are of spirit and we all have a soul that animates our body. Spirituality teaches about causes not effects, and our connection to nature and all living things. Spirituality is about furthering life itself and knowing that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new cycle.

Spirituality and the world system are connected

What has all this got to do with the matrix and the system? Basically everything! When we study ourselves and energy, and realise we are all connected, we realise for that to be effected, we must also be connected to our material, system or world.

Living in our earthly realms consists of numerous transactions and interactions each and every single day, in order to function. We must earn a living, so we can buy food and maintain our house, for transportation, to warm ourselves with heating and trade or exchange our value for something of equal value, hence money.

We have all come to Earth as a free soul being, we all have a connection to a higher spirit or creator by virtue of that birthing experience and therefore we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

So as a matrix cycologist (Psychologist), I have taken it upon myself to learn everything I can about true spirituality and the material world system, because that is what can create a truly balanced and connected life, along with understanding our left and right sides of our brain and harmonising with that and our heart and body!

...we need to reconnect to that divine aspect of ourselves in order to be a fully valued and functioning being on Earth.

It may seem too simple for some, but asking good questions is actually a highly underrated manifestation technology that we can use to help guide, direct and create a life of freedom and purpose. Different questions create different results. Also there are three main types of questions, open ended, closed and yes/no questions. The main types of questions we are interested in, are open ended questions. There is a very important aspect to our mind, in that when we sincerely ask a question, with feeling and good intentions, our mind will automatically begin to seek out its answer.

Good questions are like seeds

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer. Poor questions lead to poor results and answers, such as lamenting questions, i.e. “Why am I so cursed in life?”. This is not a good type of question, because we are essentially saying you are cursed. A better question is “why do these things keep happening to me, and what can I do now to change this pattern?”

Asking a good question can be like planting a seed, however just like planting seeds in a garden, our mind must be ‘fertile’, just like the garden soil. The fertility comes from the quality of the question, the intention, and the presence of a strong desire to realise the answer.

Types of questions

There are 6 main categories of questions; who, why, what, where, when and how. Questions are applicable to any aspect of life, in business, personal relationships, personal development, a specific project, problem solving, direction, discovering your needs and much more.

WHO - I start with a who question, because it is prime question many of us don’t bother to ask. The who question is best to start with ourselves, because we are the common denominator in our life! This question uncovers our true POWER. Everything we do, involves us! And to the degree that we are clear on who we are, who we need to best align with, and who we need to be to others, or to get things done, the better off we are. Simply starting the process by asking, “WHO AM I?”, could yield some surprising answers! Not many of us stop to ask who we are, because we are not taught this in our western culture, and because the real you is buried under many layers of cultural conditioning, this makes repeatedly asking this question such a a great first up question! Who are you, really? Hand writing the question, and the answers, is a powerful way to engage the whole body in the process, and take time to think deeply while doing it. Who is related to all prime elements, but particularly FIRE, setting values and the right brain.

WHY – Another very powerful question, particularly Why am I here on Earth? Because this question is essentially aimed at uncovering your prime PURPOSE in life. To me we also have various sub- purposes, which are important as we move through our life. There is our main purpose in our business or work arena, a purpose to connect with people, a purpose in our relationships, a purpose to our family, communications, and other key areas of life. We may have a purpose to earn a certain amount of money, so that we can buy a house or save for a holiday. If we attach everything we do with a purpose, then we will have a very purposeful life. Many people say that they don’t know what their purpose is, I think mainly because they see it only as a lofty, spiritual pursuit and therefore give up on discovering it. Life is a journey, not a destination, and our prime purpose may well change multiple times! This is because we are getting to know who we are, and we are constantly growing and knowing more who we are, therefore our goals and desires change. Why is related to ETHER.

WHAT – the what question in its higher form is all about our VISION. What do we really want in life? What do we want to create? What do we want to see in our life, in a certain time frame? What is also very much concerned with our mind and logical thinking. What do I need to do now to achieve my goals? What is going on here? What is the best course of action, it really is a directing question concerning with action, as well as ‘attaining’ something. Also it involves using your sense of sight, it’s empowered by being able to envision yourself achieving your outcome. What is related to the AIR element and intention of mind.

WHERE – This question is also another directional question and is related to our spatial qualities. Where are we going? Where is situational, and is very important when setting goals and habits, because we need to be in comfortable, familiar surroundings in order to remember habitually. Where also has a higher more abstract meaning, regarding, where are we in space, where is the planet Earth and our solar system in relation to the galaxy and universe?. When meditating we often get a feeling of where we are, is everywhere! This type of thinking can help us expand our horizons and lift us out of the mundane earthly aspects of life. Where is about the big picture and our journey along the way in life.

WHEN – This question is very important when conducting business, setting time frames, dates, appointments and timing in general. We need to know when and where we are in time. ‘Clock time’ on Earth is actually an illusion, yet we are so dependant in time, so it’s a paradox. By understanding time as cycles, this can assist us in developing a good sense of time. Time flows fast when you are absorbed and busy in what you enjoy and can appear to drag when you are bored and disliking what you are doing. And like the abstract where in space am I, we could ask when in space am I? When you like at time on the larger scale, as cycles of daylight and night, (day) moon cycles (month) equinoxes and solstices (solar cycles), then we can get a different perspective in what time really is. The trick is to use our left brain to manage our calendar and our right brain to manage our journey through the seasons of time and our journey in life. There a reason, a season and a lifetime for everything. This question strongly relates to WATER, so time flows, so does water.

HOW – This question is all important for implementing your plans and goals. The how is concerned with the details, the planning, the strategy and tactics for whatever you are intending and attending to. Once we know who we are, why we are here, what we want, where and when we are, we need the ‘how’ to ground everything, so you can take the required action, according to the plan. Nothing happens without taking action, and without a good plan and how, no positive right action can occur.
This relates to the EARTH element.

Freedom, truth and responsibility must all be TAKEN.

With the times that we are now living in, it is vital that we start questioning what’s happening, because otherwise we will be allowing others to dictate our freedoms. Responsibility is a key value, which comes from who you are being. We must take responsibility now, it cannot be given. Same with knowledge or truth, it is not given readily, we must take the action to know ourselves and our world, ask all the appropriate questions and take action, if we want to have a world worth living for ourselves and our children. This is not a time to be ignorant and idle! Freedom also must be seized, and the best way to start on the journey to true freedom, is to know who you are, why you are here, what you need to do and how.

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